Key Benefits of Structured Network Cabling

fibre optic cabling

What Is Structured Network Cabling?

Structured cabling system is a system of single cabling that can integrate multiple phones, computers and other electronic devices together. It is very useful in the businesses or enterprises to improve the workflow and downtime problems to a great extent. In such kind of systems, you can plug in your devices in the specified sockets.These data cabling systems have a central communication network cabinet to which cables from various workstations will be linked.

Structured data cabling is type of stable infrastructure which is capable of serving various requirements of a network. Looking at the amount of work and connected devices, in the field of Information Technology, structured cabling installation can be very useful.

fiber optic cabling


What are the benefits of structured network cabling?

Premium Management solution that is also affordable.

Structured cabling offers solutions various kind of stable infrastructural networking needs. It is one of the powerful methods that can be used to make changes in the network architecture. Installation of structured cabling is not very complicated and the businesses need to invest only once for Structured Cabling Systems Installation. The basic feature of these systems offers a single point for all management and administrative needs.If you require restructuring your systems then you can just plug in cables to appropriate sockets, this would save both your time and money.

Isolating solutions for the faulty systems

Structured network cabling makes it easy to segregate the defective network to find the solution for the issues and problems that are occurring in the systems. It is not much complicated to find out the defective system from the entire system as the whole system is divided into blocks that are manageable. There are also no blockages to the other devices of the network in structured cabling system.

Provides Flexibility and consistency

If you want to keep the networking infrastructure in your office simple, you can do it with the help of structured data cabling which is flexible in terms of devices. There are different kinds of devices installed in the company; it is easier to connect all these devices with structures cabling.Structured cabling systems offers the easy connect of your PCs, telephones and fax machine by plugging it into the provided specialized sockets.

Gives support to the new applications& Equipment installations

This full-fledged network system is capable of going with the growing needs of business world. You can easily install new devices to your network with the help of these systems without much effort, no extra investment is required. A standard structured cabling system can even hold bandwidth that can support new applications. It is not mandatory to upgrade or update these systems again & again.


If you have significant number of devices in your office and want to keep the cabling simple and not much complicated then you can go for structured data cabling. We are one of the top structured cabling installation companies. Our robust infrastructural services will allow you to maintain proper cabling in your office premises.


What is a Fiber Optic Cable and What are Types of Fiber Optic Cables

A fiber optic cable defined in IEEE 802.8 is cable that contains optical fibers (usually glass) coated in plastic that are used to send data by pulses of light or in general term afiber optic cable is a cable that carries information in the form of light through optical fibers. In a cable, there can be a single or multiple strand of optical fiber. Optical fiber is internally made of glass and covered with plastic.

Other types of fibers use electricity to carry data or information, whereas fiber optic cable uses light to transmit the data, due to which the data transfer capacity is far better than the tradition cables. As the outer layer of the fiber optic cable is covered with a protective material the electromagnetic interference is least. Fiber optic cable also have the bandwidth higher than other cables. Hence they are designed and used for long distance, very high performance data networking and telecommunications.

Different types of optic fiber cables are used for different types of application. Sometimes the signals need to be traveled a longer distance, sometimes for shorter distance but with higher speed or sometimes with minimal loss, etc. For all these different conditions, different types of optical fiber cables are used.


Innermost part of the optical fiber is called as core and the cover of it is called as cladding. They both have different refractive index which results in the total internal reflection of light with minimal losses and helps to transferred the signal as required. In most of the fibers, the cladding is coated with a layer of acrylate polymer or polyimide. Above that many different layers of protective sheathing are provided depending on the application.

Each end of the optical fiber relates to a special fiber connecter, so that it can be easily connected and disconnected from transmitting or receiving device. The lights are generated with the use of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes), lasers or injection-laser diode (ILD), which on transmitting through optical fiber at anangle based on the refractive index travel through it.

Types of Optical Fibers:

Optical Fiber are broadly classified into following two types:

  • Single Mode Optical Fiber:

In this type of Optical Fiber, a single stand of glass fiber is used which has a diameter of 8.3 to 10 microns. It carries higher bandwidth than multi mode fiber, but it requires a light source like laser or ILD with a narrow spectral width. It uses the Wave Division Multiplexing (WDM) techniques so that the amount of data traffic that needs to be sent across the strand can be increased.

It is also called as mono-mode optical fiber,uni-mode fiber, single-mode optical waveguide.

  • Multi-Mode Optical Fiber:

Optical diameter of Multi-Mode optical fiber is larger than the single mode fiber. Multi mode fibers provide a higher bandwidth and hence the data transfers at higher speed. Normally LEDs are used as the source of light to transmit the signal.

