How to Hire a Chimney Sweep?

Chimney inspection is one of the most important things if you use a fireplace in your home. Your chimney may look great on the outside but definitely, an inspection should be made to ensure that your chimney is safer inside. When your chimney is used for a long time, creosote builds up on the interior of your chimney. This even leads to fire accidents and other sorts of problems in most of the houses.

So, regular chimney cleaning should be done by a professional chimney sweep to make sure your home is safe to operate with chimneys. Timely chimney cleaning also helps your home and family to protect from unnecessary fire accidents which are caused due to unmaintained chimneys. A professional chimney sweep will make sure that all the maintenance works are carried out in a proper and quality manner. So, how to choose and hire a chimney sweep to take control of your chimney services need?

There are several factors that you should consider before hiring a chimney sweep. Improper chimney repair services may affect your fireplace and also affects the chimney’s safety and efficiency. It’s the reason you should consider and make sure that you are working with a qualified professional.

Choosing the ideal chimney sweep

Not all persons with a brush and a truck can make effective chimney repair services and ensures the safety and quality. A professional chimney sweep required training and deep technical knowledge to handle and work carefully without making any damages to the chimney.

Before hiring the chimney sweep, the homeowners must ensure that the chimney sweep is certified by the reputed institute like CSIA. The homeowners can be stress-free about the quality of job when hiring a certified chimney sweep. The chimney cleaning works will be done effectively to ensure the quality and safety of your chimney by the certified professional.

Hiring Chimney Sweep

The homeowners should ask with some of the key questions when determining to hire a chimney sweep to clean or repair their chimney. In addition to the certification, you can ask some of these below mentioned additional questions to make your chimney cleaning work effective.

  • Ask that how long the chimney sweeping company has been in the business?
  • Ask for references and a professional chimney sweep will definitely offer you the references.
  • Does the individual or the company has a valid business liability insurance to protect your home in case of any accidents occur?
  • Does the company have any of unresolved complaints filed within the city or state consumer protection agency?
  • Ask for the identity and check the identity provided is original.

So, hiring a professional chimney sweep is quite a difficult job. But a certified chimney cleaning sweep can ensure the quality of work for the safety of your chimney. Better to hire a local chimney sweep Services Company who offers professional and certified chimney sweeps in your area. At the last, think carefully and hire the certified sweep for chimney repair, cleaning, and maintenance services to enjoy the warmth in the winter season safely.

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How to Find a Professional Chimney Sweep?

A well planned and regular interval maintenance of your chimney can help you to protect from unnecessary fire accidents and other issues. Proper maintenance and cleaning will also ensure your chimney to produce the fine quality of heat to enjoy in the winter season. For quality maintenance cleaning we recommend you to hire a professional chimney sweeps who can handle everything to ensure the safety of your chimney. You can hire a quality chimney sweep who got trained from a professional chimney sweep training school/ institute or from a Chimney sweep association to fulfil your actual needs.


Before knowing how to find a professional chimney sweep? You should also know about why to hire a professional chimney sweep? Here are some of the reasons,

  • Chimney sweeps know the exact way to clean up your chimney to perfection.
  • Hiring professional chimney gives you peace of mind about the quality of work.
  • Professional Chimney sweep UK will effectively clean up the soot and ash everywhere in your chimney.
  • Hiring a chimney sweep will save you lot of time which is difficult to make it of own.

So, finding a professional chimney sweep will let you have all the above-mentioned advantages for your actual needs. Now let’s move on to the topic that how to find a professional chimney sweep?

It can often be a difficult task to find a chimney sweep that you trust to ensure the safety and cleaning job for your chimney. Your job made easier than ever to find a professional chimney sweep UK by the association Sweep Safe. It offers the chimney sweep training to make the people as professionals in the chimney sweeps industry. You can hire “Chimney Sweep local” to ensure the safety of your chimney from the association Sweep safe.

The professionals got chimney sweep training from the association can fulfil the below-mentioned points to ensure your chimney cleaning and maintenance work are done to perfection.

