How to setup a virtual office business

Virtual office; it’s a term that small business owners across Britain are probably familiar with, but don’t actually know what it means. With that in mind let’s take a look at the virtual office address and how one can help a business operate efficiently.

What is a virtual office address?

Quite simply, it’s an address that a business owner has permission to use as their mailing address. They can then put this address on company literature such as stationery, website — vehicles even. When mail is delivered to the address it’s then forwarded to the address of the business owner’s choosing.

It shouldn’t be confused with a limited company’s registered office (the official address of a company). Just because a virtual office provider is happy for you to use their address as your mailing address doesn’t mean that you can also use it as a registered office, so it’s worth checking beforehand if you do want to use your virtual office address as your company’s registered office.

As well as a mail forwarding option, some virtual office providers offer a telephone answering service whereby you’re allocated a phone number for your business, then when calls come they are treated one of the following ways:

  • Answered in your company name, a message is then taken and then emailed to you
  • Answered in your company name and then forwarded onto you
  • Diverted straight through to you

That’s what a virtual office is, What are the virtual office benefits?

Privacy protection :-

By using a low cost virtual office you can keep your own address off of company literature, therefore protecting it from becoming public knowledge.

Great impression :-

Virtual office address providers are often based in locations associated with a thriving business scene. They therefore add an aspect of prestige to companies that use their address.

Ease :-

Virtual offices are typically manned Monday-Friday, 9–5 — making them ideal for people who receive mail and parcels that require a signature. No more arranging redeliveries or mornings spent at the post office!

How to setup a Virtual Office

It really is very simple. Find a virtual office address provider who offer a package and location that’s attractive to you and your business. Once you’ve signed up you then need to let the company know:

  • How you would like your mail handled (posted on, held for collection)
  • If mail is being posted on, where you would like it posted on to
  • How you would like your phone calls to be taken (diverted, patched through, answered in your company name

That’s it… how to setup a Virtual Office business and the Key Benefits of Virtual Offices. We hope you’ve found this post helpful.

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4 Reasons Why Home Workers Should Use a Virtual Office

virtual Office

Technology has changed the traditional way in which companies conduct their business. Virtual offices are becoming more and more popular, especially amongst home workers as companies shift from the conventional office settings. So how can a virtual office help you and your business function and blossom? Here are 4 reasons why you should use a virtual office:

Privacy of home address

You do not have to expose your private home address because a virtual office will provide you with a mailing address. Therefore you don’t have to display your home address on your website or business cards.


Having a business address allows you to conduct business in a professional manner and give a great impression. A recognizable address and phone number creates credibility.

Efficient business operation

A virtual office handles phone calls, business mail and parcels; essentials needed to run a successful business. This allows you to concentrate on the primary tasks for your business.

Cost effective

The cost of setting up an office can sink your business before it’s even had a chance to succeed. With a virtual office you do not have the burden of managing or renting a real office. It offers many of the benefits of having an office, without all the hassle.

For more information on benefits of Virtual office for home workers, you can refer complete article at

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How Wenlock Road in London Can Help Your Business Grow

At MadeSimple our passion is to help small businesses start, run and grow. We do this through a number of services including company formations, company searches and website creation. However, the services that we want to highlight today are the ones that centre around our address, 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU – an address that we truly believe can help you on your business adventure. Here’s how…


Business Grow

20-22 Wenlock Road as your company’s registered office

If you run your business as a limited company (the UK’s most popular business structure) you’ll need a UK based registered office address. This is the official address for the company and therefore on the public register. We offer a registered office service whereby you can use our address as your company’s registered office. There are two main reasons why you may want to do this:

The impression you give –  Wenlock Road is minutes away from ‘silicon roundabout’, home to London’s Britain’s startup scene. In business first impressions matter. By using an address in a thriving part of the country you are declaring to your potential customers and partners that your company is to be taken seriously.

Address protection – Using a residential address as a company’s registered office is allowed, but because the address is on the public register and freely available for anyone to find out, many people choose to use an alternative address.


20-22 Wenlock Road as your virtual office

Even if you’re not operating as a limited company, you need a location where your mail can be delivered. You may ask, what’s wrong with my home address? And the answer is absolutely nothing, just as long as you’re happy for people to know your home address, and you don’t think being an openly home based operation will harm your business’s chances of success.

With our virtual office mail forwarding service you can use 20-22 Wenlock Road as your business’s mailing address, meaning it’s the address you give out as your contact address. Then, when mail and parcels are delivered to our address, we’ll then forward them onto you – wherever you are based. Another fantastic tool in making a great impression and protecting your home address.


