Why You Should Hire a Chimney Sweep

Your chimney is a vital a part of your home, which implies it ought to be treated per se. Regular maintenance and care is imperative to make sure that your chimney is in safe and sensible operating order especially when the cold weathers of London may freeze your soul.

Before we get into who you ought to hire to clean your chimney, let’s first take a glance at why you ought to rent one within the first place.

Why anyone should hire a chimney sweep?

London weather is elegant, beautiful but too much cold, we need a fireplace in our house every time lit up in the cold airs out there, and you need to maintain your chimney while you are having a fireplace at your home. There are some best Chimney Services in London that might help you at this freezing time.

When you hire a chimney sweep, they are doing rather more than simply clean the flue. They’re addressing problems that would save your home from potential disaster.

Here are some issues chimney sweeps can address:

1. Is your chimney prone to chimney fires; main reason of creosote being built inside?
2. Does your home have the most effective attainable heating and cooling efficiency?
3. Could your family be exposed to deadly carbon monoxide gas poisoning?
4. Does your furnace have to be compelled to be replaced?
5. Are you tributary to the pollution drawback once victimization your fireplace?
6. Why you need to hire a licensed chimney sweep

By not hiring a chimney sweep — or hiring one who’s not certified — you may well be swing your family and your home in danger.

The best chimney sweeps bear rigorous coaching. These certified chimney sweeps are frequently sharpening their skills and learning concerning following chimney safety techniques practiced by the local as well as national authorities.

One of the advantages of hiring a chimney sweep who is certified is that you simply will have full confidence within the person you’re appointing into your home. With a certified company, you’re absolute to receive the foremost current and qualified chimney care.

Working with a licensed chimney sweep company annually ensures that you are simply keeping your family and residential as safe as attainable.

You can definitely hire a certified Chimney Sweep Online, but whenever you hire a chimney sweep, just remember to hire a professional and certified one. Because, it assures you the above qualities we mentioned.

At the end of the day, it’s your loved ones that you care about the most and not the money you are going to spend or save. If you are saving few quids right now, you might be putting your family in danger.

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The Glory of Burning a Fire or Stove

As we enter the winter with the dark evenings and first cold period now upon us our unconscious primeval instincts and urges start kicking into play and the romantic and comforting thoughts of sitting snuggled up in front of a warm homely fireplace start to circle in our minds. Ever asked yourself why this is? And furthermore in this modern day time how can we make it possible to give in to these urges and enjoy all the glory of a working fireplace but at the same time be responsible to the environment and be safe in the use of fire in our houses?

Many believe (myself included) that the need and urge to have a controlled fire burning within our dwellings is something planted deep within our psyche that is inherent as a human being and has been ever since our cave man ancestors learned to rub two sticks together! It is an in built need for control and an evolutionary trait that has allowed us to stay warm and safe with illumination at home and the sanitation of our foods and fluids for millennia, it is the feeling of completeness and accomplishment to be sat in the knowledge that whilst the fire burns we are the masters on our environment.

Modern times have made us more conscious and aware of our responsibilities to try to lower our carbon footprint and the amount of damage that we are doing to the planet and unfortunately as human beings we ALL leave our own footprint in one way or another from the cars we drive, planes we fly to the foods we eat and the energy we consume used to power our homes, streets and work places… this list is endless! When you think though about how many of these things are actually crucial to our survival and how many are just comfort things, I suggest that unless you have vacated your home and live in darkness in a tent in a field we are all guilty of some form of unnecessary harm to the environment! Things that are absolute necessities to survival however are food and water and warmth, and of course whilst we do have central heating that heats the entire household through our countless radiators this too comes at a very heavy price…. the cost of the worlds natural gas resources! Let’s also not forget that when burned and during combustion gas too produces poisonous fumes which are exhausted in to the atmosphere.

We of course do know that at present there is no other realistic way to offer to offer complete heating to our properties however it is also a fact that when spending a large portion of our time in one main living room area we can avoid undue waste of natural gas by heating an isolated single room area by way of a high efficiency, low emission stove and be content in the knowledge that when sourced from a responsible fuel supplier the wood that we burn is sustainable and furthermore practically carbon neutral! The cycle of each purposely planted and cultivated tree that is matured, felled and then dried allows the tree during its life to absorb the carbons from the air that will be created during its burning allows the whole process to be relatively green.

