The Ski Chalet, at 11 º east Obergurgl, Austria

It’s been a busy ski season at The Chalet, at 11º East Obergurgl. We started the season with a colossal amount of snow, allowing all 25 lifts to open right on day one in mid-November! 112 kilometres of perfectly groomed slopes greeted our guests who started to arrive from mid-December. Our staff had by that time, become fully acquainted with all the slopes and all the huttes as well!

Obergurgl and Hochgurgl have a large range of mountain huttes serving tasty snacks food and of course the eponymous Neederhutte where live music entertains guests from 4 pm. It’s the best après ski bar anywhere in the alps, and one key reason apart from the snow assured excellent skiing , ( 1930 metres base level rising to 300 metres) that prompts guests to continually return.

Staff at The Chalet were treated to an adventure learning to drive in a E 200,000 piston bully in December. This is a fascinating piece of kit, and despite the amount of automation that it boasts, it needs a highly coordinated approach and huge amounts of concentration to operate. Have a look at their web site in case you want to buy one!

We still have availability at The Chalet, for half term and Easter, and with daily flights from London with both British Airways and Easyjet, Obergurgl is an easy to get to ski Resort. Once you arrive at Innsbruck, Ski Chalet Obergurgl is just 75 minutes by taxi.

The Chalet, at 11º East sleeps 10 in 5 luxurious en suite bedrooms and provides superb food and wine. We are slap bang on the slopes and only two minutes’ walk from the village centre and main lifts.

ski chelet in Obergurgl
snow in obergurgl

Now that’s what I mean by too much snow! We sometimes have to clear the flat roof by March , but this Year we had to do it in January!

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Hannibal For The Chalet 11 Degrees East

Were you there? At the Hannibal Glacier Spectacle just down the road from us at Sölden, our neighbours in the Oetz Valley?

If you’ve never been to this extraordinary biennial event, you really should try to get there next time – in the spring of 2021!

It’s a huge son-et-Lumiere show staged at 2,684 metres which although it may not have much historical basis (the Carthaginian General’s genuine route in 218 BC was more likely to have been hundreds of miles away, via Montgenèvre, France, close to where the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics took place) it is, nonetheless, riveting, entertaining, and utterly bizarre!

It starts at dusk and lasts just over an hour…an hour of pulsating music, lighting effects, pyrotechnics, the odd specially triggered avalanche, and almost 40 snowcats, plus snowmobiles zooming into the air, headlights blazing, parachute jumpers, skiers and even a helicopter in the role of an ancient god! The weather on this occasion (April 12) was a little inclement, so the normal light aircraft that normally provide one of the show’s highlights didn’t put in an appearance. It didn’t really diminish the excitement on the Rettenbach glacier.

The event features hundreds of participants, along with make-believe elephants (those snowcats I mentioned). When the show as first produced, back in 2001, they had a couple of real elephants patrolling the ice!

Although by general consensus, the Carthaginian General’s genuine route – with anything between 45,000 and 60,000 soldiers and cavalry and 37 elephants – was more likely to have been hundreds of miles away, via Montgenèvre, France, Sölden loves to exploit the possibility that Hannibal’s epic journey could have come this way…across the Rettenbach glacier..

This extraordinary piece of Alpine theatre attracts an audience of some five or six thousand spectators every other year. The action unfolds as dusk descends on the same slopes which host the annual opening of skiing’s World Cup giant-slalom season.

The next Hannibal Glacier Spectacle is scheduled for the spring of 2021.

Apart from some spectacular skiing(Ski Chalet Obergurgl) during the day, before the Hannibal event – either at Sölden or here in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl, spectators also had the chance to take the Gaislachkogl lift and visit Sölden’s impressive Ice Q gourmet restaurant at 3,048 metres – one of the locations for the James Bond SPECTRE film, and the “007 Elements” show (entry 22 euros, children 12 euros). 007 Elements focuses (apart from a fascinating potpourri of sequences from all 24 of the Bond movies) primarily on the scenes shot in Sölden.

