How Often Do You Need to Sweep Your Chimney

You have to take care and proper maintenance is required to protect your household properties against different aspects. The chimney is one of the most preferred ones that you have to make a note on. Proper maintenance of your chimneys can help you to protect from needless fires and also from other poisonous gases. Chimney sweeps services can be the best option to ensure the protection of your chimneys. Don’t have an idea about how often do you need to sweep your chimney?

Know more about Chimney Sweeps London and how often to use it.

Firstly, why often do you need to sweep your chimney?

House fires are commonly caused due to creosote builds up on the interior of your chimney. Without having a proper maintenance or unawareness of chimney cleaning and repair will let you to a significant risk. Consider to make up with proper chimney sweep to protect you from the risk in future.

Now let’s get to the point, the chimney sweeps London importance and how often to be done.

How often should you get your chimney repairs?

Definitely, you should have an annual chimney inspection by a reputed chimney sweep organization in London to ensure the possibility of risk. Depending on how often you use the fireplace for burning woods, the possibilities of creosote residue will be will build up more in your chimney. An experienced and professional organization of chimney services London will provide you a clear idea regarding the needs.

There are several factors which influence the amount of creosote deposits on the wall of your chimney which includes the volume of airflow in your chimney, burning of improperly seasoned woods, unburned woods in the firebox and many others. Now, you may get a clear idea that your chimney requires a proper chimney sweep to handle the needful.

There is not an exact rule or conditions on how often chimney cleaning should be made. A perfect examination by an experienced Chimney Sweeps London is the best way to know about your chimney, the materials used, the need for chimney repairs and more about it.

Professional chimney repairs and cleaning includes the processes like sweeping the fireplace, checking firebox, chimney exterior, smoke chamber, liners and appliances for more clearance.

Hiring Chimney Sweeps London to fulfill your needs? Make sure to find a reputed company and get recommendations to hire the best chimney services in London. A certified chimney sweeps London will ensure the safety of your chimney even if you use it for a heating system or ventilation of your furnace.

If you have and use your fireplace in a regular manner, an annual chimney cleaning and inspection is necessary to ensure the safety against unnecessary fires. Reach your local chimney sweeps London and chimney sweeps Essex today to get your chimney cleaned and inspected by the professional and reputed chimney sweep company.

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Top 5 Tips For Buying A Wood Burning Stove

You may know all about wood burning stove which is a heating appliance used to burn wood fuel and wood-derived biomass fuels. There are several reasons to use wood stoves and the most effective things are

  • Wood is a renewable energy resource.
  • Burning of woods doesn’t lead to global warming.
  • Comparing to other heat energy suppliers, wood stoves installation and burning of woods is cost effective.
  • It’s also a most romantic one to express your love in front of a wood burning stove.

Just keep it apart as of now and know the top 5 things to consider before buying perfect and cost-effective wood stoves. Before buying a wood burner, advice from the expertise may help you to choose the best one which suits all your needs.

1. Make sure the size of wood stoves is perfect for the room it is heating.

There are different types of stoves installations are made according to heat different sized spaces. A typical kW rating for a stove generates 4–5 kW of heat which are designed for an average room. For the rooms with much larger spaces, you can consider wood stoves with the rating of 8kW. In addition to that, you should also consider the age of the house, as the new build house may only require less output from the stove than the older house.

2. Wood fuel, solid fuel or multi-fuel stove? Consider what you want to use.

A typical wood stove London is designed to generate the output on firewood or other solid biomass fuels. To have an effective result, you should consider buying seasoned woods from reputed suppliers.

A typical solid fuel stove is designed to generate the output on fuels such as anthracite and other fuels. And a multi fuel stove is able to run on either the wood fuel or a solid fuel. These multi-fuel stoves will give you the choices of burning wood or solid fuels which will be effective than having a single one.

3. Do you have a chimney?

Just a liner can be inserted to make the job done if you already have a chimney. You can also run a fuel up outside your house for an alternative if you don’t have a chimney. But it’s effective while having a chimney and it’s quite easy to setup chimney in your house even from scratch at the time of stoves installation.

4. You must have a proper plan for wood storage.

The dry woods need good air circulation. You can also set up a shed without sides or rows with tarps. In addition to that, you should also find a better plan to stack the woods to keep it off the ground. These things may help you the keep the woods long lasting and also to produce the perfect result to keep your house warm.