Certified sweeps: At the time of hiring, make sure that the person is CSIA certified chimney sweep. The certified chimney sweep UK will take care of maintenance and cleaning of your chimney in a professional way.

Insured Chimney Sweep Company: Make sure that your chimney sweeps company has insurance that would protect your home against any damages occurred.

Proper identification: The chimney sweep training company offers the proper identification for their employees. Make sure to check the identification before handing over the job.

Professional attitude and appearance: A professional chimney sweep should treat the customers with courtesy, respect and should provide answers to all the questions from you. They should leave everything clean and neat in your home as it is like before the work began.

References: You can ask for references such as their customer’s name and phone number in the area. You can also consult with your neighborhood persons to ensure the quality of work done before hiring the chimney sweeps.

You can hire the professional chimney sweeps who got the chimney sweep training from Guild of Master Chimney Sweep to get your work in a professional manner. At last, kindly ensure to make regular services and maintenance work for your chimney to have a hassle free warm to your home during the whole winter season.

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Are Wood Burning Stoves Safe?

The appeal of an open fire could be the primal, most enjoyable and deep-rooted thing. But it could not be a better option everywhere to enjoy the warmth and the winter season. Wood burning stoves are traditional, luxury looking and commonly used in the most of the homes to keep them warm.

Most of you will have a doubt that using wood burning stoves is safe? It could be incredibly safe when it is properly installed and maintained regularly to sort out the issues. There are different methods to produce heat in your home, but wood stoves are traditional and also add a look to your home. To ensure the quality and safety of your burning stoves, you can also contact the professional wood burning stoves London Company to make sure it’s safe to use.

There are several advantages of using wood burning stoves such as

  • Placement flexibility
  • Environment-friendly
  • Exceptional heating
  • Cooking convenience
  • Economical
  • Décor complementation and many others

There are the different type of modular wood burning stoves London you can get to keep your home warm in the winter season. It’s not just about getting a modular wood stove, there are several measures which has to be ensured to keep your wood burning stoves safe.

The most importantly, never install or service a wood stove of your own without any knowledge regarding it. You can contact a professional for making up with stoves installation which will ensure the safety of your fireplace.

In addition to that, the wood burning stoves should be placed on a surface that could stand up to the heat. An improper surface may lead to the danger which may cause fire accidents and other problems. If you are using a fireplace to produce heat, you should ensure it has a proper venting system. A venting system is a stovepipe which connects the stove to the chimney. You should ensure that your venting system is professionally installed and inspected. The professional can ensure all the above-mentioned aspects of the stove installations and maintenance to ensure the safety and quality.

Ways to ensure the safety of your Wood Burning Stoves

Before using the word stoves to produce heat to keep your home and yourself warm, find out the useful tips to ensure the safety of your wood burning stove.

  • Ensure that your wood burning stove is properly installed and is inspected by a professional to make things safe.
  • Regular maintenance is required to keep away the related issues.
  • Ensure to burn clean, dry wood which is properly seasoned to maintain quality and durability of your wood burning stoves London.
  • In case of milder weather, burn smaller fires which could be the better option.
  • Remove ashes and other unwanted things regularly from your wood stove.
  • Avoid burning wet wood, stained or a painted wood which may lead to some sort of health issues.

Wood burning stoves with proper installation and regular maintenance by professionals would be really safe and you can also enjoy the warm till the last day of the winter season. For any of installation or maintenance of wood burning stoves London, you can contact us for professional services and ensure the quality and safety of your wood stoves.

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What are Common Chimney Repairs?

In the world of technology, there are many other ways to produce heat and keep your home warm. But still, it’s something special to have a fireplace and chimney to produce heat. In the cold winter days, having a working fireplace seems to be wonderful and also adds a luxury look to our home.

Ensure the safety of your chimney to deliver the safe warmth and comfort to your family, as there may be some of the common chimney repairs should be made to avoid the related problems. You can also contact professional chimney sweeps to carry upon chimney services to ensure the safety.

