10 Best Log Burners/Wood Stoves Burner

The log burners should optimize the minimum place and should complement the house too. You will find different kinds of wood burning stoves in the market. You should get a stove that is easy to install, takes less space, fulfill your requirements and also looks good.

Here is a list of 10 best wood burning stoves that you should check out before buying one:

Based on reviews and ratings, these are the top choices for wood stoves burner in 2017.

1. Pleasant Hearth 2,200 Square Feet Wood Burning Stove:

Summary: This stove Heats up to 2,200 square feet, burns up to 8 to 10 hours in one fueling with heating capacity up to 77,000 btu’s with seasonal cord wood Fits 6-inch stove pipe, has a sliding draft control above the door, and includes variable speed blower

Price: $1,164.22

2. Vogelzang TR009 Performer EPA Wood Stove

Summary: This stove heats up to 2,200 square feet for around 12 hours in one fueling. It has a large ceramic glass window of 17″ x 9″ with iron feed door

Price: $1,131.12

3. Vogelzang TR001 Defender EPA Wood Stove

Summary: The Defender wood stove efficiently heats up to 1,200 square feet. This stove casts iron feed door with large 14.5″ x 8″ ceramic glass window andburns several hours on one fueling

Price: $826.74

4. US Stove APS1100B Plate Steel Pedestal Heater

Summary: This has a heating capacity of 700–1,100 sq ft and holds up to 16″ logs but the given Installation materials are NOT included with the product package.

Price: $856.91

5. Stove Builder International Savannah Wood

Summary: It has a 1.7 cubic foot fire box and offers heat areas up to 1, 500 square feet. This stove gives maximum heat output of 55, 000 BTU per hour

Price: $999.00

6. US Stove 2000 EPA Certified Wood Stove, Medium

Summary: This EPA Certified clean burning stove has heating capacity up to 2,000 square feet and 21″ log capacity. This comes with Ash drawer and blower

Price: $869.40

7. Vogelzang TR007 Ponderosa with Blower

Summary: The Ponderosa is large stove, holding up to 30-pound of wood at once. It is made of heavy gauge 3/16″ reinforced plate steel with firebrick lining. This stove casts iron feed door with large ceramic glass window (15″ x 9″)

Price: $1,099.99

8. Summers Heat 50-SNC30 Wood Burning Stove 1,800–2,400 Square Foot

Summary: High Efficiency EPA/WA state certified-Low emissions/high efficiency equates to longer burn time and increased heat output, using less wood. It is made in the USA-Quality workmanship with heavy duty American steel

Price: $1,380.86

9. Vogelzang BX22EL Lil Sweetie Cast Iron Stove

Summary: This has completely insulated internal ducting ensures the most heat transfer and optimum efficiency. This stove accepts logs up to 20 inches in length and has a cool touch spring handle with cam-lock latch provides easy and safe use

Price: $600

10.Osburn 900 Wood Stove

Summary: This has a heating Capacity: 250–1,000 sq. ft. Gives heat Output: 40,000 BTUs max. Optimum Efficiency is 78.2% with overall dimensions of 22.875″ W x 21.875″ D x 25.625″ H

Price: $979.00

A basic wood burner could cost less than £700, and you could get away with a burner and installation for £1,000. But the more sophisticated and efficient it is, the more you pay. You’ll have to budget for fitting it — not too bad if you already have a fireplace. These top tips on wood burners are presented by Embers — HETAS registered specialist in fireplaces and wood burning stoves installation in London.

Source: http://homerproject.org

How to Become a Chimney Sweep

Why you should become a chimney sweep?

Trained chimney sweeps are always in demand. As the chimney sweeping should be done by the professionals to avoid any dangers such as house fire, chimney fires etc. that can possible occur in future, if the work is not done properly.

These days’ people cannot spend hours and days to clean chimney. Instead they go for professional chimney sweep to get this risky work done without any loop holes. People choose trained and certified chimney sweeps as this makes it easier for them to balance their work life and also gives them assurance of safety from dangers.

Chimney sweep observes the condition of the chimney and cleans it with accuracy to assure 100% safety. A professional chimney sweep must have technical knowledge of all the appliances that are needed to clean the chimney. Chimney sweep repairs and maintains the chimney; with experience they can also do the installations of new chimney.To clean a chimney, the chimney sweep inserts a suitable brush and pushes it through the length of the chimney using extendible rods, until all soot and debris is removed and then by using industrial vacuum cleaner they remove the creosote from the fireplace.