Fiber optics cables were not available until 1970 and in 1977 it was the very first time when optical fiber was commercially used. After that the use of optical fiber has increased with a rapid rate and todays digital world, all are moving to optical fiber.

Fiber Optic Cable Precautions:

Following are few precautions that needs to be taken into consideration while using optical fiber.

  • Optical fiber connections and connectors should be capped when not in use so that it can be prevented from dust, dirt or other substances.
  • Fiber optical cabling should not be bend more than the diameter of the hand. Bending the optical cable more than that could cause physical damage to the cable.
  • The tip of the actual fiber cabling should not be touched.
  • A meter needs to be used to determine that the signal or pulse is being transferred or not.


3 Tips to Choose Your SEO Provider

What you should take into consideration when you are looking for SEO provider ? It is very important to choose the right seo service provider as a good seo provider are able to get your site ranked high and an inexperienced SEO service provider will then cause your site’s ranking to drop. When choosing the right seo provider, you need to be careful of companies that use black seo techniques that help you to rank your website. These techniques are actually banned by google and other search engines. If you used these techniques, not only it will cause your current rankings to drop, you might also get into some trouble with google.

SEO Services
SEO Services

First tip that this will be a good seo provider for your companies is that the seo service providers should be or I should say must be able to achieve top rankings for their own website. It is really the most minimum factors you should have if you are a seo service provider. It is like if they are not able to do it for their own website, what else they can do to convince their clients that they are able to optimize their website. So when looking for a good seo service provider, remember that they must achieve top rankings for their own websites.

Secondly, when you look for SEO provider, you should read reviews and testimonials. All these reviews and testimonials should be from some reputable firm as the words coming from them are the more trustworthy. It is because almost all the reputable firms do SEO for their own website. This means most slightly they have engaged quality seo providers for their seo services. In return, they would definitely be more than willing to give a testimonial back to the SEO company. Hence, testimonials from a reputable firm will be more convincing. If it is from someone from some random company, there is possibility that they wrote those testimonials.

Ethical SEO
Ethical SEO

Thirdly, go for the companies that have a certified search engine certificate. This is another minimum requirement that a good seo service provider should have beside the first point as mentioned. It is not difficult to be a qualified consultant as search engines like google, yahoo and Bing are providing certifications. Moreover, search engines are constantly changing the way they display results. It becomes a must to have a certified search engine expert who understands how the changes can affect your website visibility every day and used the right way to continue to rank your website on the first few. It may be cheaper to hire an uncertified consultant, but with a certified consultant, things will be much different.

So while you are looking for seo services, take note of the above mentioned points. They can be a guide for you to choose a right seo provider that helps your company. These are not all the tops but they are quite effective tips that help you to choose the right SEO service provider for your business as they plays an important role in making SEO happens.

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Fixed Testing of Electrical Systems in the Workplace

Checking the condition of your electrical systems on a regular basis is vital for detecting and preventing potential hazards.

Fixed testing, also known as Electrical Installation Condition Reporting or periodic inspection, is a systematic test of all of the various elements of your electrical services, including cabling, switches, lighting and outlet points.


Regulation and Responsibility

In the UK, workplace electrical installation maintenance is covered by several regulations including:


  • 1974 – Health & Safety at Work Act
  • 1989 – Electricity at Work Regulations
  • 1992 – Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations
  • 1999 – Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations


The Electricity at Work regulation specifically states that “all systems shall be maintained so as to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, such danger.”

Companies have a responsibility to their employees and the general public, to look after their health and safety while they are on site. That being said, the 1989 Electricity at Work regulations also recognise that employees must be co-operative in helping to prevent health and safety issues.

Beyond the official regulations, evidence of fixed testing may also be a requirement from your landlord, mortgage provider or insurer.


Testing Frequency

How frequently your electrical systems need to be checked varies depending on the type of equipment you have installed, how often it is used and who it is used by. Typically locations using high powered electrical machinery, or where the public is in close proximity to the technology, will require more rigorous and frequent checks.


In most normal settings it is recommended that a routine check is carried out annually, with formal inspections every five years, or whenever you move into a new property. These time-frames would be suitable for a typical office IT electrical installation.

One notable exception to this is fire alarms, which should be checked weekly, with a formal test at least once a year.

It goes without saying that fixed testing must be carried out by a registered electrician.


