What are Company Credit Checks Used for?

Whether you want to make your company look more appealing to others, or you want more information on another company, you may be interested in getting information by using an online company check. Information includes everything from the most recently filed company accounts, to who is currently involved in the company.

Who uses a company credit check?

Some companies want to see just what their competitors are up to, and a company check is one of the best ways of doing so. A company check allows rivals to get a background of what others in the industry are up to, and an online company report would be the easiest way to get the information they need. This could be anything from a check on their last company accounts, to who is currently running the business.

Predicting a risk to your business, perhaps from a potential client or supplier, is better than taking a chance — this is why checking on a credit rating will come in handy. A credit rating helps you to consider questions such: Are they likely to be able to pay back money owed based on their financial information? You can get information on any profit and losses, and if the company are in arrears by checking a company report for those in question — to help indicate how reliable they may be in business.

Most online company check services offer inexpensive up-to-date information of the company of your choice, which enables you to get the information you need quickly and all in one place. A company credit check is one of the best ways to check CCJs (County Court Judgements), bankruptcy filings, the most recently filed company accounts and even information dating back years prior — and much more!

Would you want to do business with yourself if you could see your company report? A company credit check can be one of the easiest ways to see how others see your company, and whether they would want to do business with you. Using this information, you will be able to see what can be done to change your credit score and what factors you could improve upon.

Are there any other features to a company credit check?

Some people or companies like to purchase company credit checks in bulk if they want to keep in touch with what their competitors are currently doing, or it may be a crucial part of their business in which bulk credit check services can come in handy. Most company check sites offer packages to accommodate bulk buyers, to help save money when buying company reports, especially if you are likely to make repeat purchases.

Take advantage of email alerts — it’s a handy tool most company check sites offer to monitor your company or others, to get the most up-to-date information on a company report. This means you will get an email whenever any obligations such as the company accounts are filed!

Company reports aren’t just limited to UK companies — most company check services offer a international reports service so you are able to keep on top of any business outside the UK without the fuss.

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Key Benefits of Structured Network Cabling

fibre optic cabling

What Is Structured Network Cabling?

Structured cabling system is a system of single cabling that can integrate multiple phones, computers and other electronic devices together. It is very useful in the businesses or enterprises to improve the workflow and downtime problems to a great extent. In such kind of systems, you can plug in your devices in the specified sockets.These data cabling systems have a central communication network cabinet to which cables from various workstations will be linked.

Structured data cabling is type of stable infrastructure which is capable of serving various requirements of a network. Looking at the amount of work and connected devices, in the field of Information Technology, structured cabling installation can be very useful.

fiber optic cabling


What are the benefits of structured network cabling?

Premium Management solution that is also affordable.

Structured cabling offers solutions various kind of stable infrastructural networking needs. It is one of the powerful methods that can be used to make changes in the network architecture. Installation of structured cabling is not very complicated and the businesses need to invest only once for Structured Cabling Systems Installation. The basic feature of these systems offers a single point for all management and administrative needs.If you require restructuring your systems then you can just plug in cables to appropriate sockets, this would save both your time and money.

Isolating solutions for the faulty systems

Structured network cabling makes it easy to segregate the defective network to find the solution for the issues and problems that are occurring in the systems. It is not much complicated to find out the defective system from the entire system as the whole system is divided into blocks that are manageable. There are also no blockages to the other devices of the network in structured cabling system.

Provides Flexibility and consistency

If you want to keep the networking infrastructure in your office simple, you can do it with the help of structured data cabling which is flexible in terms of devices. There are different kinds of devices installed in the company; it is easier to connect all these devices with structures cabling.Structured cabling systems offers the easy connect of your PCs, telephones and fax machine by plugging it into the provided specialized sockets.

Gives support to the new applications& Equipment installations

This full-fledged network system is capable of going with the growing needs of business world. You can easily install new devices to your network with the help of these systems without much effort, no extra investment is required. A standard structured cabling system can even hold bandwidth that can support new applications. It is not mandatory to upgrade or update these systems again & again.


If you have significant number of devices in your office and want to keep the cabling simple and not much complicated then you can go for structured data cabling. We are one of the top structured cabling installation companies. Our robust infrastructural services will allow you to maintain proper cabling in your office premises.