Why you should do the course?

In chimney sweep course you will be trained on various techniques that would help to do your work like an expert. Chimney sweep association provides chimney sweep training, which will make you understand the details of the solutions for the chimney related problems such as how to remove and reduce creosote gathered because of unburned wood, how to identify the leakage

To become trained chimney sweep you should go through a proper training. Before you choose any academy for chimney sweep training make sure that practical sessions of chimney sweeps are include in the chimney sweeping course.

What it takes to become chimney sweep?

To become an expert chimney sweep, you should have following skillset:

· Physically fit and strong, should have lots stamina and ability to work for hours consistently.

· Capable of completing the work with perfection.

· Should have proper knowledge of tools and appliances required to clean the chimney.

· Should possess hands-on experience before taking any live-project in hands.

· Should not be afraid of heights and should be able to work while on ladders.

· Must try to keep healthy and friendly relations with clients, this will help to bring in more business.

· Should be able to do the costing and paperwork by their selves.

What are the career opportunities?

Under the guidance of experts, you will get the professional touch to your work. People are not ready to take any risks and have become aware of all the dangers that can happen. So there is a significant growth in the demand for professional chimney sweep. People prefer to rely on trained and certified chimney sweep. We make sure that the chimney sweeping course that we have designed will kick start your career. We believe that our expertise in providing training will make you master in chimney sweeping.

Source: http://www.danscotton.com

How Often Do You Need To Have Your Chimney Swept?

It is advisable to clean any fireplace when inside the chimney there is 1/8” of sooty Buildup. Since property holder or common individual might not recognize or judge the condition of the system accurately. So, it is good to sweep chimney at least once in a year. Like servicing car or any other vehicles chimneys also require maintenance and sweeping and it is the most important task. Clean chimney lets exhaust fumes to safely vent into the outside atmosphere keeping home safe, smoke free and help burning fire efficiently.

Chimney cleaning should be done if any glaze is appearing in the flue. As it is a hazardous state and is susceptible to combustion. Also, chimney can catch fire if essential amount of soot and creosote builds up into chimney. This type of fire start from chimney and can spread to the roof and home.Even though the chimney is not in the use a whole lot of birds, raccoons, squirrels and other critters would be using it which makes it dangerous to use without Chimney repair and clearing out debris.

Some heavy used fireplaces produce, incredible amount of creosote and soot during chimney sweeping. There are several chimney cleaning services which removes these materials as it is critical and unsafe if not cleaned.

Why Chimney Repairing and Sweeping is required?

The combustion process release impurities through chimneys. While these are carried away with exhaust fumes, a proportion of it adhere to chimney. In some cases, acidic materials get deposit in the combustion process on metal chimneys or masonry and deteriorate them. The higher the rate of deposit the slower the fumes travel up chimney.

Over the time of period deposition of these impurities increase and can build a crust around chimney. These blocks fumes and catch fire which is risky for family members.Driving rain or high winds can also damage chimneys, which will affect the flow of fumes into outer atmosphere. So, it is essential to have chimney swept in regular interval of time.

When a Chimney Inspection needs to be done?

If the chimney is not inspected for a year or more than that. If there is any performance issue with chimney. If chimney is heating more unexpectedly. If a fire takes place because of chimney. If the chimney was unused for a longer period and before moving to a new house the chimney ought to be inspected. One should not delay as it may result in more degradation and increase in cost of chimney service and repairs.

Chimney also needs to be inspected if the heating system is upgraded or an additional gas or stove is added. Inspection will help to determine if the present lining, chimney and venting systems are adequate to handle the new change.

How to keep Chimney clean for longer duration?

The most reliable suggestions to keep chimney clean is Burn Only Seasoned logs, start with a hot fire, have chimney which is properly lined and chimney cleaning logs.

Fresh woods are full of moisture’s and impurities which would result in more deposition inside chimneys. Seasoned logs are dried out so less moisture and impurities are present. So, it is advisable to opt for seasoned woods on fresh felled woods and pine should be avoided as it increase the chances of creosote accumulation.

Where to Find a Reliable Chimney Sweeps?