Minimising disruption

While this type of testing can seem invasive, Guidance Note 3 of IEE Wiring regulations states that tests should be conducted “in such a way as to minimise disturbance of the installation and inconvenience to the user”. This includes agreeing a convenient time….Read More….evidence of fixed testing

How To Recognise A Pro SEO Company From An Inferior One

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important for companies who want high traffic and rankings for their website.  It is a web marketing strategy. Each company website is different and if taking up SEO, should have the SEO tailored to the company’s industry and needs.


The SEO company should have at least a few years of experience. With a few years of experience, they would have at least done SEOs for a multiple of industries. The SEO Company should have ready, portfolios to show you what they have done for customers previously. With experience comes knowledge as well. If an SEO company has had quite a number of years of experience, they would be better to advice customers on how to go about deciding on things. E.g. The right keywords and topics. Also, ask them to tell you stories. Ask more about the company to get a clearer image, their past clients, how they handle difficult clients and etc.



Proposals –

Get proposals from SEO companies you are interested in. There a few things to look out for before or when getting a proposal.

They ask many questions

Make sure the company asks you a decent amount of questions because this shows their sincerity in doing up a proposal for you. The questions that they ask should not be just about SEO activity but also more on your company, from how it runs, how the company makes money and also where opportunities would come.

Plan is created uniquely

Make sure the SEO Company coming up with your proposal does not use a template to do so. It would be excellent if they look at your company’s strengths and weaknesses before doing up a plan. Finding more about your company takes time but it also means that they will take time coming up with a unique proposal for you.

If the company comes up with a proposal fairly quickly without much communication with you or questions, they probably followed a template to come up with the proposal.

They show portfolios

Not many companies will readily show you their client list and the work they have done for them unless being asked for it. Ask for them to show you their portfolios so you get a better understanding on how they do their planning and also how they execute their plans. Bonus points to companies that show you their portfolios without having you to request for them.

Ask questions –

Make sure to always ask as many questions as possible when in doubt. Some of the questions you can ask are for their opinions on SEO, the future of online marketing and also some of their references.

Do not go for SEO companies who have bad service those who have bad reviews. It will just be a waste of time for you. So make sure to do substantial research and only hire an SEO company when you have absolutely no doubts that the SEO Company is the right one for you.

From these advices, we hope you will find a professional SEO Singapore Company!

Benefits of Fiber Optic Cabling and Why to Choose Fiber Over Copper

fiber optic cabling

Fiber optic cabling is the in-thing these days and more people and companies are investing in this area. The rising demand for high-bandwidth transmission for residential and industrial purposes has increased the need for network cabling services. Fiber optic cables are usually used in bandwidth transmission as the carry optical signal from the optical transmitter to the optical receiver. The received signal is then reconverted into electrical signal. Hence, fiber optical cables act as great medium for telecommunication and networking.

Fiber has significant benefits over copper in terms of cost, environment friendliness, more discreet installation and clearer signal. Fiber is thinner; therefore more fibers can be bundled together in the same space as a copper cable. Over time, fiber is less expensive than copper — with no high-voltage electrical transmitters needed, fiber can help save money for the service provider as well as the end consumer.

Many entrepreneurs are more than willing to invest on any new opportunity in the market. Fiber optic cabling is one area that presents more pros than cons to IT experts and investors. Actually, many investors have enjoyed significant returns on their investments in data cabling. For companies that use the cloud for data storage or applications, network cabling presents unmatched benefits.

  • Top 5 Reasons to Opt for Fiber Optic Cables over Copper Cables

 Fiber optic cable is one of the fastest-growing transmission mediums for cabling installations and upgrades and offers a number of advantages over copper cabling.

1. Faster Transmissions of Data — The competition between the 2 widely used techniques ie; Fiber optic cabling versus copper transmission can be seen as the speed of photons versus electrons. Photons go at the speed of light, while electrons utilized as a part of copper goes at short of what one percent of the speed of light. While fiber optic links don’t move at the speed of light, they come close — just around 31 % slower that of light. Obviously Transmissions over the fiber optic cable is way higher than copper cables.

2. Installation Cost — Fiber optic cables are stronger, less expensive to keep up, and require less equipment. Few years back, the cost of fiber links installation was much higher than coppers, however now the cost among st fiber and copper has little distinction as the cost of fiber link, parts, and equipment has consistently diminished. Overall, fiber is more costly…..

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Why Choose Fibre Optic Cables, And Not Other Cable Options?