The show guides visitors on a journey through a series of high-tech, interactive galleries,

which feature title sequences, dramatic film scores, the inevitable action sequences involving the Bond cars, gadgets and technology, breathtaking locations and of course a host of compelling characters.

Thinking of going to the next Hannibal Spectacle in 2021? Combine the best of both worlds, by staying at The Chalet, at 11° East and enjoy superb skiing- Obergurgl ski Chalets season starts early in November and continues fantastically late all the way into May! Today – Mid April we have all the lifts open, amazing sun, and snow everywhere.

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Catered Ski Chalets Austria 2019

In abroad, snow and mist are daily activities but for a few countries, these are a dream. Mostly they dry in hot summers. This gives an additional effect on enjoyment and cherishes the moment with family. Making a trip memorable is a tough one as each person in the family likes something new. Similarly, when we on an off we would like to explore many places just to relax.


The best-Catered ski chalets in Austria are as follows in the blog.

  • Chalets in St Anton

Anton chalet is one among the luxurious and top Catered ski chalet in Austria. This is located in Alberg, Austria. This can be visited once in a while for skiing and enjoy lively Apres. This holds the capacity to keep 2,500 full-time inhabitants at a single time. This village people make the months lively and maintain in a perfect manner that everyone who visits in a happy note. This has been luxurious since ages though, the number of hotels and room availability is excellent along with its ambiance. In recent time, the number of hotels in chalets has increased amazingly to help people enjoy their living holidays happily. The highlight is the buzzing main high street has got numerous shop, bars, and restaurants. Though your entire life is busy you will forget your stress over here. The luxury ski is overflowing with numerous comfortable schools and more number of nannies to take care. The stay options are also multi-varied than other locations.

The Alberg is the 5 the biggest ski area for fun and accommodation among others like the luxury ski resorts of Lech, St Christoph, and Zurs. From 2016 this leads the top.

Like it, the best for beginners and intermediates the runway is larger and maintained.


Is your Alps dream not fulfilled just pick one resort and make your memory very memorable than all the others. Though riding and playing there is tricky, it is mostly preferred for a better experience of their holiday. Here Bar Cuba is very much popular for the 20s’ and 30s’ British clients. Piccadilly Bar holds live music venue also Post Keller and the Kandahar nightclubs are most populous for late night parties. A cozy bar named Pub 37 is rich with charm and the sunny terrace in Hotel Alte Poste provides great heat and backdrop. 4km toboggan run from snowshoe is lavishly flowing with abundant horse rides along with wellness and swimming complexes.

  • Chalets in Courchevel

There are seven chalets since 1650. This accommodates 6 to 10 guests comprise a mix of the chocolate box to contemporary chalets or traditional Savoyarde style lodges overflowing with tastes.

  • Chalets in Meribel

There are 12 excellent chalets that can be chosen to stay with family and friend guests. There are 3-star hotels available at nominal prices. There are all modern necessities available for all sorts of families to enjoy their trip in a fantastic place. This place is very interesting for kids and adults to enjoy.

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Why Luxury Self-catering is The Future of Ski Holidays

The skiing is a game that usually is loved by all mountain region people. There they enjoy their time in skiing. The place ski-chalets is a very long staple part. Generally, here skiers from British and snowboarders roam around and enjoy. Here they prefer to stay in self-catered rooms.

The London International Snowsports Trade Exchange (LISTEX) is the event which happens in winter start and checks on the conclusion of the last sessions visitors. Mostly age group below 35 years prefer this place and they share their accommodation with each other if it is necessary.

The number of nights offered for a stay in the ski chalet is to be reduced as the season is busy and they don’t want to compromise it. As it is busy in all the seven weekdays the most common crowd is seen in six to five period. The staffs who are recruited during this time is also increasing every day they find it to be difficult to manage the cost as the workers come from France and Austria. A huge crowd spends their time in skiing holidays during these times.