As the wood burning stoves are cost effective to heat the home, chimney sweep services have also grown in recent years. To find a reliable chimney sweep there are many web portals and accredit chimney sweeps are available in the market. There are chimney services available on web through which chimney sweep and inspection can be scheduled and they will provide a quick service ensuring the best.

Now days most of the sweep service will remind their regular customers for annual inspection so that customer will not need to remember.

Source: http://www.macuhoweb.org

Why Sweep Your Chimney?

Need for chimney sweeping comes from the ash and soot that gets collected in the chimneys, the restricted flow of air through chimneys which is caused by high pressure of gas and large amount of burning coals. Chimney sweep is the ultimate solution to get rid of or avoid chimney fires. Gas in the chimney might inhale through the holes and broken blocks that would lead to the danger of house fire.

For chimney cleaning professionals can be hired to get the best results. Occasional chimney sweeps can make them work better and pollutants are less hazardous. Chimney cleaning should be done twice a year and more often if you are using it frequently. Chimney sweeps should be done in an appropriate way that is from top to bottom which helps to get the flue out properly. To avoid dangerous gases to get spread in the air that might cause illness and diseases. It would affect badly on health and can cause several health related issues.

To get hot, clean-burning fire you should ensure that chimney repairs are done effectively which means making sure that creosote formed because of the unburden wood has been totally removed or reduced.

Chimney repairs and chimney cleaning using modern machinery can give best results. It is more reliable than the traditional methods. It will give better output in lesser time. Chimney repairs should be done on time that is before the weather suitable for it goes away. It should be done preferably before monsoon starts, to avoid the water leaking problems. Lack of maintenance and ignored chimney cleaning would cause many problems in the future. Chimney repairs activities such as chimney rebuilding, chimney relining and installing manufactured chimney systems are recommended by the professionals.

What can be done to avoid these problems?

  • Check whether the chimney is properly working and there are no gaps or blockage.
  • Schedule your chimney repairs every year to avoid problems such as house fire.
  • Make sure chimney cleaning is done more often.
  • Ensure that wood is burning properly to prevent your chimney from creosote oil.
  • Install Carbon monoxide detectors on each floor.
  • Get your chimney cleaning and repairs done by the professionals to gain safe and clean fire for years.

When did you last have the flue swept? Has it been tested for smoke integrity to ensure that no cracks or faults have developed? Are dangerous gases able to escape?

If you have a gas-flame effect fire or an occasional solid-fuel fire, you should have your chimney swept once a year. If it’s in daily use, you should have it swept twice a year,’ says Jim Gannon, of The Fireplace Shop in Hammer smith, West London

Source: http://www.wowyar.com

Traditional Wood Stoves and Multi- Fuel Stoves.

Traditional yet modern in look wood burning stoves is all you need in this freezing season. Make your place hotter and cozy easy stove installation. Traditional wood burning stoves requires smaller fireplaces that would give warmer results. When it comes to the heating a home and making it warm these stoves works the best. It is useful not just for cooking and heating but also it will add that distinguished element to your house interior. You may install tubes set inside the fireplaces that catches up cool air from the room and heat it up. Unlike before, wood burning stoves would not consume large amount of energy as necessary changes have been made according to the need.

Fireplaces may produce pollutants that are thrown outside via chimney and it would cause serious health issues and diseases. To avoid this kind of problems stove installation must be done by the professional. Improper installations and lack of maintenance are better if avoided.

If you want to burn material other than wood such as coal in Multi-Fuel stoves. These stoves can optimize different types of fuels efficiently. They are designed to get the best outcome. Mutli-Fuel stoves use both moving bars or central riddling grate and ashpan. Ash is get collected in the ashpan and can be removed safely.

In multi-fuel stoves you can also burn smokeless coal and logs together. IT would be beneficial to your appliances. The fire that has been generated by burning both smokeless coal and logs would stay longer and hotter. To get the best outcome from your stove you must done stove installation correctly. Do it properly otherwise it will give unnecessary disappointments and fire hazards. Also choose your fuels appropriately because the right combination will give you better results.

Multi-Fuel Stoves will give you the results same as wood burning stoves. Both are highly efficient. Stove installation for both types is simpler and cost effective which would benefit you more pleasure. Adding more warmth in the ambience and at the same time staying away from the pollutants and dangerous gases such carbon monoxide can be achieved if you consider doing stove installation with the help of experts and professionals.