So what should we do? Give in to our needs and urges and have a fire or be as responsible to the environment as we can? Fortunately we can do both, by utilizing a measured approach to the timing and type of heating that we provide ourselves with and working the use of our central heating system to heat the whole house when required against the use of a our modern clean burning stoves to heat more localized areas within the house when needed we can find a balance to the amount of natural gas resources we use and the airborne pollution we create!

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Fire Why The Fascination?

I have been asking myself of late, in this modern world of gas and electricity why in earth do we love our real wood fires so much. I mean compared to other fuel types they are not controllable, as safe or even as efficient. Oh a lest not forget much less effort.

To answer this question we have to take a look at what bought us to 2017 from the days when we were merely evolved primates, Evolution. The skill to control fire is one that over hundreds of thousands of years has brought several advantages and has changed the way we have evolved.

  • Heat. Heat is one of the key elements that we require for survival
  • light. Having extra light means that we would have been more active and productive for longer.
  • The ability to cook food and boil water. Importantly boiling water was the primary method of sterilization for a milinium.

Tens if thousands of years ago, the human race was tribal. Generally Men would hunt and fight and woman would educate and gather. After several days hunting or gathering the first signs of the village would have been smoke from the fire, then as you drew closer the flickering light would be visible. This would be the first signs that you were home, that fire would have meant; food; safety, family,warmth and home. This instinct is still with us today if you walk into a public house with an open fire like a moth to a lantern you are drawn towards the flames. Maybe you return home to a lit stove, the infra red permiates your skin, the flame lights your face like a summers day and

you know your home.

There is almost a life of its own within a wood fire, the very randomness of the flame caused by a million different variables from heat, to temperature to turbulence combine to make a flame that dances like a belly dancer crossed with a cloud hypnotizing you and holding your gaze. This wood fired flame never becomes boring or tiresome and is ever more beautiful.

Finally as a race I think we like to control what we are afraid of. Fire can be most fearsome of thing, if you take a look a forest fires or a volcano we can only stand in awe powerless in their power. I would have a guess that when fire was first harnessed by a few that they were revered as almost god like. Gunpowder most certainly changed the world order.

And so a fire means many things to us on an instinctive primal level, there is still a little hunter gatherer in each of us although splitting a few logs is probably not the same as hunting a bear or maybe a sabre toothed tiger.

As a chimney sweep we do not have to understand the hidden psychological reasons why we are drawn to fire but if you are like me then you will be fascinated in all that encompasses our job including the hidden, the history and even the mythology.

I am not sure we have come as far as we like to believe from our humble beginnings as cave dwellers, just think fire works, a camp fire or maybe stone baked pizza.

I hope you have enjoyed my little insite into fire and that you take the time to like and share with your friends

Wishing you a happy and safe burning season

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How to Use a Wood Burning Stove

A wood stove is a comfortably cost place in our homes, thanks to the lit-up area or a fireplace.

But having a wood burning place or a wood burning stove is not sufficient, using it is a crucial task, and it becomes a headache if not optimized properly. If you have never done it before, here is a guide for you on how to use a Wood Burning Stove for the first time or we can say for the beginners. The necessary things to recollect are that you just need a hot and quick fireplace where you can spend a quality time with your family as well as guests. There are many types of fireplaces you can own at homes but a classic wood burning over or a wood burning stove has its unique and classy ambience as well as smell. Its utmost necessary that you just never leave a hearth unattended, let’s see how can you use a wood burning stove at your home…

Follow the instructions

Yes, you need to read the user manual by your wood burning stove’s manufacturer. They almost cover all the necessary and precautionary instructions on how to start as well as maintain your wood burning stove. Follow the step by step guide on how to put all the pieces together and most important thing to remember, place your wood burning stove in a safe place preferably in your living area, where kids won’t play with fire and future risks are avoided, plus it gives an advantage of a classy look to your living room when guest are invited for a dinner.

Right Fuel

It is important thing that should not be neglected, using a right quality and quantity of wood is important to avoid wastage and fire. Green wood might waste the fuel because 50% of the wood is s occupied by water and burning water is against chemistry laws, you won’t find it helpful, plus it will cause a lot of smoke in your chimney as well as in your living room, and believe us, you won’t want that. One thing you can do with green wood is take it and dry it yourself, it is the most cheap way to handle green and damp logs of wood at your home, we recommend you give at least a summer to dry these logs by themselves in hot air and clean sunlight. Another thing you can do is to find a supplier that gives home delivery for dried and clean fuel for your wood stove.