Source: http://www.rajgovt.org/technology/key-benefits-of-structured-network-cabling

How Long Does it Take to Form a Limited Company

Setting up a limited company can be confusing — there’s a whole wealth of information out there, so where do you begin? You may have decided that a limited company formation is best for your business, but are not sure what should come next and how the process works.

The actual process of setting up a limited company should be fuss free, but it can be hard to know exactly how a limited company is formed and where to go to get the support you need.

In order to register a limited company you will need to first decide who will be the Director (at least one person), Shareholder and PSC (Person of Significant Control), but the lengthy forms and business jargon can be daunting.

Filling in forms through Companies House (the UK’s official registrar of companies) is the most direct route to setting up a limited company, but there are company formation agencies who often make the whole process easier, using an online webfiling system to send through the application.

If the thought of completing long, and often more-complicated-than-needed forms, fills you with dread, then perhaps a limited formation company may be of service! As well as a more streamlined experience, they often offer dedicated customer service teams to talk through any queries you may have so you can easily get the vital support that may be needed, with Companies House filing fees included.

All you need to do is complete the details of the simplified versions of the information needed (for Directors, Shareholders, PSC’s, etc). Once an application has been submitted, you can expect to have a limited company set up in anything from 3 to 24 hours — the time this takes depends on Companies House’s workload. You will receive a registration number at the time the limited company has been officially incorporated, which you will need if you decide to open a business bank account or register for VAT.

It’s good to be aware that even if you decide not to trade straight away, there are annual filing obligations due after your company’s first year — those to be filed with Companies House are the Confirmation Statement (an update of your company’s general information) and the Annual Financial Accounts ( financial information, but not a tax return).

Some businesses may decide to hire an accountant, but often this can prove costly. Therefore some limited company formation agencies are now providing assistance with these obligatory filings, and much more, at a fraction of the cost. Less cost means more peace of mind!

It may also be worth considering that you will need a UK address to be listed as the company’s Registered Office Address (a physical address where the company will be based in the UK). Some new startups decide to use their own address, though many don’t want their address listed online for the company and Directors, and often opt to find a Registered Office Address service. This is also a service a lot of limited company formation agencies now provide — to enable you to keep your addresses private, but still have your official and government sent to your residential address.

Of course, this is just a general overview of the steps that can be taken when first thinking of incorporating a company and there will be more to learn along the way. Business advice is always recommended if unsure, but often more information on how easy the process of setting up a limited company can be sought from places such as limited company formation agencies.

Source: http://www.accountingweb.co.uk

How to Move Forward with Your Company Formation UK

So you’ve got an idea for a business but now what? How do you move forward with this idea and turn it into an actual thing? One of the first things you should do is decide on the legal structure that your business is going to take.

In the UK one of the most common legal structures is a limited company — popular as the liability of the shareholders (the owners of the company) involved in the company is limited to the amount of unpaid shares they have.

Here we’re going to look at how a limited company formation works…

Pick your online company formation UK method

Limited companies can be formed directly with Companies House — the United Kingdom’s registrar of companies — or through a company formation UK agent, who will form the company through Companies House on your behalf.

Typically the company formation agent will be more expensive than going directly with Companies House. However, with the extra cost will you will get extra, associated services, such as a registered office and service address (to protect your privacy and also handy if you want a company formation in London).

Give your online company formation UK information

To form a UK limited you will need:

  • A unique company name
  • A UK based registered office address
  • At least one director (the person charged with running the company)
  • At least one shareholder (this owner of the company)
  • At least one person with significant control (the person who ultimately controls the company)

Once all this information has been provided online (offline paper documents are available but increase the formation time) UK limited companies are normally formed with approximately 3 working hours.

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Eliminate Your Business Risk By Understanding Your Customer Better

The fear of the unknown is something that affects us all. A lack of information means that you are unable to make an informed judgement, and in the word of business, this can be make or break for a company. But why leave it all up to chance? A company search takes all of the guesswork out the equation, allowing you to decide with confidence who you conduct your business with.

What Is A Company Search?

A company search allows you to easily access a large amount of information on a company, which can then be used to establish whether the company in question is trustworthy.

This information will usually take the form of a “company report” that displays information such as the directors/shareholders, company accounts/financials, and any previous County Court Judgement (CCJ’s) or other legal records that are currently available.