Generate warmness in your house to enjoy winter.

Source: Embers Fireplaces and Stoves

How to Prevent a Chimney Fire in Your Home

Having a fireplace at your house is one of the best luxuries to let your winter pass by in the most comfortable way. It lets you mellow-out and enjoy the winter in the best possible way. With the arrival of the cold autumn and winter, these fireplaces would become the heart of every household. But these chimneys are as dangerous as merry and cosy they make us, if not cleaned and maintained properly. A chimney fire constitutes about 3% of all the house fires and could be prevented if maintained according to its usage. Besides paying attention to the kind of wood being used and the way the fireplace is lit, chimney sweeps are another way to prevent chimney fires.

Regular or periodical Chimney sweeps are the only way to prevent chimney fires. As per the recommendations every household shall at least have two chimney cleaning process every year though one should ideally look for the signs of chimney fires such as “Puffy” or “honey combed” creosote, Cracked or collapsed flue tiles, Discoloured and/or distorted rain cap, Cracks in exterior masonry, Evidence of smoke escaping through mortar joints of masonry or tile liners. Chimney services such as chimney repairs and chimney sweeps shall be considered as a cardinal practice so as to avoid violent and disastrous chimney fires. The chimney repairs helps in restoring the cracked or collapsed flue tiles whereas chimney sweeps helps in the removing the settled creosote on the inner wall of the chimney. Creosote is highly combustible in nature and are the main cause of chimney fires.Chimney sweeps not only prevents fire but also has other advantages. Here we have listed three benefits of chimney sweeps:-


Enhanced efficiency

Chimney sweeps ensures that all the settled creosote or any other form of dirt stays away from the inner walls of your chimney. Hence chimney sweeps makes your chimney efficient as clean chimneys can easily filter the smoke out of your house


Enhanced safety

Frequent use of your chimneys lead to settlement of unwanted creosote on the inner walls of the chimney which could be very dangerous if you fail to clean your chimneys regularly. The chimney sweeps ensure the safety of your chimneys. It further clogs the air duct that could prevent the release of carbon monoxide. The consequences of this could be life-threatening.


Enhanced life

Chimney sweeps are not only good for your life but it also enhances the working life of your chimneys. Regular chimney sweeps and maintenance ensures that situation of your chimneys stays intact and gets repaired before it worsens. Also a professional chimney sweeper can easily identify any problem with the chimney before it starts showing clear signs of damage. Hence enhancing the working life of your chimney.

Chimneys or the fireplace are the cosiest and most comfortable part of the house and they form the heart of your house every winter. Hence it is our duty towards our loved ones to keep them safe by maintain the fireplace.

Source: www.quora.com

How to Buy A Wood Burning Stove?

The fireplace in your house not only looks lovely but also is a need of every household in London with the onset of the chilling winter. But buying a wood burning stove and stove installation of without enough information itself is a laborious and mundane task. A wood burning stove on an average, costs around £500 to well over £2,000 depending on the type and one shall consider many other factors besides price so that the stove suits your lifestyle. Here is a checklist you must follow before buying a wood burning stove in London.

  1. Fuel type:- Before you buy a stove you should make sure what kind of fuel is available and what kind of fuel you would like to use while burning you stove. You may either use the usual wood burning stove or opt for a multi-fuelled stove. A good multi-fulled stove is a one that has enough of space to let the air pass from beneath as well as from above so that both coal, wood or any other type of fuel can burn easily.
  2. Storage:- Storage of fuel needs plenty of room especially if you are burning logs. as per the reports for the average user per year, one needs about three to four cubic meters of space. The place of storage shall be a dry area that is accessible for the purpose of deliveries. Ideally, one should buy fresh logs that are still moist. Its better as you can try them yourself by next autumn. Hence you would need a space worth 2 years of storage.
  3. Fuel supply:- You must look for good fuel suppliers around so as to decide what kind of fuel would be available to you around the year. Knowing about the type of fuel source can help you the space you would need for storage and also the type of stove you should buy.
  4. Usage:- Before you buy a wood burning stove you must consider the number of rooms you would want to heat by the wood burning stove. Stoves are mostly used to heat only one room but you may also attach it to the central heating system so that you can use the stove to heat the whole house.
  5. Town regulations:- Before you buy a wood burning stove you must also consider the town or area regulations of the place you live, as a lot of towns and cities are smoke controlled areas. Hence you must get a Defra (Department for environmental, food and rural affairs) approved stoves to burn wood or a smokeless fuel stove. Smokeless stoves use fuels such as anthracite, on a multi-fuel stove.