Clean Air

Basic chemistry and physics laws are taught in our schools, fire needs proper breathing and it should be controlled when we require it to be, open all the controls on your wood burning stove and make way for air, clean and fresh air from your living room will save you time and money, use proper instructions and guide to control fire if it goes out of your hands.

Start the fire by putting old newspapers inside the stove.

Take proper care

You leave your loved ones near fireplace, it’s important to take care while you do this, installation of proper fire extinguishing fire equipment within reachable area of your fireplace is a good way to keep you safe from uninvited fire.

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When Should You Get Your Chimneys Inspected?

Cleaning the chimney at our homes can be a vital task, it’s nearly neglected all the times, but it’s a necessity.

Chimney cleansing can be a special task we regularly treat ourselves with, but question remains is it safe to do it ourselves?

The answer is NO!

You need a knowledgeable Chimney Sweep to perform this task and currently, we have a perfect reason for that. Chimney Sweep performs the duties like removing coal ash, blockages and different wastage coming back from the chimney tube and firepit itself. This cleansing task will guarantee a safer operation of your heating appliance.

It takes a trifle quantity of creosote coating to begin out a chimney fire, and believe us, you don’t want that! Creosote is a very ignitable substance that produces a coating among your chimney or liner as a wasteful product of burning wood. The size of this coating is also higher if you keep burning wood in associate passing wrong manner or having a burner or stove that’s unfit for work. Different woods manufacture different sizes of creosote layers among chimneys. To be honest, creosote reduces the efficiency of any chimney.

We suggest Chimney inspections have to be compelled to be controlled once a year

To ensure that your chimney is functioning clearly as you wish to be, we tend to recommend that owners have to be compelled to organize a chimney examination once a year.

Many homeowners we’ve seen pay attention and take an adequate care of their chimneys however this article is targeted on people who need to pay attention of their heating appliance, for the protection of your well-being, we advise you to scrub your hearth daily and therefore to create certain that no waste matter can stay within the chimney exit and alternative pipes and it won’t take fire.

If you utilize your stoves or fireplaces at only sometimes, still its recommended to induce them checked once throughout a year to verify safety throughout these inspections, any defects are reaching to be checked for if they need maintenance but not clean-up. If you choose for practiced Chimney Sweep, they’re going to place you on their annual clean-up schedules and advice you but there’s maintenance is required.

There are times once you decide to spare a good time for your home which we have gotten to inform you what time is best to induce your chimneys inspected. If you haven’t provided lots of time or haven’t verified your chimney for over a year, it’s a good time to determine your Chimney Sweep at once.

If you’re having any performance issues regarding your chimney or fireplace or maybe your other heating utilities, or if you have got recently enraptured to a fireplace, you want to schedule an appointment with a good chimney sweep kent. Don’t keep waiting if you’re acceptable above points, waiting may result into further Chimney repairs and sadly to property losses. Get your chimney inspected as soon as attainable. Get your Chimney inspected albeit you have got changed some of the system to envision whether or not or not all the other parts are acceptable for this new modification and it check that that it won’t produce any nuisance in future.

If you have got not used your fireplace say like throughout a protracted term; bugs and pests have designed their beautiful nests that will clog your ducts or chimney chamber. Long-term use may result into wear and tear that fully desires attention and over a few years the decay of the system will eventually would like attention and need be, Chimney Repairs. The longer you neglect the maintenance, the lots of pricey the repairs would be. At the tip of the day, safety and valuation must be compelled to match on.

How generally do you need to be compelled to brush your Chimneys?

This depends on lots of constraints and how frequent you utilize your fireplace or stove. but it’s regularly steered to induce your chimney inspected once throughout a year as mentioned above. Thus, albeit you don’t use your chimney lots, birds, bugs ad flies like insects can be victimize your chimney and block its performance.

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How to Hire a Chimney Sweep

Cleaning the chimney at our homes could be a crucial task, it’s virtually neglected all the days, however it’s necessary.

Chimney cleansing could be a special task we frequently treat ourselves with, however query remains is it safe to try to do it ourselves?