Where to go for Ski holidays?

The French Alps are the superior most place where the star restaurants are available for stay. The apartments are very sophisticated and high-end. The artistic interiors are very attractive.

Though there are misconceptions that concrete-clad apartment blocks are available all around the place. It is the highest endpoint that is very attractive and interesting. It is simply to swing like a proverbial cat, never mind.

The rooms are like two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a wandering balcony. There are locker rooms available for keeping your valuable things safe.

What to Eat?

There are many restaurants of different tastes. These groups are fussy in eating there are also adult menu types, there are options for three-course meals, that can be stored in the fridge for the next day.

To book a dish it takes time to give the food. So a pre-planned dish will always be good. They give an instruction book. This book consists of food booking facilities and options. At times you might reach late but they serve food till 10 pm.

How much will it cost?

In general, the cost for one week is 290 Euros roughly. There are ski lifts available for transportation at a particular time frame.

It is also known that these places are to be good during winter seasons rather than summer. Thus the preferred time is during December to July. If you’re planning a family ski holidays in the Alps this season, no doubt you will be trying to find out which ski resorts to travel and which part of the world has been the perfect weather around this season. And, if you haven’t already visited the Austria, you may not be aware of all the reasons to choose the perfect ski resort as your perfect ski destination this winter.

If you choose the Austria, Obergurgl has the famous oldest ski resort in Austria after St. Anton (celebrated the 100 year anniversary in 2011) and if most famous for snow sure reputations in the Alps. So what are you waiting for, just book yourself a luxurious ski resorts in Obergurgl Austria and enjoy your holidays

5 Ways to Get Ready For The New Ski Season

It is that time of year where we’re preparing for the new ski season at the Chalet at 11° East, with Hotel Edelweiss Obergurgl opening again. Although the next days on the slopes are a few weeks away, it is not too early to think about getting set for the next season. What can you do to fill the gap between ski seasons? Read on for our top 5 tops on how to prepare, engage and even improve your skills for the 2018/19 ski season.

Ease into your winter fitness programme

Begin a ski fitness programme that will enable your strength to build, your good fitness habits to develop and your stamina to improve. More than your technique, equipment or attitude – it’s a lack of fitness that holds skiers and snowboarders back when they hit the slopes. Now is the time get your fitness up to speed, so get your bike out of the shed, go running, join a gym, or if you need lower impact exercise, try a local pool. We recommend an aerobic workout with gym sessions and interval training for best results!


Get your own training machine

This is a machine that simulates skiing that you can use in your own home. If you are curious about what qualifies as a “training machine” you can try one out in some ski shops and in selected private gyms and ski clubs. If you want to buy your own – be warned – they don’t come cheap.

We recommend the Skier’s Edge – a training machine developed by the US ski team. It’s marketed in the UK by ex-ski racer and Ski Sunday presenter Graham Bell, and is part of the British team’s fitness programme. The Skier’s Edge claims to “take thousands of skiers from the intermediate rut and made them advanced and expert skiers who dominate the entire mountain no matter what the snow conditions are. We offer a machine that matches your skiing goals. With over 12 different models available.”

Keep skiing during the summer

Despite the ski season being over, there is still a possibility to stay on the slopes through the summer and you don’t have to fly to the southern hemisphere. Several glaciers in the Alps are open for skiing for part, or all, of the summer season.

Glacier skiing is a different experience from winter skiing. You ski in the morning (wearing high factor sunscreen), and then devote the afternoon to adventure sports, or just relaxing. This is mainly because by the afternoon the snow has melted into slush and is no longer suitable for skiing. There are several glaciers in Austria that are great for summer skiing, including Stubai or Hintertux.

