Key Benefits of Structured Network Cabling

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What Is Structured Network Cabling?

Structured cabling system is a system of single cabling that can integrate multiple phones, computers and other electronic devices together. It is very useful in the businesses or enterprises to improve the workflow and downtime problems to a great extent. In such kind of systems, you can plug in your devices in the specified sockets.These data cabling systems have a central communication network cabinet to which cables from various workstations will be linked.

Structured data cabling is type of stable infrastructure which is capable of serving various requirements of a network. Looking at the amount of work and connected devices, in the field of Information Technology, structured cabling installation can be very useful.

fiber optic cabling


What are the benefits of structured network cabling?

Premium Management solution that is also affordable.

Structured cabling offers solutions various kind of stable infrastructural networking needs. It is one of the powerful methods that can be used to make changes in the network architecture. Installation of structured cabling is not very complicated and the businesses need to invest only once for Structured Cabling Systems Installation. The basic feature of these systems offers a single point for all management and administrative needs.If you require restructuring your systems then you can just plug in cables to appropriate sockets, this would save both your time and money.

Isolating solutions for the faulty systems

Structured network cabling makes it easy to segregate the defective network to find the solution for the issues and problems that are occurring in the systems. It is not much complicated to find out the defective system from the entire system as the whole system is divided into blocks that are manageable. There are also no blockages to the other devices of the network in structured cabling system.

Provides Flexibility and consistency

If you want to keep the networking infrastructure in your office simple, you can do it with the help of structured data cabling which is flexible in terms of devices. There are different kinds of devices installed in the company; it is easier to connect all these devices with structures cabling.Structured cabling systems offers the easy connect of your PCs, telephones and fax machine by plugging it into the provided specialized sockets.

Gives support to the new applications& Equipment installations

This full-fledged network system is capable of going with the growing needs of business world. You can easily install new devices to your network with the help of these systems without much effort, no extra investment is required. A standard structured cabling system can even hold bandwidth that can support new applications. It is not mandatory to upgrade or update these systems again & again.


If you have significant number of devices in your office and want to keep the cabling simple and not much complicated then you can go for structured data cabling. We are one of the top structured cabling installation companies. Our robust infrastructural services will allow you to maintain proper cabling in your office premises.



How to do Director Search in UK?


When someone becomes a UK limited company director, certain  information about them becomes publicly available for anyone to see.
This information can come in particularly handy if you’re looking into  going into business with an individual who is already a company  director.
At Company Search MadeSimple we can provide free UK company directors
searches. Here’s how to complete a search and the information that you
can get once your director search is complete.

  1. Visit Company Search MadeSimple
  2. In the search box select the ‘UK Director (FREE)’ tab and enter the
    name of the director that you wish to complete a search on — select
  3. You will be presented with a list of directors who match your search
    query, click on the name of the correct director (the nationality and
    age are provided to help you find the correct one)
  4. You’ll be directed straight through to the company director report where you’ll find:
  • The director’s full name
  • Title
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Address
  • Directorships held
  • Previous directorships held

You also have the option to ‘see the bigger picture’ by clicking on the company names in the ‘Directorships held’ and ‘Previous  directorships held’ fields, as this gives you the option to purchase a company credit report on these companies.

You can also download the report as a PDF.

Interested in finding out more? Visit Company Search MadeSimple for more information on how we can help you make smart business decisions.

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n August 3, 2016.

Registered Office – Giving Privacy To Small Businesses

purchasing a Registered Office service,

Purchasing a Registered Office service from an agency or supplier is a fantastic way to ensure that your limited company can give the necessary privacy that you may need.

Many small businesses have overheads to be thinking about and won’t be able to afford a physical place to base their registered office.

As a result of this, SME’s may end up having to use their own private residential address as their registered office. This ensures that your private details are placed on the public register. But by purchasing a Registered Office service this will no longer be a concern.

A Registered Office service offers so many fantastic benefits in terms of giving you the anonymity and privacy that you might need at an early stage in your business. You also do not need to actually be running your own business from this address either.