Source: Embers Fireplaces and Stoves

Things to Know and Solve Chimney Problems with Chimney Lining

Many people who don’t own a chimney in their homes think that it is a low maintenance feature and don’t need one. This is not the case if you are among such homeowners. A chimney in any fireplace is a necessity. It is also advisable to clean and sweep your chimney regularly. If a chimney is not properly cleaned it can lead to destructive fires, emission of dangerous gases in the house as well endanger your loved ones and home. There are notable chimney problems that many homeowners highlight now and then. They include creosote build-up, chimney obstruction, masonry problems as well as cracks in the flue. Most of these chimney problems can be solved through seeking the services of a reputed chimney lining company.


Solve Chimney Problems

You cannot just wake up one day and fix chimney problems. There is a lot to do besides cleaning and sweeping a chimney. You have to know what features make up a good chimney and the parts that are likely to get damaged. There are some chimney repairs that you can do yourself, but there are those that need a lot of expertise. And so, if you ascertain that your chimney is not working properly, don’t hesitate to contact a chimney sweep close to you. Some of the chimney problems highlighted by certified chimney sweeps in London are associated with damaged flue lining. They include:


Smoky chimneys-

In an instance where you notice excessive smoke in your fireplace or house, know that there is a poor upward draught from the chimney. This excessive smoke can also be as a result of poor ventilations or downward draught from the chimney. If you opt for the help of an experienced chimney sweep worry not. Most of the draught problems are solved by fitting a more suitable size chimney lining. You can also adjust the position of the fire vent. In some cases, the height of the chimney-stack can also cause smoky chimneys. You can solve this problem by fitting a specially designed chimney covers with unique side openings.


Leaking chimneys-

Many homeowners report leaky chimneys when out there in hunt for chimney repair services. Through flue relining, it is easy to solve this problem. This is an issue common with old or regularly used chimneys. Leaky chimneys can result due to tar and acid build-up due to reaction with chimney walls and erode the mortar in the process. Chimney repair experts solve this problem by dropping down a flue liner that fits the chimney creating a new gastight vent able to withstand air pressure and heat.


If you are familiar with the common chimney problems, you should also familiarize yourself with the possible ways of solving these issues. If you find it taxing, worry not. There is always a chimney sweep within your locality willing to help you solve any of the above-mentioned chimney problems. There are many chimney lining London firms, but you should always seek help from the best.

Go for a reputed chimney lining company that will satisfy your needs. The firm you choose should also offer you helpful information on how to clean and repair a chimney on your own. Go for a company that has a good reputation in the field. From the comfort of your home, you will not miss a certified chimney cleaning online. Get a quote today.

Benefits of Chimney Sweep Services

In any cold weather, there is nothing that keeps homeowners happy and comfortable than a clean fireplace. A fireplace is a nice and valuable luxury every home should enjoy. All you have to do is ensure the chimney is properly and regularly cleaned. Chimney cleaning is a chore that you can do yourself, but sometimes it is effective to leave it to professionals. Chimney sweeps are experts trained and certified to offer chimney sweeping services. A qualified and experienced chimney sweep will not only clean, but also inspect and fix chimneys. The chimney sweeper that you opt for will also help you realize the benefits of chimney sweep services.

“How often should I clean or inspect my chimney?” is a common question among many new homeowners who want to enjoy the luxury of a fireplace. A chimney cleaning exercise can range from once a week to once a year. If you are dealing with an experienced chimney sweep UK, there is one major thing you will learn. That: how often that you clean your chimney sweep will depend on the type of wood you burn, the kind of heating unit you use and the way you operate it and how often you use your heating unit. Regularly inspection and cleaning of chimney presents many merits to a homeowner that you should keep in mind always.

Chimney Sweep Services

Prevent chimney fires-

Whenever you burn wood or any other product in your fireplace, creosote usually builds up in the smokestack flue. The creosote is highly flammable and only awaits a spark to ignite it. Chimney fires are known to cause unbearable damages. Even if no chimney fire is sparked, this creosote may become more difficult to clean up with time as it easily hardens on the interior walls of the chimney. With time, it becomes even impossible to dislodge.