Buy your gear now

In the off-season, ski gear from last season is at its lowest prices. Most of the top Ski Chalets Obergurgl outlets and online shops will discount their equipment (including skis, poles and boots), as well as jackets, pants, gloves and gadgets, to make room for the upcoming season’s new stuff. If you’re not worried about having the latest models and designs, now is the perfect time to stock-up on anything you need for the season ahead. The only thing you shouldn’t buy this time of year is ski boots. Stocks are notoriously low at the end of the season and quite often there isn’t much availability in sizes so better wait until closer to the season if you need boots.

Book your next ski trip

If you are willing to plan in advance, the best Ski Chalets St Anton time to book your next trip to the Tirolean Alps is now! Quite often there are deals and perks to booking early, advance-purchase prices on lift tickets as well as open availability. Do not delay, book your next trip now and take advantage of better prices and flexibility!

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How to Find the Best Ski Chalets in Europe

Planning the Ski Holidays?

It’s the greatest time of year to plan Ski Holidays. Whether you are planning a full-fledged family trip or a casual outing with close friends, Skiing has been a popular winter sport since years. While opting for the Ski Holidays, be assured about your stay, comfort and luxuries during the entire time.

Europe has many finest Skiing destinations, Austria being one of them. This is because; Austria guarantees better snow conditions throughout the seasons, than the neighboring countries. It has large mountainous terrains, because of which, the alpine skiing has been very popular amongst Ski Enthusiasts.

While you are gearing up for an adventurous Ski Holidays, it’s time to hunt a cozy, warm and comfortable stay. Austria witnesses thousands of tourists every year and it promises myriads of options from luxury hotels to chalets and ski resorts.

Chalets have been a better suited option for families. Depending upon your financial and comfort needs you can choose the right one from a wide range of chalets. Luxury Ski chalet is a highly customized version with enormous facilities at your disposal. The owners of these chalets emphasize on exclusive personal attention to their customers. It involves meticulous preparation of food, valuable transport facilities, easy entry at the terrains, airport assistance, child care and many other facilities. They offer training to the amateurs, inclusive of ski equipment. Luxury Ski Resorts are another alternative to Luxury Ski Chalets if you are willing to let loose your money.

Enjoy Your Hotel Stay

Those with specific food preferences can opt for Catered Ski chalet wherein you can have customized menu for your appetite. Being away from home won’t make much difference and you can easily stick to your regime. Obergurgl is a village in Austria and one of the finest tourist attractions for Ski Holidays. Catered ski chalet in Austria are worth giving a try. They have season’s mouthwatering menu to choose from. After a hectic skiing day, enjoy your evening coffee, watching your favorite Christmas movie on the DVD player. Those who don’t specifically enjoy Ski Holidays, they can utilize the time cooking the favorite meals of their loved ones. You can roam around the city and enjoy the glittering shopping malls, spa or swimming pools and come back to have the pre ordered dishes at your service. Your need not worry about your little ones as their dietary preferences would be taken care of well in advance.

While selecting the ski chalets, make sure they have impeccable interiors with large living room and dining area, well suited to your privacy needs. Check the food menu they are offering. Also, do consider the distance from terrains, as wasting time in the transportation might make your Ski Holidays a little boring. Compare various chalets with the services they offer and choose the best amongst them. Keep a check on prices and choose the best deal. Do a little research for finding the best Ski Holiday Packages that promises a prominent stay at ski chalets to make your family time memorable.

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Going Skiing for the first time; What’s to know?

Skiing is enormous fun but if you are going for the first time a little knowledge of what you will need in advance makes for a more enjoyable experience. Below a brief but easy to understand guide to help you make the most of your skiing holiday compiled by Obergurgl’s The Chalet, at 11º East.

If you have never worn a pair of ski boots before then it’s a strange feeling and it’s well worth going to try a pair on in England just so you understand how they feel.

It’s often better to hire your equipment in the resort so you can change it if it’s not right (not least because it’s heavy and you usually get charged to fly it over) but by trying on and wearing for at least half an hour in shops like Snow and Rock, you will have some understanding of what a comfortable and uncomfortable boot feels like. The better your understanding of how it’s meant to feel, the less time you have to spend doing this on your precious holiday. Seek out a helpful rental shop: Riml Sports in Obergurgl is handy for The Chalet’s customers and offers expert advice.


