Leaseholders Paying More Than Expected To Extend Leases

The Independent has recently reported on the release of information by the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), that property owners living in lease-holding homes are being asked to pay exorbitant prices to extend their leases. The LSE has examined data from over 8,000 homes with lease sales which showed how the sale varied depending on how much time the lease had left.


The cost of extending a lease is down to a concept called relativity, which describes how the value on a property decreases as the lease runs out. The lower the relativity, the higher the cost will be to extend the lease. With this concept, it can have an impact on the cost of leases, as it is expressed as a percentage, it’t the difference in value between a short lease and a home with a lease of 999 years and low, fixed rents. The lower the relativity is, the more it costs to extend the lease.

However, the article goes on to mention that the information gathered by LSE that the current practices underestimate the value of leases when they have less than 70 years left. This means that when leaseholders want to extend their lease on their properties, they could be paying thousands of pounds more than expected. The Independent welcomed comments from James Wyatt, one of the authors of this research as well as a chartered surveyors, who said: ”Our findings mean that many leaseholders may be seriously overpaying for lease extensions. Our alternative, evidence-based calculations could result in savings in the order of thousands of pounds for most leaseholders, and much more for owners of some of the most expensive properties.” All this follows scandals that have hit leaseholders in the past, including being overcharged, under-informed and even exploited.

As we live in an ever-changing economic climate, it is not hard to imagine that the housing sector will have its fair share of ups and downs in various areas, including the leasehold sector. Buyers of leasehold properties have been rocked by revelations that companies such as Taylor Wimpey had been adding clauses to properties with 999-year leases by doubling ground rent every 10 years, denoting that they incurred notable additional costs within a few decades, having an impact on their sale value. Campaign groups have waded in and have forced Taylor Wimpey to act, announcing….

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Sunken Barge Provides Scaffolding Solution for Canalside Offices

The sunken barge gave a platform for scaffolding at the canalside offices in Camden Town

IT was not your usual scaffolding job for property renovation specialists Grange and Co — but with a little thought they came up with the answer.

Grange and their co-contractors Four Ways were due to fix the render of the Grade-II listed 1960 canalside office block known as Admiral House in Oval Road in Camden Town.

But one side of the seven-floor building drops into the Regent’s Canal — meaning there was no solid ground where for the scaffolding to be anchored to.

The scaffolding barge alongside Admiral House in the Regent’s Canal

The answer was to hire a barge, moor it alongside the building — and then sink it.

Grange Refurbishment managing director Graham Rushworth said: “We had to make sure there was a base that was steady and secure that we could build the scaffolding on — and the answer was to moor a barge at the base of the building, fill it with water and then use that.”

Mr Rushworth said it was the second time the barge had been used for the same purpose.

Contracts manager Lee Holland added: “In the past 30 years we have never done something like this before — but we did some research and found out that this very same barge had been used for this building 15 years ago. We found the owners and once the work has been completed, it will have the water pumped out, re-floated and used once again.”


The ‘New Old’ Pop-Up Exhibition at The London Design Museum

The ‘New Old’ pop-up exhibition at The London Design Museum (12th Jan to 19th Feb 2017) explored issues relating to Britain ageing.

We were tasked with producing the exhibition’s centrepiece display, a stunning giant 3D bar graph of different coloured acrylic columns. The infographic display was a blast of colour with the columns represented the UK’s estimated ageing population and projections between 2014 and 2039.

Curated by Jeremy Myerson, the show highlighted the huge social change that we’re inevitably going to witness and included everything from robotic clothing to artificial intelligence. Staggering statistics were brought to life such as the over 60s already outnumbering the under 16s in the UK and half of Europe’s population predicted to be over 50 by 2020.

The exhibition also looked at how other countries like Norway and Japan, (the worlds most rapidly ageing country) are shaping developments with an age-aware approach to design.

When our client, Lucienne Roberts Plus came to us, they had a very clear creative vision for the project. We worked to a specific brief in terms of colour and materiality and closely collaborated with them discussing various options for fabrication and the best available methods.

The 3D infographic display consisted of the following:

  • 36 Perspex acrylic L-shaped columns up to 1.7m high in various dual-colourways with laser cut symbols at the top
  • 2m sq birch plywood base with CNC machined L-shaped slots to house the acrylic columns
  • Infographics printed direct to the surface of the plywood
  • Custom sprayed acrylic

The piece was designed for easy transportation, assembly and storage by making each acrylic column removable with an engraved number hidden at the bottom. This coding method ensured the infographic would always be assembled correctly ever after.

The project took two weeks to fabricate and enabled us to work across a variety of processes; laser cutting, woodworking, spray painting, Perspex fabrication and CNC machining .