The answer is nada.

You need a knowledgeable Chimney Sweep to perform this task and these days, we tend to square measure aiming to make a case for why. Chimney Sweep performs the duties like removing coal ash, blockages and alternative wastage returning from the chimney tube and firepot itself. This cleansing task can guarantee a safer operation of your heating appliance.

It takes a little amount of creosote coating to start out a chimney hearth, and believe us, you don’t need that! Creosote is an extremely flammable substance that makes a coating within your chimney or liner as a wasteful product of burning wood. The dimensions of this coating may be higher if you retain burning wood in an exceedingly wrong manner or having a burner or stove that’s unfit for work. Different woods produce different sizes of creosote layers within chimneys. To be honest, creosote reduces the potency of any chimney.

We advocate Chimney inspections ought to be controlled once a year

To ensure that your chimney is functioning obviously as you need to be, we tend to suggest that homeowners ought to organize a chimney inspection once a year.

Many homeowners we have seen take care good enough care of their chimneys but this article is focused on those who need to take care of their heating appliance, for the protection of your well-being, we suggest you to clean your fireplace on a daily basis and thus to make sure that no waste material will remain in the chimney exit and other pipes and it won’t catch fire.

If you employ your stoves or fireplaces at only a few times, still its counseled to induce them checked once during a year to confirm safety throughout these inspections, any defects are going to be checked for if they have maintenance however not cleanup. If you decide for skilled Chimney Sweep Training, they will place you on their annual cleanup schedules and advice you however there’s maintenance is needed.

When must you get your Chimneys inspected?

There are times once you commit to spare a decent time for your home and that we are getting to tell you who of them time is best to induce your chimneys inspected. If you haven’t provided a lot of look at your chimney for over a year, it’s a decent time to decide your Chimney Sweep immediately.

If you are having any performance problems concerning your chimney or hearth or perhaps your utility, or if you have got recently enraptured to a brand new place, you must schedule associate in a nursing review. Don’t keep waiting if you are appropriate higher than points, waiting can result into extra Chimney repairs again and again and sadly to property losses. Gets your chimney inspected as soon as possible by a certified chimney sweep in London? Get your Chimney inspected albeit you have got modified some a part of the system to see whether or not all the opposite elements are appropriate for this new amendment and it make certain that it won’t create any nuisance in future.

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Traditional and Contemporary Wood Burning Stoves

Are you up to buy a new fireplace for your cozy home? Yeah Winter is Coming and there is nothing like a warm fireplace in home with the classic view of wooden logs burning inside… but you are confused between classic that is traditional or a modern contemporary wood stoves?

Let us break things down for you.

First of all, it is necessary to understand the basic differences between these two fireplaces…

A traditional fireplace will burn the logs of various varieties of woods and get you the necessary heat for your home. Whereas modern stoves will create an ambiance like wood burning stoves with the use of Wood, Gas, oil or any other flammable product in the market.

There are still some points that need to be considered while choosing a nice fireplace for your homes.


A beautifully designed fireplace with stones looks elegant in a living room. A masonry fireplace has a number of possibilities while designing like mosaic tiles, stacked stones, brickwork, veneer or even marble. Open view of fire flames and the incomparable appearance, feel and smell of burning wood in a fireplace makes this classic style of fireplace among many people.

Since classic fireplaces provide this feel on the other hand, a wood stove will have a glass door and it will lack this smell and elegance.


Any fireplace appliance featuring a wood burning fire can come with natural safety challenges. As gas or pellet fuel is clean and safe, byproducts and creosote from burning wood can accumulate in chimney, posing a serious chimney fire if not taken care properly.

Sparks coming from wood fires is another issue. Sparks are easily spread out of fireplaces causing injuries or even property damage. Installing proper covers in the forms of glass doors to fireplaces can help ensure that sparks won’t come out of the place to furniture or carpets in your homes. Wood stoves on the other side are already equipped with glass doors since they feature the closed combustion unit that means no spark flying around your living room.

An open burning fireplace is a potential hazard for children and pets. Wood stoves are much safer in this respect since fire is not directly exposed in the open, but there still is a minute risk of someone getting burned if they touch the glass door of the stove. Safety gates and glass doors are the great ways to keep your little ones wandering with their furry friends around the living room.