Should be snug but not tight, and you should be able to wiggle your toes whilst your heel stays fixed. If that’s not your experience, or if they hurt, feel restrictive, or give you pins and needles, you need a different pair. Often you won’t discover they aren’t the right fit for you until perhaps lunchtime or the end of the first day. Do not feel embarrassed to ask for a different pair. It’s quite normal to change equipment and critical to you enjoying earning to ski. You must have proper ski socks, ordinary socks won’t be long enough, and will cause blisters and shin pain. Buy a pair when going to try out boots in the UK. Trying them with ordinary socks is pointless. Most novices don’t know that just one pair of socks should be worn inside ski boots, more than that hinders warmth and leads to rubbing.


As a beginner, you want a pair of skis designed for beginners, these are usually softer, which means bendy, and therefore more forgiving than Ski Chalet Obergurgl. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you will be getting better equipment if you say you are an accomplished skier, it will just make it harder to learn. As a beginner, the skis should come up from the floor to no higher than your nose. Shorter skis are generally more maneuverable. Longer skis may make you go a little faster but are harder to learn to turn on. If you are very nervous get an even shorter pair, say from the floor to your neck, and it will be easier still to control. In the guide below women should go for the lower end of the scale, men the higher end.


Poles help you turn and give you confidence. To choose the correct size of ski pole wear shoes or stand in your ski boots. With the poles upside down—grips touching the floor, hold the pole just underneath the basket so that the top of your thumb touches the basket. Your elbow should now be at a 90° angle. If the angle is less than 90°, try a shorter pole. If the angle is greater, get a longer pole. Most poles are sized in 2” increments. If you’re in between sizes, go with the shorter pole.


It’s no longer cool to ski without a helmet. Good rental shops usually hire them to children free but if you have to pay, don’t skimp on this essential item.


The following are essential to wear:

Ski Thermals: both top and leggings. Buy thermals that are designed for skiing. They should be made of synthetic materials. Cotton is not suitable as it will get very damp and cause you to get cold quickly. The fabrics need to wick away moisture pushing it to the outside. Ordinary leggings and jumpers may seem like a common-sense alternative, but when you’re ten minutes into a ski-lift ride in minus 10 degree temperatures, you’re going to wish you’d bought something more technical.

On top of your thermals try and wear several thin layers rather than one thick layer as this will keep you warmer and allow you to remove a layer if you get too hot.

Ski Jacket: there are numerous types but typically you need an insulated synthetic jacket made from fabrics that are waterproof, breathable, less bulky and therefore easier to move around in. The more fashionable brands usually associated with every day fashion clothing often offer limited warmth, waterproofing etc.

Down jackets sound nice, but do not perform well in wetter or damp conditions.

Salopettes (ski pants): like the jacket, you want to choose ones that are warm and made from synthetic materials specifically designed for the slopes. Shell (hardshell) ski pants are normally made from polyester or nylon. They are normally waterproof, windproof and highly breathable. Although they will be lightly insulated they won’t offer the same level of warmth as insulated ski pants. It is important that your ski pants are a good fit. This means they should not be so tight that your movement is restricted or so loose you have to pull them up often. They should be loose enough to allow freedom of movement especially around hips and knees (remembering to take into account any layers you may wear underneath.) Adjustable waistbands are useful for adjusting the fit based on the layers you may/may not be wearing.

Hat : As mentioned a helmet should be worn during all skiing or snowboarding.  Complement this with a scarf or soft muffler to keep the neck area snug.

Gloves: A critical piece of your equipment for both warmth and protection. Like all other ski clothing you need specialist ski gloves. Popular in recent years are so called lobster or three finger gloves.

Goggles or sun glasses: if you are unsure of the weather or on a budget buy a pair of goggles. These will be fine in both wintry and sunny conditions where sunglasses are hopeless if it’s snowing heavily and inclined to fall off when you fall over.