20-22 Wenlock Road as your work space

Understatement alert. Renting office space in London is not cheap. Thankfully, if you do need a space to work from in the capital – whether it’s just a few days a month or 5 days a week – we can help. With Work Hub MadeSimple you can work from 20-22 Wenlock Road from as little as £99 a month.


More about Work Hub MadeSimple:


  • Regular desks, standup desks and comfy seating
  • Meeting rooms available
  • Social and homely breakout spaces
  • Flexible membership options
  • Educational and networking events

How Do You Start a Home Business with Mail Forwarding?

virtual Office

Many of the UK’s small businesses begin as home based operations. This is totally understandable when you consider that business owners may still be holding down a full-time job when starting out and working from home in their free time is the easiest way to test the waters. It also makes sense when you look at the astronomical costs involved with renting/buying office space. But one issue that running a business from home does bring up is credibility.

Do small business owners want customers and potential customers to know that they’re operating the business from home?

For some businesses being home based adds to the appeal of the brand; craft services where ‘homemade’ is a selling point for example. But for others it could be seen as a negative, a sign of lowliness even.

Our Mail Forwarding UK service can help home based businesses

With our Mail Forwarding service, our address (20–22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU) can be given out as the business’s contact address. Then, when mail arrives at our address, we can handle it a number of different ways:

Post it on
Hold it for collection from our offices
Open the letter and scan it (we can then post it or hold it for collection)

Customers (and potential customers) will never know that the business is being run……. Read More…..

Virtual Office: London Business Address Pros and Cons

Virtual office

London businesses have advantages and disadvantages. It’s the same of any geographical location. The advantages of a particular location change based on the type of industry you’re in. For example, a movie studio in Hollywood is going to fare better than one in Bognor (probably!).

This leaves some companies somewhat shut out, as they don’t have the same crack at the market that companies within an area known for a particular industry might. A virtual office can help, because it gives access to a place where you are not physically present.

You sign up and use the address or phone numbers of an external office as if they were your own. Ours is in Tech City near Old Street in London’s N1 district. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of London? Let’s take a look at the business pros and cons of a virtual office there.


  1. Prestige and perception — Simply put, when someone sees a business with a London address they trust it more (or at least look upon it more highly). For example if you had a business address in Manhattan you might see a similar assumption of greater wealth and business clout.
  2. Credibility and ability — Similarly, if you look at the address of a business and it is in London there are associations of greater wealth and business expertise. They are more believable and legitimate.

Simply put, the prestige of the address informs the perception of the business. But remember, you still have to be the best possible business…. Continue reading →

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Virtual Offices & Mobile Devices — is This The Next Step for a Business?

Virtual Office

Virtual offices have made it incredibly easy to work from locations outside of the physical office space. Most people using a virtual office will work from home, or perhaps some kind of shared space. However there are a lot of different types of problems if you have a business that requires you to be on the go — can you work as effectively on a plane or train as you can at home?


When you choose a virtual office package, there are plenty of options in terms of handling calls and post — but what about the practical applications of being completely mobile? You could take a laptop on a train or a plane, but what about using mobile devices like tablets and phones?

In this post we will determine how the modern era of mobile devices can be a great way to be even more mobile in a virtual office.

First Off — Is Mobile Really Ready For Work?

Like we said in the beginning of this post, you can easily bring a laptop to most places and use it for work. But, they are not as mobile as we once felt. The convenience of a high end smartphone or tablet really rivals the basic business laptops in terms of accessibility.

The era of smartphones has meant that there are a lot of ways a business can make use of such devices for work purposes. Reasons that mobile is now ready for work include:

  • Power — The processing capabilities, not to mention the battery life of mobile devices makes them ideal for work — with many manufacturers focussing on powerful performance. Roger Cheng, executive editor for CNET, wrote in…. Continue reading →

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7 Scenarios Where a Virtual Office Can Help Your Business

Virtual Office

One of the most significant issues that a small business will contend with — certainly in its early days — is that of office space. If your business is small and only recently started trading then the costs of having a full time office can be extremely prohibitive. With your business in its relative infancy, the last thing you need to think about is the rent costs that come from having a physical office space.

This issue has a solution and this comes in the form of a Virtual Office. According to Investopedia the best way to understand a Virtual Office is that it is something that allows ‘Business owners and employees to work from any location by using technology such as laptop computers, cell phones and internet access.’ The benefits of having a Virtual Office for your business can be truly great. Here at Virtual Offices MadeSimple we have a variety of different packages which cater to all the of the varying needs of a small business.