The centrepiece 3D infographic we produced helped transfer information in a succinct way and encouraged people to interact and participate in a very thought provoking exhibition.


UK Property Sales In Buy-To-Let Falls 50% In a Year

The buy-to-let sector has taken on much of the scorn of governmental changes to the property management in london, with tax increases and fluctuating house prices, and this has all but nearly taken the sector out of existence. The Guardian has reported in a recent article of theirs that sales on property in buy-to-let has decreased by nearly 50% in the UK. The leading banking body, The Council of Mortgage Lenders, have downgraded their forecast amidst growing concerns from landlords who are withdrawing from the uy-to-let sector due to tax changes and more restrictive lending rules.


The banking body reported that buy-to-let had a weak start to the beginning of this year, with lending falling faster than expected as landlords were scared off by the major tax and lending rules changes introduced by governmental measures implemented in the last few years in order to aid the housing crisis affecting the nation. The data produced the the CML has come after resukts from surveys and indices suggesting the housing market is running out of steam. However, on the flip side of the coin, the heavy bombardment against buy-to-let has meant a ray of hope for younger buyers, as this has given them a boost onto the first step of the property ladder. CML noted that property purchase activity was increasing due to the prominence of first-time buyers, with figures up 8% in the year up to April.

The article in the Guardian goes on to reveal more information from the banking body, which represents banks and building societies, with buy-to-let home buying activity being ”nearly half what it was a year ago,” averaging around 6,000 purchases a month over the last year. The number of landlord purchases involving a mortgage was 5,300 in April of this year, compared to 10,300 in February 2016 and 11,800 in July 2015. With these statistics in mind, CML have altered their forecast for buy-to-let lending from £38billion being lent in 2017 and 2018 to £35billion in 2017 and £33billion in 2018. CML has sent out a warning against any more harsh changes imposed on landlords, stating that these figures ”re-emphasise the case for avoiding further changes to the tax and regulatory framework until the effect of these already in train have been properly….Read More….


3D Architectural Models in Design and Construction

Whether you are planning to market your property or proposing your ideas to investors and clients, being able to present your ideas and concepts in a much more vivid manner. To be able to make them look through your eyes and make them understand your imagination you will definitely need something more than just blueprints or 2D drawing. In the world of architecture and design, it is vital to display technical drawings, designs and proposals in a very visual way.

Designs made with the use of computer software have taken great strides in recent years, enabling architecture animations to be prepared in a quicker and more detailed way. Such architectural animations by the architectural model maker can be presented and also securely stored for any future projects or events. This work is done by an architectural model maker.

Architectural model makers can create scale models of any proposed construction projects which may include structures such as schools, shopping centres, housing developments, hospitals, bridges, and office buildings. The Models by architectural model maker are useful as they can efficiently display what the plan would look like.

They are effective in presentations, because they can help to persuade a committee or governmental board to raise funds for a building or project.

  • There are many benefits to constructing an architectural model maker when designing a new structure or building:
  • A non-technical person can also analysis the model easily upon viewing an architecture model made by an architectural model maker. This helps in making better decisions.
  • Making architectural models can considerably speed up the sale process.
  • When persuading the client to accept a proposal, it is important to be able to point out section views by referring to architectural designs rather than trying to explain it in words. Architectural design makes it easier to explain very technical aspects of your design to them.
  • An architectural design is also a very useful when you want to communicate your ideas with project managers, engineers and contractors. Potential problems can be seen immediately that could possibly have been missed if not for the architectural animations. Also, one of the benefits is the means to explain a project to town planners in obtaining your building permit.
  • Architecture animations can be tweaked as and when required to test new aspects without having to literally go back to the drawing board. This alone makes the investment in architectural design service very cost effective.
  • The benefits of architecture animation do not stop when you’ve finished the project either. They can be used in future projects and presentations; to display the service you can offer to prospective clients. This gives your company more credibility and professionalism

Few Other benefits are as:

  • Better visualization for all types of buildings
    • Check for errors that might occur in the drawing process
    • Better insight to surface patterns of Kitchen, Bathrooms, Offices, etc
    • Generate architectural walkthroughs & virtual tours
    • Efficient marketing and promotional tools for advertising
    • Renderings with Custom interior or furniture
    • Minimum errors/revisions in Design and RFIs
    • Improved coordination among architects, engineers and contractor
    • Optimum use of materials
    • Lower project costs


Property Refurbishment and Renovation Services

Are you thinking of renovating your property? Go for it, without thinking much because property refurbishment not just gives a good look to your property but also creates an atmosphere that energizes you. You should do property restoration frequently to avoid major problems that can occur if the repairs are not done time to time.