Best shop to hire equipment from in Obergurgl, Ski Chalet Obergurgl – Bookings Available

How To Enjoy Your Next Ski Holiday In Obergurgl

Winter is Coming

Making our holidays very interesting is through proper planning and scheduling of places to be visited. These places are to be booked for skiing at less cost. Austria is the best place for enjoying holidays on an adventures note.

Chalet in Obergurgl

It is a place where family and friends are to be basically happier and thriller trip. There are different stages of skiing and the stage shows their experience in skiing and other games, beauty managing parlors, and swimming are also available in some places.

The skiing is an adventurous game as this place is completely surrounded by mountains that are filled with twists and turns and ups and downs to balance.

The resorts are available at different stages with multiple facilities that are both luxurious and regular in Ski Chalets Austria, Catered ski chalet in Obergurgl, the luxury ski chalet, luxury ski resorts, are very cool and enjoyable for all ages as it is composed of games, swimming pool, yoga centers or meditation centers, classes for skiing, cinema rooms, play area for Children hot tub in the bath, sporting center, happy nightlife, bowling alley. The price ranges from £1,040 to £2,721 with discounts for early booking tickets until the month of November and another season has got a reduction in pricing.

The enjoyment of nightlife is totally different in such mountain areas. Up to seventeen years the kids’ area is separate and they look very easy to ski too. In a few places, they provide minibusses, cabs for resorts. There are also no skiing activity times when there is too much snow, thus while booking itself they inform about the availability. The in-between villages are having few stalls for refreshment.

According to temperature differences, the outside pools and spa in the outdoor places in the resorts can be amusing for many people during their holidays as refreshment. At times these luxurious places are compiled of complete fun and unlimited enjoyment.

Next Ski Holiday

Ski holidays are a complete tourist place that is to be enjoyed once in life irrespective of the age. Never miss out such a Catered ski chalet in Austria.

“Reinvent the new ‘you’ at Ski Holiday”

Though these look luxurious while inquiry and proper channelization and scheduling the trip will be unforgettable or made a memorable one by the tours and travel organizations. They provide both literary and accommodation in all the visiting places. the packages are of different ranges. as the range differs the facility differs but in all the comfort remains the same.

Perfect partnership along with a sum of money gives a good trip that becomes an unforgettable memory throughout life as the entire time is spent with the family only.

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Important Factors to Consider When Selecting a Property Manager

Investing your money on real estate is one of the profitable investments to go about these days. However, you may find it challenging to follow up your business growth if you are new in the field. It is thus significant to seek help of a property manager. The high demand of property managers in the property management sector has led to the growth of the sector. Frequently, you will come across questions such as: “where can I find a good property manager?” or “what factors should I consider while looking for a block management agent?” Before you commence your search for a property manager, it is wise to understand the many roles property managers play.

A qualified property manager has a number of responsibilities to meet and oversee the growth of your property. Your property manager should be able to collect the rent, take calls from tenants, arrange repairs and inspect the property occasionally. This is not all. A good property manager should also do or supervise evictions, and provide an accounting of all money received and paid out.

Selecting a Best Property Manager

Once you understand the roles property managers play, it’s time to get down to business and pick the best. With the growing demand for property management services, you may find it taxing to pick the best manager from the search engines or provided directories. However, you can build your confidence by seeking recommendations from family members, friends and reputed property owners. Indeed, there are a number of helpful factors to consider as you select a property manager.

Look at the experience of the property agent. Go for an individual who is well-versed with the estate management sector. Choose a property manager who has unmatched exposure in the sector. An experienced property manager in London will be able to attract more and best tenants as well as be able to deal with those who become difficult. A “work-ready” property managers should be able to handle every responsibility cautiously and deliver profitable end results. Go for an individual who exhibits passion and interest on the task ahead.