The type of ways that you can benefit include the following:

  • Forwarding of government and statutory mail
  • Your residential address will go off the public register.
  • Once this is on the public register it will always be on the public register
  • Creates an ideal first impression
  • Junk mail is thrown out out so you won’t receive it

 A Registered Office is also ideal if you are based overseas and are looking to form a company in the UK. You can only form a company in the UK if your registered office is based in the UK.

A Registered Office service truly offers invaluable benefits for startups and micro businesses.

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Limited Company Formation – Help To Grow Your Business

Limited Company Formation - help to grow your business

Limited Company Formation is proving to be more popular than ever before – with 2015 being a record year for companies deciding to form their businesses into this type of entity. It’s a trend that is expected to increase in 2016.

A Record Year To Register Your Company

It’s easy to see why these numbers are so encouraging. With forming a company there are so many benefits to be had. This includes the following:

  • It can be formed quickly online – The process is quick and easy and your company can be formed in a matter of hours
  • Your liability is limited – So you won’t be held accountable if the business doesn’t work out.
  • Increase in credibility – Usually having “Ltd” at the end of your company name makes it look more established and credible for potential customers.
  • Tax benefits – Registered companies pay corporation tax but are allowed to pay dividends to its shareholders from any profits that have been made.
  • You don’t have to trade immediately – You can leave your company dormant and all you need to do is file dormant company accounts – until you are ready to trade.

Limited Company Formation

It really does make a lot of sense. So if you’re  looking to turn your business with a bit more prestige, and more importantly, quantifiable benefits then Limited Company Formation really is the way to go.

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Setting Up A Business With An Eye To Starting Later: Why Does This Work?

formation agents

If you have a great idea, you might want to start right away. But the fact of the matter is that when that rush of inspiration hits you – you will probably find that there are a lot of considerations aside from forming your company itself.

You can form your company very easily within 3 hours, but are you really ready to start trading? It’s a good idea to save the business name and safeguard your idea – but why else might you reserve a company name with an eye to setting up a business later?

Why Reserving A Company Names Makes Sense For Entrepreneurs

There are a lot of advantages to registering your company and coming back to it when you need to, or are ready. These reasons include the following:

  • Saving Your Ideas – Your company name doesn’t necessarily have to relate to the business you do – but in many cases it does. Reserve a company name and you will not lose out to a competitor, whether you decide to start trading right away or not.
  • Getting The Ball Rolling – Ideas are useless without action. By forming your company you make a start, and you can enjoy a higher likelihood of focussing your attentions on the project simply because it makes it ‘real’ and takes it out of your head.
  • Being PreparedStarting a business requires a solid foundation, and if you reserve a company name you can take your time to prepare properly for the maximum chances of success.

It’s all about making a jump, reserving a name leaves you a very well-placed to start setting up a business that is successful, and ultimately makes you better prepared when you do start. Whether it’s a grand ambition – or just a hobby you want to turn into a business, it’s always better to be as prepared as possible.

Taking Care Of Company Requirements

You can’t really form a company without having some things to do, requirements like filing accounts are legal obligations that make the prospect of forming a company perhaps a little bit more trepidatious.

However you can still have all of your company requirements taken care of automatically with a name reservation service, which means you don’t have to worry about it being an issue if you don’t want to start trading with your company right away.

Setting Up A Business In Advance

Whichever way you look at it, there are some great advantages to setting up a business in advance, and it’s beneficial to use a service that takes care of company requirements so you only have to think about running your business when you’re properly ready.

Company Searches Making The Riddle Of Your Competitors Clear

Company Searches

Company searches can change your business life, if there aren’t regular searches taking place as part of your competitor analysis you will remain uninformed on your competitors activities. They certainly aren’t going to be telling you what they are doing themselves, but there is always insight to be drawn from publicly available information.

The way that you interact with business data can truly change the way your business functions. By promoting a data-led approach to competitor analysis you create business intelligence that is much more reliable than guesswork and hunches.

So when you undertake company searches the mysteries of your competitors will be revealed. But in what ways can they solve the riddles of the people vying with you in your sector?