Fibre optic cabling has revolutionized the industrial sector. Building and maintaining IT networks has not be an easy undertaking. Many companies have invested a lot of their money in network cabling to support and foresee the growth of their network infrastructures. Indeed, it has become easy to transfer large volumes of data from one location to another at high speed. With advancing data cabling technology, disturbances that have rocked the telecommunications sector are a thing of the past. Those seeking fibre optic cabling services in London should also hassle no more. Today, you will easily seek affordable and quality cabling services online.

Most industrial companies rely on fibre optic cables than other cabling options in the market. If you are new to network cabling, you may be asking yourself “why choose fibre optic cables, and not other cable options?”  Many companies yearn for faster transmission and thus why majority go for fibre optic cabling. Even though fibre cables don’t transfer data at the speed of light, they guarantee a more reliable transfer than available other options.

Fibre optic cabling is also not a fire hazard. All industrial applications demand quality industrial cables that are environment-friendly and will not pose any danger to the recipients. They do not produce any electromagnetic currents that can cause fires at workplaces. Optical fibre cables came in single-mode or multi-mode and can run for longer distances. They take lesser space in cable pathway and will not cause any disturbances during the installation process.


Choosing the Right Network Cabling-Things to Consider

For those dealing with data cabling for the first time, it might take you days to figure out what cabling products you need. Upgrading your network cabling infrastructure will come with more expenses. You will have to change the aging cables and this means seeking more labor. Whenever you notice an increase in lag time and unending network errors, know that your network infrastructure requires an immediate upgrade. One crucial thing to consider is the data capacity that you will be transmitting and capacity you will be transmitting in the near future.


You also have to consider the equipment you use at workplace or you will be using in coming days. If a majority of the equipment you use require a network to operate, choose most reliable fibre optic cables that will meet your needs. You also have to figure out where you will store this equipment. Keep in mind that, plenum cables may be a necessity in the near future. At all times, companies should pay attention to fibre optic cabling and adhere to the set installation regulations to accommodate future needs.

With high demand for data cabling services, you should not have any doubts choosing a good cabling company in London. Go for a company that has been in the market for a long period. Try a company that has been dealing with network cabling services for more than 10 years now. This is a company that guarantees quality services and depicts a good reputation. Its technicians should be qualified and trained to provide the best data cabling solutions. These professionals are available online and you can also contact them through provided emails or phone numbers.


How Industrial Sector Relied On Fibre Optic Cables to Support Their Network Infrastructure

fiber-optics uses

Advancement in technology has brought unmatched transformation in the industrial sector. Today, many companies rely on fiber optic cables for their day to day operations and more so when it comes to the network infrastructure. The modern communication sector has gone through a lot of changes and today we depend on optic fiber to communicate and share ideas from one person to another. Fiber optic is a kind of medium linked to the transmission of data as light pulses on plastic fiber.


Fiber optic cables carry more data than normal copper wires and are not easily subjected to electromagnetic disturbance. Fiber optic cabling is quite demanding especially if you do not have enough labor and many companies are adapting to this technology slowly. Many companies are adjusting to data cabling than traditional metal communication lines because fiber optic cables provide a larger bandwidth than metal cables. This implies that network cabling makes it easy to carry more and reliable information and over long distances. This ability to carry more data increases with frequency and fiber can be added to wire network to reach terminals outside its normal range.

Most industrial companies rely on fibre optic cabling because of its ease mode of installation. Companies have been running cables through ventilation ducts without any complications as this cables are made of costly fire resistant material. Fibre cabling is also helpful in eliminating spark risks, providing maximum data security and offers a better way to transmit data digitally and shun the analogical methods.

Companies have used fibre optic cabling to support their computer network. It has become much easier to send data within the company and to other localities. Fibre cables cover over 99% of the internet total mileage and all international communications. Cloud computing has become the in-thing for many companies as they can store and process data remotely. It also easy these days to stream live videos online especially if you have the right network connection. Through fibre cabling, broadcasting has improved rapidly and new ways of getting information are around the corner thanks to the availability of fibre optic cables.

Fibre optic cabling has also lead to new kinds of medical scanning and diagnosis. New medical gadgets are on the rise and could be used to treat even complicated diseases. Lab on a fibre is one of the latest medical advancements, and it entails a medical expert inserting hair-thin fibre-optic cables into patient’s body. This technology is going to be used to assess how human body works. Fibre cabling is also being used in the military sector where hi-tech military forces are connected via fibre optic cables.

Fibre optic cabling is the trend these days and it is advisable if you want to embrace this new technology, you seek the best fibre cabling services in the market. If in the hunt for the best cabling London services, research extensively and ensure you are dealing with the best fibre optic cabling London Company in the sector. With the many benefits of fibre optic cabling, do not hesitate to have a taste of this new technology.