How can you directly benefit from this product? The truth is everyone has different needs and wants for their business. However, we will go through 7 plausible scenarios where a Virtual Office…for complete article Continue reading

It can be also reached at for more information on virtual office services.

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Virtual Office in London

What is a London Virtual Office?

Now that is a good question. Over the past decade, as remote working has become more and more ‘the norm’ — ‘Virtual Offices’ have become common. But what exactly are they? The name would suggest some kind of virtual reality concept, but that’s quite far off the mark.

A Virtual Office London is in fact a service whereby a business (normally one in the startup phase) can have their mail handled and their telephone answered. Let us explain:

Mail Forwarding

First impressions matter a great deal when a business first gets off the ground. That’s why it’s quite understandable if a business owner doesn’t want to give out their home address as their business’s contact address (after all, most businesses start out at home). So how does a Mail Forwarding service work?

A business gives out the mail forwarding address to their contacts (the address is normally in an established business area), mail that then arrives at that address is forwarded onto the actual address where it’s dealt with accordingly.

Telephone Answering

When running a business, it’s not always possible to answer every single phone call. With a Virtual Office Telephone Answering service, business owners are given a unique phone number that can be handled in quite specific ways:

  • Answered in the company name by a receptionist, messages are then taken and emailed
  • Answered in the company name by a receptionist and then forwarded onto another number
  • Directed straight through to another number

Interested in finding out about our very own London Virtual Office service? Take a look here for more information: Virtual Office MadeSimple.

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Your Options when Setting up a Phone Answering Service


A phone answering service is a fantastic option for any business owner who is still holding down a full time job, especially if the startup is still in the ‘test’ stages where it’s too early to commit to leaving employment. If you’re running your own startup, there are a number of ways that a phone answering service could work for you. Here are some of them:

Calls diverted straight to you

This is the most straightforward option. You’re allocated a unique, non-geographic, 0207 or 0208 number. Then when someone (customers, potential customers, suppliers etc) calls the number, they’re diverted directly to a mobile number or landline number of your choice (twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week). Fantastic if you’re available to take calls but would rather not give out a mobile phone number as your contact number.

Calls taken and messages passed on during office hours

You’re given a unique non-geographic or 0203 phone number for you to give to contacts. When this number is called it goes through to a professional phone answering services team who answer in your company’s name from 9am to 5:30pm – a message is then taken and then emailed onto you (or sent via text) for you to deal with accordingly.

Calls taken and messages passed on twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week

Pretty much the same as the option directly above but this time non-geographic, 0207 or 0208 phone numbers are available and instead of calls being taken from 9am to 5:30pm, calls are answered twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Calls taken and then directed over to you

You’re given a unique non-geographic, 0207 or 0208 telephone number. When someone calls the number calls are answered by a professional phone answering service team, they’re then ‘patched’ through to you. Calls are answered twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Making a good first impression is vital in business. A phone answering service can help you do that in a number of different ways.

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Mail Forwarding Address Alleviating Startup Fears

Mail forwarding address services

The fear for any business, especially a new one, is failure. Startups have huge  potential, but financial issues are at the forefront of people’s fears  for many entrepreneurs, and the rate of failure is so high. It is estimated by Elizabeth Anderson of The Telegraph that “half of new businesses don’t survive beyond five years” in the UK.

Mail-Forwarding-Service -london-presence

The best way to alleviate this fear is to make sure that you have as low costs as possible, but also the greatest chance to grow. Mail forwarding address services help in this regard as they provide a cheap way to take care of your mail so you can focus on growing.

In essence financial balance in business hinges on the following things:

  • Reduction – Eliminating unnecessary financial deficits gives you more to work with in the first place.
  • Optimisation – You need to spend money to make money. By eliminating the need to deal with things like mail, entrepreneurs can focus their biggest resources (time and energy) on more central tasks related to growth and development.
  • Expansion – With a reduction of costs and an increased ability to focus, you can ultimately expand more readily – which gives you a better chance of success and financial stability overall.

Costs are important for even the largest businesses, but particularly for startups where resources are often small and overstretched. You’re not going to have a lot of free time as an entrepreneur so wasting time dealing with mundane tasks like mail is a misuse of resources.

mail forwarding address can bring

You take a big risk. Your time is better spent focussing on growth than it is on sifting through junk mail. Mail forwarding allows you to receive only the important mail, and it can be delivered via post to you or in a digital scanned format.

greater chance of success with virtual office services

What this all does is increase efficiency, and this is the key to making a startup less likely to fail. If the business is efficient not just in a practical sense but in a financial sense then there is a greater chance for it to succeed.

virtual office services help

This greater chance of success is the biggest alleviation of fears that a mail forwarding address can bring.