It’s a known fact that wood is the lowest expensive fuel type compared to gas, pallet, oil and coal etc. although cheap as fuel it is, wood fireplaces are not the efficient fire equipment in the market. In fact, they tend to be the least efficient heat source with a heat efficiency of 10% only. The biggest part of the heat gets vanished through chimneys, leaving the room less warm than it should be. On the other hand; wood burning stoves can provide 300% more heat with 1/3rd of the firewood which places them on the efficient side. When it comes to efficiency, wood burning stoves win.


Burning a wood releases no more CO2 than a tree does while decaying itself naturally in forests, which means Burning Wood, is Carbon Neutral. The wood stoves today, are equipped with closed combustion system which means, they produce a very little amount of emission. That being said, they are more efficient and better at providing heat, wood stoves can help supplement your current heating system, allowing you to lower your utility during the cold winters.

When it comes to heating appliances, it up to your choice what you prefer, whether a Traditional one or a Modern one. If aesthetics, ambiance and authenticity have their places in the corner of your minds, go for a wood fireplace. If you desire a highly efficient heating powerhouse together with ambiance and modern elegance, a wood burning stove would be a great choice for you.

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Learn All About Chimney Sweeps from Recognised Associations

In the places where you experience extreme cold, having a fire place not only helps you to bear the cold outside but also adds on to the beauty of your home decor. A person who has qualified with good chimney sweep courses will always be required to be hired by you to keep the chimney of the fire place clean. You should always resort to hiring the chimney sweeps from the reputed associations. It is so because, you will never want to damage the chimney by hiring persons who has not gone through the proper sweep courses. They may not treat the chimney properly which can lead to several accidents.

Nowadays the females are also getting appreciation in this profession. Many females have joined different associations for training themselves in good chimney sweep courses. Like the males, they are gaining equal attention. For being a professional in this field, apart from the knowledge you need to possess some other qualities. You should take care of you health and have healthy foods to keep your body fit as cleaning the chimney requires a lot of strength, having a unhealthy body will not be good at all.

By qualifying the chimney sweep courses you cannot sit at home and wish to get employment. For this you need to have a good office and attractive advertisements so that the customers can reach you easily. You can choose a part of your home as office to save a bit money and devote them for good advertisements.Before going out in search of employment you should be sure that you know each and every part of your job. The sweep courses include all those that you need to avoid all the hazards but the final execution is your responsibility, make sure that you can accomplish that well.

Various courses for chimney sweep training

Becoming a good sweep always require that you are well-Aquitaine with all the steps of the chimney sweep training program. As cleaning a chimney is a work of great responsibility, you cannot take it easily. You cannot leave a single loop unknown in the entire chimney sweep courses. The points mentioned below are some of the courses offered by different associations:

  • Some of the courses are based on a particular property like the thatched properties. By getting yourself engrossed in one such property will make you understand them more properly and you can become an expert in handling that particular property.
  • The associations with good chimney sweep courses will also allow you to go along with the professionals to the customers so that you get the chance to view how the actual process is carried on by them. This will motivate you more than what you have learn t theoretically. As the things you see have a long impression in your minds, this will help you to learn quickly and easily.
  • If you want a shorter course in this regard, some associations may also provide you the courses in comprehensive nature. This course will include all that the other chimney sweep courses inhibit but they will train you for a short span of time. They will also take care that you have learn t the required things well.
  • With the passage of days the processes used by the sweeps get out-dated, so the associations decide to freshen up the course by including the new processes. This is done after a particular time interval and the entire changes is taught to you in a short time.
  • A proper chimney sweep courses will always include each and every thing that you will be requiring in cleaning the chimneys. This will require that you properly identify all the equipment that will be needed to you, so that while working in real life you will not face any difficulties and ambiguity.

After you have gone through all the steps of the courses included under chimney sweep courses, you can claim that now you are ready to go for the practical fields and you have gained self-reliance now. The professionals in these associations are well trained and you can be relaxed that they will always provide you with a good training and correct knowledge. Therefore always search fora reputed association which can guarantee you with excellent chimney sweep courses. Choose the associations where they offer you theoretical as well as practical exposure.

In addition to this you can also attend various seminars, workshops held during different times around the year in your city. By attending these you can also come to know many more new things that you have not come across while doing the chimney sweep courses, because the technology is always changing. A new technology can be out-dated in just one night by the invention of another better technology.