Well, the following questions can be answered:

  • Financial – The most important question about your competitors is – how well are they doing financially? It’s something you can see with a company search. Credit ratings and limits can be retrieved with a company search. This allows you an independent view of how creditors see your competition. You can also find detailed account information too.
  • Legal – The process of doing business means you are part of a series of interconnected systems, one of them being the justice system. Complaints, writs or other legal issues can arise in the course of business – and with a company search you can find the details on your competitors and find where they’ve had legal issues to contend with – which can then help you to avoid these same problems yourself.
  • Structural – Finding out information on directors and company structure is a key way of unlocking the mysteries of your competition – namely, exactly who they are. This allows you to find all you need to know about how the businesses competing with you are setup and make use of the information – whether that’s for things like finding a business name or director – or an address, it’s all valuable.

Basically the concept of company search is a big magnifying glass that lets you see all the little details about your competitors. You could even run a company search UK on your own business, for a look at how other companies might view you.

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By Alex Novakovic at MadeSimple – Follow Alex on Google+

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Business Lessons To Learn From Frank Underwood Company Formation – Companies Made Simple

Business lessons - Company Formation - Companies Made Simple

Here at MadeSimple we are big fans of the the Netflix sensation House of Cards – which has just seen its fourth season released. It’s a fantastic show full of political intrigue, deception and scheming – starring Kevin Spacey as the ruthless politician Frank Underwood.

Frank is the ultimate strategist and a master of psychology, which he uses to aid his enormous ambitions. As amoral as Frank is, we think that your business can learn some important lessons from this political schemer. Let’s take a look.

Lesson One “Do not start a war you know you’re gonna lose”

Are your business goals possible? You should not make unrealistic forecasts, such as your company becoming a global giant within 6 months, as this is unlikely to happen. Instead, create small achievable goals that can be met within a specific time frame, such as get a certain amount of funding or create a new product. Whatever it is, make it feasible.

Lesson Two“We are nothing more or less than what we choose to reveal”

This is a great lesson that should be applied to your content marketing strategy. You need to think very carefully about the type of messages you send out to your audience – after all, you are what you share. Is it consistent with your brand? Is it relevant to your business? Will your audience be interested? And remember, if someone else is running your marketing activity, make sure they’re clear on your strategy.

Lesson Three“Let me be clear, you are entitled to nothing”

When starting a business do not assume that your company is going to grow just like that. It’s unlikely that success will come to you instantly. You must be willing to do everything it takes to make your venture great. No matter how good you think your idea is – you need to put the work in.

Lesson Four“There are two kinds of pain. The sort of pain that makes you strong, or useless pain. The sort of pain that’s only suffering. I have no patience for useless things”

In the life of a business – particularly one that is a startup – you are bound to go through some challenging moments. By handling these tough moments and navigating through them you will be all the stronger for it. However, it is important to recognise when something might not be working. For example, an employee (if you have any) might not be pulling their weight or your company website might not be particularly user friendly. It’s important to identify problems and things which serve no benefit to the growth of your business. Once you know the problems, be like Frank and quickly take them out the equation (in a legal way!).

Lesson Five “There’s no better way to overpower a trickle of doubt than with a flood of naked truth”

There’s nothing wrong with getting things wrong from time to time as mistakes can and do happen. If you experience a problem providing a service to a customer, be honest, explain what has happened and tell them how you’re going to fix it. People understand that in business not everything works like clockwork – if you are transparent about problems, customers will be surprisingly understanding.

Lesson Six“Pay attention to the fine print, it’s far more important than the selling price”

It is imperative that you look into the finer details in everything that you do as a small business owner. Don’t get involved in anything without reading the terms and conditions very closely. Be thorough!

We hope that you enjoyed this post and that in some way, Frank Underwood can help your business! If you would like to read more blogs like this, take a look at our dedicated small business blog here.