5. Heating your home with wood stoves may also involve risk in it.

Make sure that your insurance also covers the risk involved with burning wood stoves. Also, chimney sweeps are necessary and you should inspect your chimney and clean it once in a year to avoid risks. Improper ventilation may also lead to fire accidents and make sure that you are safe with wood stoves.

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Best Thread locker Single & Multi component

Thread locker is a single-component adhesive that, thigh tropic viscosity, low strength anaerobic thread locker,  applied to the threads of fasteners such as screws and bolts to prevent loosening, leakage and corrosion. It cures when confined between two close fitting metal surfaces in the absence of air and in contact with active metal to form a tough thermostat plastic  and completely fill all voids between the interfacing threads.


Thread locker prevent threaded fasteners from vibration and leakage , which makes the assembly an uninitialized component. Used for thread locking and sealing M2 – M8 (ideal for under M6) threaded fasteners, prevent thread from rust and any movement between threads, and ultimately prevents loosening. It is especially suitable for applicable situation where easy disassembly is available, adjusts locating screw, small diameter or long threaded fasteners.

threadlocker 6 - THREADLOCKER

Thread locker adhesives work by filling up to gaps and void spaces between metal putty components. In the absence of air, Thread locker will cure and mechanically bonds the metal components together. Using an anaerobic adhesive prevents the loosening of metal parts due to vibration and protects the joint from corrosion as a result of exposure to moisture. Thread locker should be stored in a cool and dry location in unopened containers at 8 to 28°C. Thread locker storage life decreases with increasing storage temperature. Avoid exposure to heat sources such as direct sunlight or steam pipes. To avoid contamination of the thread locker product with water, do not store outdoors. Keep sealed to prevent moisture pick-up and monomer loss.

How to Find The Best Chimney Sweeping Tips

Do you use your fireplace or your wood stove regularly? If yes then when did you last clean your Chimney? If you do not remember when your chimney was last cleaned then it is probably a time your Chimney sweeping is over due. You might ask why is chimney sweeping necessary. Of course it is or else you have a risk of chimney fire.

In this article I will tell you the DIY tips for chimney sweep and saving a few hundred dollars. Removing ordinary chimney soot is simple and a DIY job. If however you have a creosote built up, you might need the help of professional chimney sweep service. Whatsoever, the first step is to determine if the chimney qualifies for a DIY job or a chimney sweep service would be required.

Tips for DIY chimney sweeping.

1.Check if you can reach the smoke place with a brush.

Most of the chimney fires start in the smoke chamber or the smoke shelf area. So the most important step and area for cleaning is the smoke shelf. Check if you can reach the smoke chamber and still have place for a brush to move around. If you can hen you can do it yourself. Else you will have to hire a professional Chimney Sweep.

2. See if you can reach the chimney crown.

In some places the roof is very steep and it might not be safe or comfortable working on the roof ourselves. In such a case it is not a case for you. Better to call a certified Chimney Sweep.

If however you decide to work on the height yourself please make sure you use a safety harness before you climb on he roof.

3. Do an inspection.

Wear your goggles and put on a respirator before you start the inspection. Now clean the ashes out of the ash box and also remove the grate. Before you open the damper open doors and windows and wait for sometime to stabilise the pressure. After the damper is opened again wait for sometime so that the heat can rise from the home. Now grab a flashlight and enter the firebox with a poker. Examine the smoke chamber with the flash light. If the soot is matte black and less than 1/8 inch, you can do the cleaning yourself. If however if it is deeper a tar like appearance you should immediately stop using the fireplace and call for a professional chimney sweep.

4. Get the right cleaning tools?

There is no uniform size for the brush for cleaning the flue. You will have to climb the roof , measure the flue liner and buy the brush of the required size.

5. Minimize the mess.

Before you start with chimney cleaning cover all you furniture with poly sheet, and canvas tarp so that it can be protected from the soot from settling on the expensive interiors.

