Virtual Office in London

What is a London Virtual Office?

Now that is a good question. Over the past decade, as remote working has become more and more ‘the norm’ — ‘Virtual Offices’ have become common. But what exactly are they? The name would suggest some kind of virtual reality concept, but that’s quite far off the mark.

A Virtual Office London is in fact a service whereby a business (normally one in the startup phase) can have their mail handled and their telephone answered. Let us explain:

Mail Forwarding

First impressions matter a great deal when a business first gets off the ground. That’s why it’s quite understandable if a business owner doesn’t want to give out their home address as their business’s contact address (after all, most businesses start out at home). So how does a Mail Forwarding service work?

A business gives out the mail forwarding address to their contacts (the address is normally in an established business area), mail that then arrives at that address is forwarded onto the actual address where it’s dealt with accordingly.

Telephone Answering

When running a business, it’s not always possible to answer every single phone call. With a Virtual Office Telephone Answering service, business owners are given a unique phone number that can be handled in quite specific ways:

  • Answered in the company name by a receptionist, messages are then taken and emailed
  • Answered in the company name by a receptionist and then forwarded onto another number
  • Directed straight through to another number

Interested in finding out about our very own London Virtual Office service? Take a look here for more information: Virtual Office MadeSimple.

Originally published at on July 21, 2016.


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