Also consider doing buildings restorations and repairs occasionally. External building repairs are equally important and necessary for the smooth living. Property refurbishment is not all about giving new look to your house or office. It also includes the property restoration that is taking care of your property when it comes to water, fire or flood damage in advance.

Here are some tips that you should follow, if you are doing property refurbishment:

  • Make the plan: Firstly identify what all areas you need to refurbish urgently. Then go for the planning in details.
  • Estimate your budget: Once your plan is ready. Determine how much money you are willing to spend on the property renovation.
  • Get the design: If you have the design ready, before you start the actual work, then it would help you to avoid complications.
  • Go simple, not so fancy: Do not make things complicated by adding too much fancy objects. Keep the work simple and descent.
  • Maintain the balance: Mingle the modern themes with the traditional themes. Don’t use one theme throughout.
  • Build your team: Create a strong team that will be with you till the end of the project.
  • Do research first: Before making any plan and design do some research on trends and finance management.

And if you are having any plans to sell or lend your property then determine whom you are going to sell it before the works starts. Do the restoration according to it and while making the deal, do not forget to include the money that you have spent on restoration.

The most important professional to get right is the architect. Talk to three or four, talk to their previous clients, and make sure you like the work they have done before

Why you should choose us?

To find the right people to get this job done is one of the challenging tasks. Our professional services and work will give you 100% satisfaction. We provide the property refurbishment services that would make your property like a new one and will give you the best living experience.

Our team of experts is highly dedicated to give the best services possible and does the work with perfection. We offer the renovation services at the competitive rates and assure the results that will last for longer period.

Property refurbishment is something that is done occasionally, so the work should be done properly. We make sure that we satisfy all your requirements. We hold a good experience in this business, thus we know all the small and big needs and techniques to get this work done.


New Old Exhibition at The Design Museum Showcasing How Design is Shaping for Old Age

One of most thought provoking exhibitions I’ve attended this year was back in February at the London Design Museum.

The free pop-up exhibition called ‘New Old’ explored issues relating to Britain’s ageing population and it’s apparent we are entering a huge social change. Statistics revealed that currently, the over 60s already outnumber the under 16s in the UK and half of Europe’s population is predicted to be over 50 by 2020.

Curated by Jeremy Myerson, the exhibition raised questions about whether design is ready for ageing and how creative thinking could enhance the experience of the ‘new old’? Including everything from robotic clothing to artificial intelligence the clever use of architectural models and props translated key messages and information on demographics, communities, working and mobility in a stimulating and interesting way.

Several design innovations were displayed including ideas for healthcare, transport,public areas and learning, highlighting how healthier offices and more accessible technology can help older people continue to contribute to a working society.

The exhibition also looked at how other countries like Norway and Japan,(the worlds most rapidly ageing country) are shaping developments with an age-aware approach to design.For example the Norwegian Government are currently leading the way with an ambitious goal to make their country a more age-friendly and ‘universally designed’ nation by 2025. And in Japan, the rebuilding effort following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami sees an accessible, inclusive approach to design, especially leading up to the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020.

The exhibition’s centrepiece display was a stunning giant 3D bar graph of different coloured acrylic columns — a fantastic example of how state-of-the-art laser cutting techniques can be applied to model making. The centrepiece 3D info graphic, made by a renowned model maker in London was a blast of colour with 36 Perspex acrylic L-shaped columns representing the UK’s estimated ageing population and projections between 2014 and 2039.

The huge centrepiece model helped transfer information in a succinct way and encouraged people to interact and participate.

Another display adjacent to the centrepiece 3D model also encouraged people to engage and have their say, by filling out cards about when they thought old age started and why. On completion, cards were hung at the appropriate age range section; a wall of colour coded bright acrylic signs displaying different age brackets.

An Ipsos MORI poll carried out for the exhibition revealed that in the UK we think old age starts at 73 with 8% of us refusing to think of any age as ‘old’. As a strong believer in ‘you’re only as old as you feel in your mind’ person, I find the 8%statistic quite pleasing.

The Design Museum certainly put the subject of ageing under a spotlight and raised the question of how our future designers cope with the challenge before them. Certainly an exhibition to be remembered full of content that simply can’t be ignored…


How to Find a Good London Property Management Company

Finding the perfect property in London is a very complicated task. First, you need to look for a good property management company which is also not easy as it seems. On Google search you will get a number of such estate management companies but choosing the right one from the huge number of companies is the challenge.

Property management in London can give you lots of financial benefits if you are getting the service from trustworthy property managers in London. Investing your money that you have saved since a long time seems risky. Finding the right hands for it is the biggest hurdle.