Most company reports will then use the available information to run a company credit check and produce a “credit score” in an attempt to quantify the level of risk that a given company poses to potential creditors.

As well as looking into the company itself, company search providers will usually allow you to run a director search, giving you the ability to see any previous appointments on a director’s record. This enables you to take into account any earlier companies the director may have had — an insight, which could prove particularly useful if there is not much information available on their current company.

Why Should You Be Using Company Searches?

Running background checks on every company you do business with is an excellent habit to get into. You might feel a bit sneaky at first, but the reality is that you put your finances -and potentially your reputation- at risk by being careless about who you associate yourself with.

But even if you do not look into every single company you deal with, there are some circumstances when conducting a thorough company search is particularly recommended, such as:

  • If you are due to place a large order with a company for the first time.
  • If a company wishes to place a large order with you for the first time.
  • If you are in talks to partner with another company.

There’s no need to lose sleep over which companies you should and shouldn’t be dealing with. Start using company searches to your advantage now and see the benefits for yourself.

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Why Do You Need a Registered Office Address For Your Limited Company?

When setting up a limited company you need to provide quite a bit of information. One such piece of information is a registered office address. But what exactly is a registered office? Why do you need one? What are the registered office address requirements? And can a ‘virtual office’ help you? Let’s take a look.

What exactly is a registered office?

The registered office is a limited company’s official address. It’s where government bodies such as HMRC and Companies House will send official mail. As this would suggest, the registered office address is on the public register. This means anyone can find out your company’s registered office totally free of charge.

Why do you need a registered office?

Simple. Every company must have a point of contact, a place where official documents can be served.

What are the registered office requirements?

Any United Kingdom address can be used as a company’s registered office, including residential addresses (more on this in a bit). The only requirements are that:

  • You have permission to use the address as a registered office address
  • Any official government mail that is sent to the address is forwarded onto company directors

Your company does not have to carry out any business activity from the registered office, nor does anyone from the company have to work or live at the address.

How can a ‘virtual office’ help you?

Some virtual office providers allow you to use their address as your company’s registered office. This can help you two ways. Firstly, it helps you keep your home address off of the public register — therefore protecting your privacy (no one wants customers turning up on their doorstep). Secondly, it can help your business make a good impression. For example, if you find a virtual office provide who offers a registered address London, you’re placing your company in the heart of the UK’s startup scene.

There you have it, everything you need to know about a limited company’s registered office address, and more.

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How to setup a virtual office business

Virtual office; it’s a term that small business owners across Britain are probably familiar with, but don’t actually know what it means. With that in mind let’s take a look at the virtual office address and how one can help a business operate efficiently.

What is a virtual office address?

Quite simply, it’s an address that a business owner has permission to use as their mailing address. They can then put this address on company literature such as stationery, website — vehicles even. When mail is delivered to the address it’s then forwarded to the address of the business owner’s choosing.

It shouldn’t be confused with a limited company’s registered office (the official address of a company). Just because a virtual office provider is happy for you to use their address as your mailing address doesn’t mean that you can also use it as a registered office, so it’s worth checking beforehand if you do want to use your virtual office address as your company’s registered office.

As well as a mail forwarding option, some virtual office providers offer a telephone answering service whereby you’re allocated a phone number for your business, then when calls come they are treated one of the following ways:

  • Answered in your company name, a message is then taken and then emailed to you
  • Answered in your company name and then forwarded onto you
  • Diverted straight through to you

That’s what a virtual office is, What are the virtual office benefits?

Privacy protection :-

By using a low cost virtual office you can keep your own address off of company literature, therefore protecting it from becoming public knowledge.

Great impression :-

Virtual office address providers are often based in locations associated with a thriving business scene. They therefore add an aspect of prestige to companies that use their address.

Ease :-

Virtual offices are typically manned Monday-Friday, 9–5 — making them ideal for people who receive mail and parcels that require a signature. No more arranging redeliveries or mornings spent at the post office!

How to setup a Virtual Office

It really is very simple. Find a virtual office address provider who offer a package and location that’s attractive to you and your business. Once you’ve signed up you then need to let the company know:

  • How you would like your mail handled (posted on, held for collection)
  • If mail is being posted on, where you would like it posted on to
  • How you would like your phone calls to be taken (diverted, patched through, answered in your company name

That’s it… how to setup a Virtual Office business and the Key Benefits of Virtual Offices. We hope you’ve found this post helpful.