Here are some of the most common chimney repairs to be noticed to safely enjoy your fireplace:

Creosote Buildup in the Chimney

Usually after the number of uses and the smoke goes up the chimney regularly while burning the woods, Creosote will be deposited inside the chimney lining. Creosote is a kind of black or dark brown colored tar which gives color to the smoke.

Creosote is highly flammable and also dangerous which can also lead to the chimney fire. So, having a proper maintenance and regular chimney services will ensure the safety of your chimney to produce safe warmth to your home. Chimney services Kent by a professional chimney sweep will use the right tools to remove creosote from the chimney to ensure the quality of your fireplace.

Chimney Brickwork Problems

Chimney masonry may be long-lasting, but it does require some sort of maintenance in a regular manner. It all depends on the mortar and if it deteriorates, the entire chimney becomes exposed to moisture and leads to brickwork problems. A proper repair work should be made if the mortar found to be loose or crumbly. A qualified chimney services London Company can troubleshoot the problems related to your chimney with the professional chimney cleaning services.

Blockage Problems

There are few other means of blockage in the chimney other than the creosote issue. Things such as birds nest, leaves, dust particle and others can also clog up your chimney. Blockage problems in the chimney may be dangerous if it is used for the first time after a long. You can get your chimney repairs done by the professional chimney sweeps London to clean up all the unwanted things from your chimney to enjoy the cold season.

Damages and Cracks in Flue

The chimney flue is one of the most considerable things which cover the inner lining of your fireplace. Most of the house owners go with a clay tile which is the economical option by a stainless steel lining could be the safest option because the lining is subjected to a lot of heart and stress. Most of all chimney services company or a professional would definitely recommend steel lining which could last for a long. If you found that the flue is damaged, then an immediate replacement should be made to avoid danger.

Here are some of the main and most common repairs and our chimney cleaning professionals will offer you the best quality chimney services London to ensure the quality and safety of your workplace. Do not underestimate the importance of your chimney maintenance and call us for the best chimney services for all of your chimney cleaning and maintenance needs.

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How to Become a Certified Chimney Sweep

Keeping your home in the best condition is never easy. There are a lot of sacrifices that you have to make to give your house a great look as well as increase its worth. A fireplace is quite important in every home and it should always be kept in the best condition to serve its purpose to the fullest. You have to pay attention to the safety and cleanliness of your chimney. Now and then, you will come across many homeowners looking for quality chimney inspection services by a certified chimney sweep.

Chimney repairs and services are readily available these days thanks to increased number of companies offering these services. Chimney inspection is a vital chore at every home and homeowners should seek chimney sweep services from experts. If your chimney is not in the best condition, it is not easy to enjoy the rustic and peaceful ambience of the burning wood in your fireplace. Today, it is easy to seek chimney cleaning services from the comfort of your home using your smartphone or laptop.

Importance of Chimney Inspection by Certified Chimney Sweep

Majority of reputed chimney cleaning service providers recommend at least once a year cleaning and inspection of chimneys. Don’t trust any person who claims to be a professional chimney sweep. Ensure you are dealing with a certified chimney sweep to enjoy the many benefits of chimney inspection. Most of chimney damage occur slowly and with time your chimney will not serve it purpose to the fullest.

Professional chimney inspection by a qualified chimney sweep will help prevent chimney fires. No one wants chimney fire in their homes or hear their neighbors fight fire in the middle of the night. Chimney fires may burn slowly and may be invisible and may ignite anything flammable and lead to unbearable destructions. Chimney fires are as a result of dirty chimney. Chimney get bunged up with creosote over time which leaves behind a glazing inside the chimney that is highly flammable.

Regular chimney inspection and cleaning also helps prevent smoke damage. When a chimney is not regularly cleaned or inspected, soot accumulates around the flue. This makes it hard for the chimney flue to draw smoke upward and the smoke will enter into the main house. Once this smoke enters your living room or any well-equipped part of the home, it will soil furniture, wallpapers and nearby decorations. Excessive smoke will also lead to staining around the chimney and make it difficult to clean.