Tools for Chimney Sweeping

All the tools required for chimney sweep Kent is mentioned in the article above. However here is the list of the same so that all the tools can be kept handy before starting DIY cleaning to avoid last moment running to the market and frustration

  • Drop cloth
  • Dust mask
  • Flue liner brush
  • Small brush
  • Long handled brush
  • Noodle brush
  • Safety glasses
  • Safety harness
  • Duct tape
  • Poly sheeting
  • Vacuum cleaner

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Why You Should Hire a Chimney Sweep

Your chimney is a vital a part of your home, which implies it ought to be treated per se. Regular maintenance and care is imperative to make sure that your chimney is in safe and sensible operating order especially when the cold weathers of London may freeze your soul.

Before we get into who you ought to hire to clean your chimney, let’s first take a glance at why you ought to rent one within the first place.

Why anyone should hire a chimney sweep?

London weather is elegant, beautiful but too much cold, we need a fireplace in our house every time lit up in the cold airs out there, and you need to maintain your chimney while you are having a fireplace at your home. There are some best Chimney Services in London that might help you at this freezing time.

When you hire a chimney sweep, they are doing rather more than simply clean the flue. They’re addressing problems that would save your home from potential disaster.

Here are some issues chimney sweeps can address:

1. Is your chimney prone to chimney fires; main reason of creosote being built inside?
2. Does your home have the most effective attainable heating and cooling efficiency?
3. Could your family be exposed to deadly carbon monoxide gas poisoning?
4. Does your furnace have to be compelled to be replaced?
5. Are you tributary to the pollution drawback once victimization your fireplace?
6. Why you need to hire a licensed chimney sweep

By not hiring a chimney sweep — or hiring one who’s not certified — you may well be swing your family and your home in danger.

The best chimney sweeps bear rigorous coaching. These certified chimney sweeps are frequently sharpening their skills and learning concerning following chimney safety techniques practiced by the local as well as national authorities.

One of the advantages of hiring a chimney sweep who is certified is that you simply will have full confidence within the person you’re appointing into your home. With a certified company, you’re absolute to receive the foremost current and qualified chimney care.

Working with a licensed chimney sweep company annually ensures that you are simply keeping your family and residential as safe as attainable.

You can definitely hire a certified Chimney Sweep Online, but whenever you hire a chimney sweep, just remember to hire a professional and certified one. Because, it assures you the above qualities we mentioned.

At the end of the day, it’s your loved ones that you care about the most and not the money you are going to spend or save. If you are saving few quids right now, you might be putting your family in danger.


The Glory of Burning a Fire or Stove

As we enter the winter with the dark evenings and first cold period now upon us our unconscious primeval instincts and urges start kicking into play and the romantic and comforting thoughts of sitting snuggled up in front of a warm homely fireplace start to circle in our minds. Ever asked yourself why this is? And furthermore in this modern day time how can we make it possible to give in to these urges and enjoy all the glory of a working fireplace but at the same time be responsible to the environment and be safe in the use of fire in our houses?

Many believe (myself included) that the need and urge to have a controlled fire burning within our dwellings is something planted deep within our psyche that is inherent as a human being and has been ever since our cave man ancestors learned to rub two sticks together! It is an in built need for control and an evolutionary trait that has allowed us to stay warm and safe with illumination at home and the sanitation of our foods and fluids for millennia, it is the feeling of completeness and accomplishment to be sat in the knowledge that whilst the fire burns we are the masters on our environment.

Modern times have made us more conscious and aware of our responsibilities to try to lower our carbon footprint and the amount of damage that we are doing to the planet and unfortunately as human beings we ALL leave our own footprint in one way or another from the cars we drive, planes we fly to the foods we eat and the energy we consume used to power our homes, streets and work places… this list is endless! When you think though about how many of these things are actually crucial to our survival and how many are just comfort things, I suggest that unless you have vacated your home and live in darkness in a tent in a field we are all guilty of some form of unnecessary harm to the environment! Things that are absolute necessities to survival however are food and water and warmth, and of course whilst we do have central heating that heats the entire household through our countless radiators this too comes at a very heavy price…. the cost of the worlds natural gas resources! Let’s also not forget that when burned and during combustion gas too produces poisonous fumes which are exhausted in to the atmosphere.