Prevent circulation of dangerous gases and get rid of smoke-

Many homeowners burn wood in their fireplaces. Once wood is burnt, it emits carbon dioxide which is a harmful gas once inhaled. If a chimney is not properly cleaned, the flue vent will not allow these gases to flow to the atmosphere and instead circulate in the entire house. Any smoke that is not properly emit will also damage furniture and lead to unbearable loses.

Lengthen chimney life-

If you want to keep your chimney in tip top shape and condition, regular sweeping is recommended. With proper chimney cleaning, the flue walls will remain smooth from top to bottom and it will operate at its best. Note that the chimney depends on air pressure and drafts to work properly for an extensive period. So, if you neglect your chimney for a long due, it will not only lead to a smoky fireplace, but also raise fire risk.

Comfort all year round-

When your chimney is clean, you will comfortably use it any time of the day or night and heat up your house without any worries. You will not have a stinky chimney especially during the humid season.

Whenever you feel your chimney needs cleaning, do not hesitate to seek chimney sweep help. However, make sure you seek help from a professional who has undergone through chimney sweep training. Also, the personnel you go for should also be trained by a reputed chimney sweep association. Beware of online scammers who pose as experienced and certified chimney sweep UK service providers. Be cautious always. Make your call today and enjoy the best chimney cleaning services in UK.


Why Chimney Sweeping is Vital to The Health and Safety of Your Family & Home

Sweeping your chimney is a vital service to insure the health and safety of your family and home.In the absence of chimney sweep, the backup of poisonous exhaust gas into your home is an severe safety and health hazard as a result of damaged chimneys. Having a professional inspect and clean your chimney in a thorough way is essential for health and safety reasons.

Keeping your home in the best condition is not an easy task. You have to dedicate your time and savings to keep your home attractive and valuable. You need to pay attention all the time to your fireplace and ensure the chimney system is in the best condition. Days are gone when accessing chimney services was a challenge. It is easy nowadays to seek the services of a chimney sweep any time in need. Chimneys are built to channel out dangerous gases to the atmosphere and should be in the best condition always. If you suspect that your chimney is not in the best condition, ensure you seek the best chimney cleaning assistance in the market.

Chimney Service LondonWhy Your Chimney Needs Cleaning

From time to time, you have to take care of your chimney. The demand for chimney sweep services has increased tremendously with advent of diverse home designs. However, as you seek chimney cleaning services, it is wise to figure out why you need to pay attention to your chimney. Don’t just assume that your fireplace needs servicing. Keep in mind there are many challenges you are likely to face if your chimney is not in the best condition.

Chimneys easily get clogged with soot when you burn wood and this creosote can easily damage your chimney or cause chimney problems. This creosote is flammable and can cause chimney fires that are destructive. A chimney with poor masonry will also leak dangerous gases that are harmful to anyone inside the house. Chimney repairs should at all times be undertaken by experts.  A qualified chimney sweep will be able to clean any soot that has built up in smoke chamber, in your firebox, on the damper as well as on the inside of your chimney. Thus, you have to ensure you are dealing with an expert and a certified chimney sweep service provider.

What Chimney Cleaning is all about?

It is advisable to clean and inspect your chimney regularly. If you cannot do it yourself, it is the high time you make use of chimney sweeps. A chimney sweep is well trained and understands the kind of chimney sweep services you need. The chimney cleaning expert that you opt for will use the right tools for the task as well as undertake the entire cleaning process professionally. These tools include protective goggle, dust mask and chimney brush. A qualified chimney sweep will not only check the firebox for damaged brick and missing mortar but also open the damper completely and check flue liners.

Many homeowners hesitate to seek chimney sweep services because they don’t know how much they need for the task. Depending on where you are seeking chimney repair services from, there is a standard chimney cleaning and inspection cost. These cost is set for all clients and will perfectly fit into your budget. Also, the cost of chimney repairs will vary depending on roof accessibility and the type of chimney installed in your home.

A reputed chimney sweep will guarantee quality work and ensure your money is rightfully put into work. Always go for a chimney service provider who offers a lifetime warranty for all new chimney materials installed. Take action today and have your chimney cleaned and inspected by experts.

Clean Sweep offering chimney sweep London services is a family run chimney sweeping and testing company that was initially established in 1964