Your health and that of your family is essential. Dirty chimney emit dangerous gases that may be fatal or lead to infections. Carbon monoxide produced when wood is burned causes nausea, fainting, headaches and dizziness. Having your chimney inspected by a certified chimney sweep with avert such complications. If you are dealing with a certified chimney sweep, he or she will put into consideration the three core levels of chimney inspection.

A reputed and experienced chimney sweep will inspect all the accessible exterior and interior parts of chimney and address possible chimney problems. Your chimney services provider will also use latest technology such as circuit cameras to assess the state of the chimney. The certified chimney sweep that you choose should also conduct in depth inspection at ease. He or she should remove any masonry to access the chimney flue and address notable chimney complications. Hence, always ensure you are dealing with a reputed chimney cleaning company.

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No Chimney No Problem? Steel Chimney Systems Pros and Cons

Firstly it is typically easier and much cheaper to install a wood burning stove into a pre existing chimney in most cases. However there are many scenarios where houses have either had there chimney removed or they have not been built with one. It is in these houses when Steel Factory made flue systems come into there own.

It must be considered that a steel chimney system has to play several important roles. These are structure, gas tightness, fire protection, looks, insulation, corrosion resistance and compliance with the building regulations. A typical brick chimney has all of the structure, looks and insulation and in most cases relining the flue will tick the remaining boxes. Making the use of an existing flue much easier and cheaper. In essence a steel chimney must be able to replicate in use a well insulated, lined brick chimney.

Embers fireplace and stoves use steel flue systems from Schiedel and Tona. The Schiedel offering has a. 5 millimeter internal stainless steel sleeve and is well suited to wood burning applications. This system comes with a manufacturers 10 year guarantee and is an excellent product.

The Tona Ceramic Chimney System

On the occasion that a superior product will be necessary Embers recommend and use the Tona Ceramic system. This system would be suitable for wood stoves, smokeless coal, Pellet systems, corn, Wood chip, situations where a long guarantee would be required ( new builds etc) and for any discerning individual that simply wants the very best for their property. The specifications of the Tona ceramic system are detailed below;

Spec-flue`s Tona Ceramic is a CE approved twin wall insulated chimney system, suitable for appliances burning modern day fuels including wood pellets, biofuels and solid fuel. The material specification and construction of the product has been designed specifically to withstand very high temperatures and aggressive conditions within the flue caused by slumbering and burning of some fuels.The inner liner is manufactured out of 4mm thick engineered Ceramic, with a high grade mineral wool insulation, encased by a stainless steel outer skin. It is available in three diameters, 130mm, 150mm and 200mm internal diameter including……. More info

How Often Do You Need to Sweep Your Chimney

You have to take care and proper maintenance is required to protect your household properties against different aspects. The chimney is one of the most preferred ones that you have to make a note on. Proper maintenance of your chimneys can help you to protect from needless fires and also from other poisonous gases. Chimney sweeps services can be the best option to ensure the protection of your chimneys. Don’t have an idea about how often do you need to sweep your chimney?

Know more about Chimney Sweeps London and how often to use it.

Firstly, why often do you need to sweep your chimney?

House fires are commonly caused due to creosote builds up on the interior of your chimney. Without having a proper maintenance or unawareness of chimney cleaning and repair will let you to a significant risk. Consider to make up with proper chimney sweep to protect you from the risk in future.

Now let’s get to the point, the chimney sweeps London importance and how often to be done.

How often should you get your chimney repairs?

Definitely, you should have an annual chimney inspection by a reputed chimney sweep organization in London to ensure the possibility of risk. Depending on how often you use the fireplace for burning woods, the possibilities of creosote residue will be will build up more in your chimney. An experienced and professional organization of chimney services London will provide you a clear idea regarding the needs.

There are several factors which influence the amount of creosote deposits on the wall of your chimney which includes the volume of airflow in your chimney, burning of improperly seasoned woods, unburned woods in the firebox and many others. Now, you may get a clear idea that your chimney requires a proper chimney sweep to handle the needful.