Consider the fee the property manager is eager to charge for London property management services. Enquire more about the management fee and any other cost the property agent of choice may charge. Some of the likely fees include those relating to screening and sourcing tenants and right to manage and monthly statement charges. Go for an individual who not only knows how to manage your property but also his or her own earnings.

Because estate management is a demanding field, go for a trustworthy individual. Remember this is an individual who will be dealing with your finances and tenants’ payment, pick someone who you can trust. Since you expect monthly financial reports, go for an expert who will handle your reports carefully and cover every expense without any anomalies. The reports should be easy to set up in other formats for accounting purposes.

A good property manager should also exhibit good interpersonal skills as well as relate well with every tenant young or old. It is significant to interview your manager of choice with a number of property management questions. Here, you will easily ascertain whether you are dealing with an expert or an unproven individual. If you get stuck on your hunt for a property management agent, don’t give up. Seek guidance from other property owners close by. There is always an open-handed investor willing to help others grow.


What Catered Ski Chalet Obergurgl Offers — Family-friendly Skiing in Austria

ski holidays

Catered ski chalet Obergurgl holiday is the most popular type of ski holiday in Austria and many people visit this region because of its climate and varied skiing experience it presents. In addition, the scenic Obergurgl is the best place to fuel your holiday dreams because of its convenient chalet ski rental services as well as specialized ski and winter sports schools especially if you are traveling with your children.

It may be taxing to find the best accommodation for a family, but catered ski chalet in Obergurgl will satisfy your needs. There are a several must-sees in the course of your vacation in Obergurgl, Austria. You can also spent time at 3,080 meters above sea level bars and enjoy your favorite drink. There are also snow fields where you can ski and enjoy great time like no other. The Catered ski chalet in Obergurgl also comes with top amenities and resort infrastructures that add to a memorable winter holiday in the Alps.

Besides being able to spend quality time in the Obergurgl slopes, there is a lot to expect if you choose catered ski chalet Austria. A luxury ski chalet will add a lot to your skiing adventure as compared to a hotel or motel in Austria. There are many catered ski chalet companies that offer amazing menus to their guests and clients in Obergurgl, but you have to find the best. These meals are prepared by experienced and trained chefs. Most of the available chalet ski will cater for all dietary needs as there is everything for vegetarians and those who love gluten free meals.

Catered ski chalet Obergurgl also promises amazing personalized services. There is always a chalet host or hostess willing to serve you and make your holiday amazing as possible. They are fun to be with and will guide you through the slopes and beaches. They also make great caretakers and will arrange everything for you. Booking a catered chalet ski in Obergurgl will not cost you a fortune. Most of the available chalet ski are budget-friendly and will not drain your account.

Catered chalet ski Obergurgl also offer a great chance to make new friends. Many people visit Austria during the ski seasons and you may share the same chalet with new and amazing people from different walks of life. Staying in a catered chalet ski Obergurgl does not mean you only have to ski. There are other widespread activities that you can enjoy and entertain yourself. You can take a husky ride through the forest, shop, watch an ice hockey game or enjoy snow shoe hiking or curl up by the bonfire with a glass of wine or hot chocolate. If you want to take a break from daily routines, try new experience with the best catered chalet ski in Obergurgl.

Places to stay in Obergurgl —

1. Luxury — The Chalet at 11° East is a rarity in Austria; a luxurious British-owned and British-run private chalet sleeping up to 10 people. Its ski-in/ski-out location in Obergurgl right by the children’s ski school makes it ideal for families.

Hotel Bergwelt is a small luxury hotel run immaculately by the Falkner family. It’s renowned for both its cuisine and wine cellar and has indoor and outdoor pools and a modern spa over three floors.

2. Mid-range — Hotel Edelweiss & Gurgl, Hotel Olympia are mid range perfect ski accommodation in Obergurgul.

3. Budget — Chalet Christophorus is one of the few catered chalets in Obergurgl. House Gstrein is a family-run guest house in a peaceful position by the cross-country track at the foot of Hochgurgl and on the outskirts of Obergurgl.

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