Final assessment

When you complete the chimney sweep courses under a good and recognized association, you will automatically gain a level of confidence. This confidence will enable you to complete your job with perfection. Acting as chimney sweeps is not easy jobs. You need to deal with the chimney with heavy dust settled in them. Sometimes you will find some wild creatures have build their homes there and residing in peace. While cleaning these chimneys you need to be cautious that you don’t harm yourself in anyway. The associations that have trained you will make you aware of all the things, but there can be situations where you need to act tactfully to execute your job.

For gaining some extra knowledge you can also refer the books and other articles. This habit will enhance your knowledge with all the new ideas and help you to handle various hassled situations. Cleaning the ducts of chimney is again a cumbersome work. As they are enclosed by all sides, cleaning them is more difficult that cleaning an ordinary surface. The safety measures that were taught to you in the chimney sweep courses must be kept in your mind, to help you in case of some emergencies, be it some health issues or others.


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Save The Cost Of The Heating With Replacement Of Natural Source

Wood is a natural source of producing fire and heat. This natural and cheap source is being used by many household. It is not only having the advantage of easy availability but is also having relatively low cost. Moreover they are very easy to use. The wood stove is an alternative to the liquefied gas which is being used by many people. Wood can be used as the fuel by these stoves. They are helpful in reducing the cost of the heating fuel. Not only for cooking they can be used for other purposes in the household. So in the recent past time, these kinds of stoves are becoming popular.

Usage of the wood stove in the households

Wood stoves are of variety of sizes and shapes. The small wood stoves are small in size yet quite efficient. They are useful in the homes of small family of two or three members. They are the ideal requirement for the cooking as well as other heating needs. Besides they are perfect for the fireplaces of the rooms and cottages in cold seasons. So these kind of wood stoves are multi functional. These mainly help in conserving the costly energy and produce heat at low cost. Get to know more about using these stoves.

Different stove to be bought for your home

The efficiency of the wood burning stoves has been a lot. So the popularity of such stoves are going high. Many manufacturers are designing new stoves and launching them. Therefore, the customer gets confused while they go to buy one. Here are some tips to choose the right stove.

The present day stoves come with beautiful designs. The body of the stove can be made of cast iron, welded iron soap stone or a combination of the former. Soap stone body is the latest design which looks good. The cast iron and welded one is near to same but the later needs a bit of maintenance.

Next the decision has to be made based on its utility. Whether being used as primary heating source or the secondary one, the stove has to be different based on application. The earlier one was the non catalytic stoves and now the catalytic stove. The present days wood burning stoves are much more economical. They are able to warm up an area of about 1000 to 1200 square feet. The non catalytic wood stove need a bit of maintenance and cleaning for a longer investment. Check out various products and their features before buying one.

How can a stove be useful for the fireplace?

Fireplace is an important part of any home in winter dominating country. Places like London have the cold season all the year round. So fireplace is a must for every home. Traditional crackling wood fireplaces are old fashioned now. To upgrade the place, one can install the wood stove. In London, many people are installing stoves at fireplaces. Such stoves are made up of metals with two pipes. One is the inlet of combustion air and other is the outlet of combustion gas. There are also models without such vents. They are airtight and produce less smoke. Hence it is more heating efficient than the vent one.

Get to know some important facts before buying the stoves

Buying of wood stoves can be a bit confusing. If you are a first time buyer, then it is a bad idea to look for stars. The wood stoves are not being sold based on star ratings. The ratings and the feedback can be confusing too. It is a good idea to look out for the government efficiency rating. Based on such information and a bit of knowledge about the wood stove can be helpful. Know about the manufacturer who is supplying the wood stove and fireplace inserts. Check out these properties while buying such a wood stove for your household purpose.

  • Whether catalytic or non catalytic stoves
  • The size of the chamber where the firewood burns
  • Know the size of the largest log that would fit in the box
  • Know about the heat value and the efficiency of the stove about producing heat.
  • Know about the emission. The particulate matter that is being emitted is responsible for air pollution.
  • Know about the range of heat output. Have knowledge about the government range and the one you are buying.
  • The maximum wood stove burn time
  • The heating capacity of the stove. Know about how much area will get heated by the wood stove.