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How IT Cabling in London Changing the Face of Networking

The advent of technology has changed the world to its best. It easy these days to gather information and transfer it from one source or person to another. Network cabling is the in-thing today and with new information at disposal, many people are aware that cables are used to link computers and networks altogether. Network cables come in many varieties and serve different functions too and you have to choose the best cables to build an efficient network cabling structure. If you find it challenging, you can look for IT cabling London services.

Data cables used in IT cabling London are the only and most effective means which information can be transferred between several computers. Software and hardware devices are also used in networking. Routers, hubs, bridges and network interface Cards (NICs) are also imperative in IT cabling London. Wireless LAN, optical fibers and Ethernet network cables are common hardware used for interlinking computers and other related devices.IT Cabling London

Data cabling or networking makes it easy to design, maintain and organize procedures in a company. Structured cabling is affordable and flexible and can be reinstalled in case of frequent relocation. Through proper IT cabling, it is easy to improve and speed up transfer of information. This reduces the cost of data transfer that a company could incur, saves times and improves general productivity of a company.

Network cables vary in designs and fibre optic cable is one of the widely used models. This network cable model is effective in IT cabling London especially when you are covering a large area. It can also be used to reach long distances than coaxial cable, unshielded twisted pair or the Ethernet cable. Fiber optic cable is widely used as it was designed to have numerous layers of protective coating. It is also an ideal cable to use as it can transfer data faster and accurately overcoming any electrical interferences. If you are buying wires for IT cabling London for the first time, the aforementioned are few things you have to look at as you choose your fiber optic cable.  Networking can be quite challenging if you are doing it for the first time as an individual or company. However, if you seek the best data cabling services in London, you will not only save time but also improve the status of your office or company.

The IT cabling London services provider that you choose should be able to offer affordable installation services and free quotation among other services. The data cabling company of choice should also offer services on 24 hour basis and guarantee professionalism.  Today’s business market is quite competitive and every company or business should embrace networking.  For this reason, find an IT cabling London service provider who will be able to offer extensive and budget-friendly data cabling solutions to satisfaction.


Wireless Networking and Mobile Computing

Wireless Networking

The mobile computing market has exploded in recent years. Improvements in technology and corresponding decreases in price have made it possible for almost everyone to have a mobile device. At the heart of mobile computing, both at home and in the workplace, is a wireless network.

wireless network workplace

Wi-Fi in the workplace has many advantages

  • A wireless (Wi-Fi) network allows companies to move employees and change office layouts quickly with minimal new or additional network installations. This is especially beneficial in environments were physical constraints increase the complexity and cost of installing or relocating cable.
  • Businesses can also introduce practices such as hot desks, where employees are not tied to a particular desk and are free to work anywhere there is a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Flexible work schedules or telecommuting also increase productivity and decrease the cost of utilities. These policies, which are made available by wireless networks, not only save costs but are also very popular with employees.
  • With the rise of the Internet of Things, a reliable wireless network will allow companies to sync a plethora of connected devices, including security access systems, cameras and environmental sensors.
  • Another development that decreases costs is Voice over Wi-Fi telephony. This allows employees and consumers to use a telephone over a wireless network, eliminating the need for costly land lines and the structured cabling required for their use.

Reliability and reputation

Businesses must ensure their wireless networks have a high level of availability and reliability. If employees depend on the network to accomplish their daily tasks, the network must be reliable and fully operational.

Availability is even more important if a company offers Wi-Fi to the public or its customers. If the Wi-Fi network isn’t available, reputation and profit will be impacted.

The wireless network’s performance is highly dependent on the quality of the underlying infrastructure, including data cabling and network equipment. This infrastructure is the link between wireless access points and the internet, and therefore requires sufficient focus and investment to ensure that it operates at the performance level required.

Fortunately, the industry has responded to the growth in mobile computing by developing and producing reliable and inexpensive equipment for wireless access points and wireless LANs (Local Area Networks).

Finally, businesses must also conduct a thorough examination of their critical processes and systems. In some instances, a wired network may be most suited. Although fixed network cabling and connections can be more costly to install and maintain, such a system may be necessary for a company’s most vital systems.

Mobile Computing

mobile computing

Mobile computing will continue to grow exponentially, dominating the consumer and business marketplace. Investing in wireless infrastructure and implementing policies that complement mobile computing are smart business practices. In today’s environment, businesses must recognize the importance of mobility and wireless networks or risk losing market share to a competitor that has already embraced and implemented these technologies.

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