There is not an exact rule or conditions on how often chimney cleaning should be made. A perfect examination by an experienced Chimney Sweeps London is the best way to know about your chimney, the materials used, the need for chimney repairs and more about it.

Professional chimney repairs and cleaning includes the processes like sweeping the fireplace, checking firebox, chimney exterior, smoke chamber, liners and appliances for more clearance.

Hiring Chimney Sweeps London to fulfill your needs? Make sure to find a reputed company and get recommendations to hire the best chimney services in London. A certified chimney sweeps London will ensure the safety of your chimney even if you use it for a heating system or ventilation of your furnace.

If you have and use your fireplace in a regular manner, an annual chimney cleaning and inspection is necessary to ensure the safety against unnecessary fires. Reach your local chimney sweeps London and chimney sweeps Essex today to get your chimney cleaned and inspected by the professional and reputed chimney sweep company.

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Top 5 Tips For Buying A Wood Burning Stove

You may know all about wood burning stove which is a heating appliance used to burn wood fuel and wood-derived biomass fuels. There are several reasons to use wood stoves and the most effective things are

  • Wood is a renewable energy resource.
  • Burning of woods doesn’t lead to global warming.
  • Comparing to other heat energy suppliers, wood stoves installation and burning of woods is cost effective.
  • It’s also a most romantic one to express your love in front of a wood burning stove.

Just keep it apart as of now and know the top 5 things to consider before buying perfect and cost-effective wood stoves. Before buying a wood burner, advice from the expertise may help you to choose the best one which suits all your needs.

1. Make sure the size of wood stoves is perfect for the room it is heating.

There are different types of stoves installations are made according to heat different sized spaces. A typical kW rating for a stove generates 4–5 kW of heat which are designed for an average room. For the rooms with much larger spaces, you can consider wood stoves with the rating of 8kW. In addition to that, you should also consider the age of the house, as the new build house may only require less output from the stove than the older house.

2. Wood fuel, solid fuel or multi-fuel stove? Consider what you want to use.

A typical wood stove London is designed to generate the output on firewood or other solid biomass fuels. To have an effective result, you should consider buying seasoned woods from reputed suppliers.

A typical solid fuel stove is designed to generate the output on fuels such as anthracite and other fuels. And a multi fuel stove is able to run on either the wood fuel or a solid fuel. These multi-fuel stoves will give you the choices of burning wood or solid fuels which will be effective than having a single one.

3. Do you have a chimney?

Just a liner can be inserted to make the job done if you already have a chimney. You can also run a fuel up outside your house for an alternative if you don’t have a chimney. But it’s effective while having a chimney and it’s quite easy to setup chimney in your house even from scratch at the time of stoves installation.

4. You must have a proper plan for wood storage.

The dry woods need good air circulation. You can also set up a shed without sides or rows with tarps. In addition to that, you should also find a better plan to stack the woods to keep it off the ground. These things may help you the keep the woods long lasting and also to produce the perfect result to keep your house warm.

5. Heating your home with wood stoves may also involve risk in it.

Make sure that your insurance also covers the risk involved with burning wood stoves. Also, chimney sweeps are necessary and you should inspect your chimney and clean it once in a year to avoid risks. Improper ventilation may also lead to fire accidents and make sure that you are safe with wood stoves.

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Why You Should Hire a Chimney Sweep

Your chimney is a vital a part of your home, which implies it ought to be treated per se. Regular maintenance and care is imperative to make sure that your chimney is in safe and sensible operating order especially when the cold weathers of London may freeze your soul.

Before we get into who you ought to hire to clean your chimney, let’s first take a glance at why you ought to rent one within the first place.

Why anyone should hire a chimney sweep?

London weather is elegant, beautiful but too much cold, we need a fireplace in our house every time lit up in the cold airs out there, and you need to maintain your chimney while you are having a fireplace at your home. There are some best Chimney Services in London that might help you at this freezing time.

When you hire a chimney sweep, they are doing rather more than simply clean the flue. They’re addressing problems that would save your home from potential disaster.