Many people need help and assistance before they invest in any property. What steps should you take while choosing a Good London Property Management company?

Here are some dos and don’ts.

  1. Consider the year of experience the property manager has in this field.
  2. Check whether the company is holding a legal license and registered with the government of London.
  3. Cross check the shown property with others. Take the advice of people having properties nearby.
  4. Check whether there are any hidden charges and what all charges are included and excluded from basic fees.
  5. Do not trust blindly on anyone, verify all the documents and check whether they are valid.
  6. Go into the details and do not hesitate to know the qualification of the property manager. This is one of the important aspects that should be considered.
  7. Do not forget to get NOC from the landlord.
  8. Read the agreement carefully and all the terms and conditions before signing it.

Owners of the property who wants to sell it should be aware of frauds. Do not trust the agents easily with the documents of your property. Remember to provide notice to the tenants at the end of the tenancy. Occasionally visit your property to check where it is safe or not.

Remember you need a property management company with the right property managers who will guide you help you throughout the process. As you are investing your money you should do the study of the company. Go ahead and check the records of the company. Frankly, ask the exact break-down fees before you start any agreement. Block management and estate management should be done carefully. Even if it is time-consuming task to find the right people, it will be worth spending, do not go for shortcuts and don’t take decisions carelessly.


Top Tips for Renovating Property

Property refurbishment can give you new energy and will make love your place more. It would not just give new look to your house or office but would also bring positivity in your life. Property renovation is not something we do often. It is a work done once in a blue moon. That is why it should be sterling and impressive which would satisfy your mind.


Renovating Property
Renovating Property

Property refurbishment is not all about giving new look to your house or office. It also includes the property restoration that is taking care of your property when it comes to water, fire or flood damage in advance. Buildings restoration and external building repairs should also considered while you think of restoring your property. Trends of property refurbishment change continuously.

Here are top tips for renovating property.

  1. Go with the plan: If you have the proper plan like your budget, days required and ideas to implement. It would save a lot of your time.
  2. Don’t work without a design: First, make a proper design. The structure should be clear. Do not try to improvise things. You will get confused and the work will become unnecessarily complicated.
  3. Don’t change your mind again and again: Be firm on your decisions. Try to follow the exact plan and design. Changing your mind too much might create problems.
  4. Don’t try to make it too fancy: Do not use much bright colors and try to use some antique items. It will give unique look.
  5. Keep it balances: Mingle the modern themes with the traditional themes. Don’t use one theme throughout.
  6. Team building: Make sure that you have a strong team of workers who will be with you till the work ends.
  7. Do research first: Before making any plan and design do some research on trends and finance management.

The answer was to hire a barge, moor it alongside the building – and then sink it.

Grange managing director Graham Rushworth said: “We had to make sure there was a base that was steady and secure that we could build the scaffolding on – and the answer was to moor a barge at the base of the building, fill it with water and then use that.”

If you are planning to sell it then determine whom you are going to sell it and use the techniques according to it. While making an offer, remember the money that you have spent on property restoration.


What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Cutting?

Laser Cutting Services are in continuous demand. Laser beam technology is widely used to cut different kinds of materials such as paper, metal, plastic, wood, leather, chiffon etc. Laser cutters make it easy to cut and engrave sheets of different sizes. Lasers cutters are used from the production of delicate architectural pieces to creation of bespoke pieces for exhibitions, events or photographic sessions. Producing customized articles such as badges or invitation cards or patterns for jewelry or fashion industry in small as well as large quantity. Like every other technical service, laser cutting has advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of laser cutting services:

  1. Laser cutting machines are highly efficient and design replicas are the exact copies of each other.
  2. It requires and consumes less amount of energy to cut sheets of all types of materials.
  3. In comparison with the traditional scissors, laser cutting machines take less time to cut large sheets and the outcome is extremely accurate.
  4. The entire process is monitored by the computer programs which reduce the amount of work and workload.
  5. Much human intervention is not required except for maintenance and observation. No danger of accidents or injuries
  6. Very flexible, can be used to cut almost all types of materials.
  7. Precise cuts can be obtained within short time.

Disadvantages of laser cutting services:

  1. Energy consumption is not fix. It is depend on the piece or amount that you want to cut. Sometimes it might consume a lot of energy.
  2. Human involvement is not much but humans come in the contact with laser beams sometimes for repairs or inspection.
  3. Production rate may differ depending on the type of the material and the thickness of the sheet.
  4. Every metal cannot be cut in the laser machine, for example, copper and aluminium.
  5. Improper settings of laser machine can cause burns.
  6. Expensive when compared with other techniques of cutting sheets.

Laser cutting services are preferably suitable for mass production and can give the best and very precise outcome.