All these factors are essential to be considered while buying such a product. Read about various products over the internet. Know about various manufacturers who are ultimately bringing the best product.

Tips on using the stoves properly

If you are already an owner of the wood stove then here are some tips to maintain a low maintenance. Follow these tips and your stove would be in usable condition for longer period of time.

  • If you have bought anew wood stove, then it is a good idea to read the instruction manual. Follow the precaution mentioned there. It would help to keep the stove in a good condition for longer period of time. Otherwise if you have bought a second hand one, ask the seller for the tips. Know about them and follow them.
  • Know about the wood that can be used. Using right kind of wood would help in providing the right heat amount. Avoid using the green wood as they are not environment friendly. It is best to use the seasoned wood. One may also buy the green wood and season it by themselves. That can be time consuming but use the seasoned one.

Concluding on the overview of wood stove

Wood stove is the right alternative for the high cost fuel source. It is multi functional and can be used for both cooking and warming purpose. Just take few hours to know about its usage. Proper usage will surely help to use the stove for long period of time. Some of the wood stove also needs maintenance. Follow these steps to get a low cost heating source. Being such a cost effective one, many business and commercials are also using them for heating. They are safe and environment friendly too.

Source: http://www.embers.co.uk


Certified Chimney Sweep Training

We are asked on a daily basis; what make a guild sweep any different to any other?

There are three answers to this question

  1. Consistent high standards
  2. Very high levels of training
  3. Ongoing access to Industry Knowledge

It is the opinion of the Guild that in order to be considered a competent sweep, a certain level must be achieved and this unfortunately takes time. In years past a chimney sweep would have spent 2 years apprenticeship with a master chimney sweep before going out on their own. In reality nowadays this is not practical and does not allow for the necessary classroom theoretical element. To accommodate both theoretical and practical the Guild training program for new sweeps consists of 3 days theoretical training at the Sure-Fire technical centre http://www.surefire.org.uk/, followed by several weeks with a master mentor on our work based mentoring program. This Mentoring program is an industry first as it gives much of what an apprenticeship does without the long time scale. This program is designed to give a sweep the necessary knowledge to be able to undertake the job safely and professionally.

A Guild Practical training Seminar at Sure-Fire

We are often asked why do you require so much theoretical training to be a chimney sweep?

A. Chimney sweeping today is far more that just cleaning the flue in-fact a professional sweep can advise on the appliance installation, chimney fire safety, carbon monoxide issues as well as giving invaluable advice on things such as fuel types and burning cycles. Furthermore sweeping chimneys carries inherent health and safety risks. This alone requires extensive training to safeguard the sweep and the customers property. Chimney physics, combustion theory of hydrocarbon based fuels and fluid dynamics are also on the curriculum . This extra knowledge helps a good sweep understand why a chimney does or doesn`t work and inturn can undertake fault finding work in an expert manner.

Mr David Woofindin demonstration chimney sealing techniques

We are sure that as you search through the Internet you will find so called training providers that will suggest that you can become a competent chimney sweep within a day. In reality this is impossible no matter how good the teacher or student, there is simply too much information to convey and absorb. The only viable alternative to the Guilds training program, is the NVQ level 2 training run by the NACS. This training is also in-depth and is accepted along with the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps by HETAS for the purposes of becoming a HETAS approved sweep.

Ongoing training and Master Chimney Sweeps Program

The Guild is a forward looking organisation and is always keen to promote further education. There are several courses which will be beneficial to chimney sweeps, some of these are;

  • Working at heights
  • Camera surveying
  • Pressure and smoke testing
  • Solid Fuel Awareness (HETAS certification)
  • Solid Fuel Engineer
  • Steel Chimney Systems
  • Installation of Flexible Liners
  • Appliance installation
  • Site Safety
  • Bio-Mass Expert

The Sure-fire solid fuel centre of excellence

Master Chimney Sweeps Status is only offered to members who have over 2 years experience as a full member. These special members have proven their competence in many areas including full HETAS registration. For more details on the GMCS master Sweeps program contact Mr David Wooffindin GMCS Training Trustee.

Chimney sweeping is now a modern and clean profession that has come a long way since the days of the chimney boys. A guild Training course will open up a world of modern equipment, training, expertise and certification to both the newest of sweeps and the experienced alike.

Source: http://www.guildofmasterchimneysweeps.co.uk