Here are some issues chimney sweeps can address:

1. Is your chimney prone to chimney fires; main reason of creosote being built inside?
2. Does your home have the most effective attainable heating and cooling efficiency?
3. Could your family be exposed to deadly carbon monoxide gas poisoning?
4. Does your furnace have to be compelled to be replaced?
5. Are you tributary to the pollution drawback once victimization your fireplace?
6. Why you need to hire a licensed chimney sweep

By not hiring a chimney sweep — or hiring one who’s not certified — you may well be swing your family and your home in danger.

The best chimney sweeps bear rigorous coaching. These certified chimney sweeps are frequently sharpening their skills and learning concerning following chimney safety techniques practiced by the local as well as national authorities.

One of the advantages of hiring a chimney sweep who is certified is that you simply will have full confidence within the person you’re appointing into your home. With a certified company, you’re absolute to receive the foremost current and qualified chimney care.

Working with a licensed chimney sweep company annually ensures that you are simply keeping your family and residential as safe as attainable.

You can definitely hire a certified Chimney Sweep Online, but whenever you hire a chimney sweep, just remember to hire a professional and certified one. Because, it assures you the above qualities we mentioned.

At the end of the day, it’s your loved ones that you care about the most and not the money you are going to spend or save. If you are saving few quids right now, you might be putting your family in danger.


The Glory of Burning a Fire or Stove

As we enter the winter with the dark evenings and first cold period now upon us our unconscious primeval instincts and urges start kicking into play and the romantic and comforting thoughts of sitting snuggled up in front of a warm homely fireplace start to circle in our minds. Ever asked yourself why this is? And furthermore in this modern day time how can we make it possible to give in to these urges and enjoy all the glory of a working fireplace but at the same time be responsible to the environment and be safe in the use of fire in our houses?

Many believe (myself included) that the need and urge to have a controlled fire burning within our dwellings is something planted deep within our psyche that is inherent as a human being and has been ever since our cave man ancestors learned to rub two sticks together! It is an in built need for control and an evolutionary trait that has allowed us to stay warm and safe with illumination at home and the sanitation of our foods and fluids for millennia, it is the feeling of completeness and accomplishment to be sat in the knowledge that whilst the fire burns we are the masters on our environment.

Modern times have made us more conscious and aware of our responsibilities to try to lower our carbon footprint and the amount of damage that we are doing to the planet and unfortunately as human beings we ALL leave our own footprint in one way or another from the cars we drive, planes we fly to the foods we eat and the energy we consume used to power our homes, streets and work places… this list is endless! When you think though about how many of these things are actually crucial to our survival and how many are just comfort things, I suggest that unless you have vacated your home and live in darkness in a tent in a field we are all guilty of some form of unnecessary harm to the environment! Things that are absolute necessities to survival however are food and water and warmth, and of course whilst we do have central heating that heats the entire household through our countless radiators this too comes at a very heavy price…. the cost of the worlds natural gas resources! Let’s also not forget that when burned and during combustion gas too produces poisonous fumes which are exhausted in to the atmosphere.

We of course do know that at present there is no other realistic way to offer to offer complete heating to our properties however it is also a fact that when spending a large portion of our time in one main living room area we can avoid undue waste of natural gas by heating an isolated single room area by way of a high efficiency, low emission stove and be content in the knowledge that when sourced from a responsible fuel supplier the wood that we burn is sustainable and furthermore practically carbon neutral! The cycle of each purposely planted and cultivated tree that is matured, felled and then dried allows the tree during its life to absorb the carbons from the air that will be created during its burning allows the whole process to be relatively green.

So what should we do? Give in to our needs and urges and have a fire or be as responsible to the environment as we can? Fortunately we can do both, by utilizing a measured approach to the timing and type of heating that we provide ourselves with and working the use of our central heating system to heat the whole house when required against the use of a our modern clean burning stoves to heat more localized areas within the house when needed we can find a balance to the amount of natural gas resources we use and the airborne pollution we create!