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The 4 Steps to Completing a Company Credit Check

A company credit check is the process of checking up on a company with the intention of gaining an insight into its credit rating and other information as well. At Company Search MadeSimple, completing a company credit check is – as you would expect, simple.

In this post we’ll show you how to complete one is just four steps.

Let’s go…

1.Visit Company Search Made Simple:


  1. Leaving ‘UK Company (£4.99)’ selected, enter the name of the company that you wish to complete a company credit check on and select ‘Search’:


  1. You’ll be presented with a list of companies that match your search, click on the correct company:


  1. You will be taken to a free version of the company credit report, which includes a summary of basic company info, some financial info, people info, a list of documents filed, group structure info and the company timeline. If you want to to see the full financial info and credit info, simply select ‘Buy report £4.99’ and complete the payment process:


Source: https://www.owler.com

4 Reasons Why Home Workers Should Use a Virtual Office

virtual Office

Technology has changed the traditional way in which companies conduct their business. Virtual offices are becoming more and more popular, especially amongst home workers as companies shift from the conventional office settings. So how can a virtual office help you and your business function and blossom? Here are 4 reasons why you should use a virtual office:

Privacy of home address

You do not have to expose your private home address because a virtual office will provide you with a mailing address. Therefore you don’t have to display your home address on your website or business cards.


Having a business address allows you to conduct business in a professional manner and give a great impression. A recognizable address and phone number creates credibility.

Efficient business operation

A virtual office handles phone calls, business mail and parcels; essentials needed to run a successful business. This allows you to concentrate on the primary tasks for your business.

Cost effective

The cost of setting up an office can sink your business before it’s even had a chance to succeed. With a virtual office you do not have the burden of managing or renting a real office. It offers many of the benefits of having an office, without all the hassle.

For more information on benefits of Virtual office for home workers, you can refer complete article at https://www.londonpresence.com

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How to Setup a Limited Company and Become Your Own Boss

There are many countries across the globe that have great opportunities and a wonderful venue to start a business. There is always scope for a bigger market and success there. In some countries, The laws of the state will consider your company to be a separate entity and your personal assets will be safe in case something goes wrong with your company in future. Company formation is not a very difficult task, but you should know the proper way of doing it. When established through the proper legal procedure, your new company will be an asset for you in the future.

When starting a new business in the UK there are a number of ways for would-be entrepreneurs to go about setting up a company. The most popular two being to set up directly with Companies House (the UK body responsible for company registration) or using a company formation agent,

Regardless of how you go about limited company formation, you’ll need the same information:

A registered office address –

This is your new company’s official address. Part and parcel of company registration are that some of your information is placed on the public register and this includes the registered office, so select yours with care. It can be any UK based address that you have permission to use (ie from the landlord), the only caveat being that any official mail from official government bodies such as HMRC is forwarded on to the directors. Residential addresses are allowed but not recommended because of the privacy issue.

At least one director –

The director is the person tasked with the day-to-day running of the company and is normally the person taking care of the limited company formation. A number of company directors you can have is unlimited, but for each one, you will require:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Occupation
  • Nationality
  • Service address (the director’s ‘official’ address)
  • Residential address

Other companies can also be a director but your company must have at least one person in the role.

At least one shareholder –

This is the person who owns the business. A shareholder does not also have to be a director but in the majority of cases, they are. Again, you can appoint as many shareholders as you want (shareholders appointed during the limited company formation stage are known as subscribers) and other companies can be shareholders. For each shareholder (an unlimited amount can be appointed) you will need:

  • Full name
  • Service address
  • Number of shares held
  • Currency of shares held
  • Value of shares held
  • Type of shares held

At least one person with significant control (PSC) –

A relatively new addition to the information that’s required when setting up a company, this is the person who really owns the company. In the overwhelming majority of cases, this will be the same person as the shareholder but was introduced to increase transparency in company registration. For each PSC you will need to supply:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Occupation
  • Nationality
  • Service address (the director’s ‘official’ address)
  • Residential address

There you have it, the information you’ll need to hand when starting a new business. Everything else (such as the memorandum and articles of association) is normally provided as part of the company registration process, regardless of who you are using for the limited company formation.


Source: http://wanentrepreneur.com