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Company Director Check – Find Out What Personal Information is Publicly Available

director search

If you’re a limited company director, or thinking about becoming a limited company director, it’s important to understand what personal information other people can find on you via a company director check. Not only is checking yourself important for security purposes (ie what address do you use when becoming a director?), it’s also useful to know how other people view you and the companies that you’re associated with.

Company Director Check - Find Out What Personal Information is Publicly Available

The following information is available, on any UK company director, when using Company Search MadeSimple’s free Company Director Check service:

General Information

  • Title
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Director ID number
  • Nationality
  • Address (the Service Address which is the director’s official address and not necessarily where they live or work)

Summary Information

  • Number of current director appointments held
  • Number of past director appointments held
  • Period of time since first appointment

Current Appointments

  • Names of the companies*
  • Company status (active, dormant, dissolved)
  • Duration of director’s position

Previous Appointments

  • Names of the companies
  • Company status (active, dormant, dissolved)
  • Duration of director’s position

Company Director Check - Find Out What Personal Information is Publicly Available*With Company Search MadeSimple, you are able to click on the company name and then find out more information – with reports available for £5.99 plus VAT.

As you can see, this is a quite a lot of information – and unless otherwise stated,  it’s absolutely free to get. Take a look here for more information on available Free UK Director Search Reports.

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Director Search Giving Clues On The Mysteries Of Who Is Running Your Competitors

director search introduction

The process of finding out the inner workings of a company might sound a little bit daunting. However there are techniques that make the process extremely simple. By undertaking director searches you can find a much more detailed report on who is running a business than you might be able to get on their business website.

Company search
This is not only because competitors are shy about giving away their information — it’s also because the information is a matter of public record and can be found through Companies House. This can be a bit of a bother, but undertaking a director search with company search providers makes the process much easier.

You are able to get reports, track company changes and find the latest information on a range of things. Director search specifically allows you to find out the following insights:

  • Other Directorships — Maybe you know the director of a company, but what a director search can reveal is the other companies that this person is involved in. It’s not uncommon to serve as a director on more than one company. Is the director of that marketing agency also a director of a paid search specialist? Well, no wonder they’re nailing paid search — these are the kinds of insights you can get from director search.
  • Address — Sometimes making contact with a competitor is difficult, but with a director search you get a mailing address which can serve as a point of contact. There are other things to consider including total current directorships, which is shown in the report, and dates of birth.
  • Group Structure — With a director search you are able to see the group structure of a company. This is a good way to find out how a company, particularly a larger one, is structured — and judge just how effective it is. If you can see the group structure you’re much more able to see the ownership details for a group of companies — and find out what ones the director owns shares in.

There is a lot of information at the top level of a company, and director search makes it easily accessible. You can even add a company tracker to receive notifications on any new changes on your.

Company Director Check

When you’re looking for clues to solve a little mystery on your competitors a search of Companies House data, and specifically director search reports, can yield extremely valuable insights.

Article publish by — Company Searches Made Simple

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A Record Year To Register Your Company

register your company Today

Figures from Companies House have shown that 2015 was a record year for companies being registered. Statistics from research that was conducted by The Centre For Entrepreneurs have revealed the extent of massive improvement in the number of companies being formed.

register your company

Companies House data illustrates that 608,110 new UK businesses were formed compared to 581,173 in the previous year. A considerable increase in new businesses starting up.

A Record Year To Register Your Company

According to Luke Johnson – Chairman of The Centre For Entrepreneurs – these are encouraging statistics:

“We have seen a record number of new businesses created for four consecutive years, proving that entrepreneurship has become ingrained within the UK’s business culture. This is something we should celebrate and something we should continue to nurture through sensible and incentivising government policies”

Other key findings from this research:

  • London dominates the figures with over 200,000 new companies being formed in the capital.
  • Other areas such as Greater Manchester and the West Midlands are notable too. Greater Manchester – on a per capita basis – are doing particularly well.
  • Seaside towns such as Brighton, Southend and Poole have also had a good year and make up the top 20 on a per capita basis.
  • Areas just outside of London are showing signs of growth. Woking and Surrey Heath have 10 startups per 1,000

Here’s to 2016 which will hopefully break even more records!

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