We of course do know that at present there is no other realistic way to offer to offer complete heating to our properties however it is also a fact that when spending a large portion of our time in one main living room area we can avoid undue waste of natural gas by heating an isolated single room area by way of a high efficiency, low emission stove and be content in the knowledge that when sourced from a responsible fuel supplier the wood that we burn is sustainable and furthermore practically carbon neutral! The cycle of each purposely planted and cultivated tree that is matured, felled and then dried allows the tree during its life to absorb the carbons from the air that will be created during its burning allows the whole process to be relatively green.

So what should we do? Give in to our needs and urges and have a fire or be as responsible to the environment as we can? Fortunately we can do both, by utilizing a measured approach to the timing and type of heating that we provide ourselves with and working the use of our central heating system to heat the whole house when required against the use of a our modern clean burning stoves to heat more localized areas within the house when needed we can find a balance to the amount of natural gas resources we use and the airborne pollution we create!



Fire Why The Fascination?

I have been asking myself of late, in this modern world of gas and electricity why in earth do we love our real wood fires so much. I mean compared to other fuel types they are not controllable, as safe or even as efficient. Oh a lest not forget much less effort.

To answer this question we have to take a look at what bought us to 2017 from the days when we were merely evolved primates, Evolution. The skill to control fire is one that over hundreds of thousands of years has brought several advantages and has changed the way we have evolved.

  • Heat. Heat is one of the key elements that we require for survival
  • light. Having extra light means that we would have been more active and productive for longer.
  • The ability to cook food and boil water. Importantly boiling water was the primary method of sterilization for a milinium.

Tens if thousands of years ago, the human race was tribal. Generally Men would hunt and fight and woman would educate and gather. After several days hunting or gathering the first signs of the village would have been smoke from the fire, then as you drew closer the flickering light would be visible. This would be the first signs that you were home, that fire would have meant; food; safety, family,warmth and home. This instinct is still with us today if you walk into a public house with an open fire like a moth to a lantern you are drawn towards the flames. Maybe you return home to a lit stove, the infra red permiates your skin, the flame lights your face like a summers day and

you know your home.

There is almost a life of its own within a wood fire, the very randomness of the flame caused by a million different variables from heat, to temperature to turbulence combine to make a flame that dances like a belly dancer crossed with a cloud hypnotizing you and holding your gaze. This wood fired flame never becomes boring or tiresome and is ever more beautiful.

Finally as a race I think we like to control what we are afraid of. Fire can be most fearsome of thing, if you take a look a forest fires or a volcano we can only stand in awe powerless in their power. I would have a guess that when fire was first harnessed by a few that they were revered as almost god like. Gunpowder most certainly changed the world order.

And so a fire means many things to us on an instinctive primal level, there is still a little hunter gatherer in each of us although splitting a few logs is probably not the same as hunting a bear or maybe a sabre toothed tiger.

As a chimney sweep we do not have to understand the hidden psychological reasons why we are drawn to fire but if you are like me then you will be fascinated in all that encompasses our job including the hidden, the history and even the mythology.

I am not sure we have come as far as we like to believe from our humble beginnings as cave dwellers, just think fire works, a camp fire or maybe stone baked pizza.

I hope you have enjoyed my little insite into fire and that you take the time to like and share with your friends

Wishing you a happy and safe burning season


What is molybdenum grease used for?

moly grease

Molybdenum Grease helps prevent the depletion of normal grease lubrication by a residual coating of the metal surface with molybdenum disulphide to give ‘dry’ or ‘solid’ lubrication Provides high resistance to oxidation and water washout in addition to having a dispersion of molybdenum disulphide which burnishes onto the metal surfaces to give low friction and long life usage. Molybdenum grease is recommended for use to eliminate these problems. Moly greases are special lubricants that contain molybdenum disulphide as solid lubricant additive; these moly lubes form a solid sliding film on metal surfaces that are subjected to high loads and stresses. The use of molybdenum grease provides superior protection against wear under the most unfavourable lubrication conditions.

A solid dry film multi purpose molybdenum disulphide aerosol spray lubricant, low friction coefficient for running-in of metallic components and component assembly

Many problems arise due to high friction and wear under high temperature applications. High pressure-absorption capacity with low coefficient of friction. This molybdenum grease prevents frictional corrosion and scoring, offers protection from stick-slip and has good anti-corrosion properties. Vibration, reciprocating motion, chock loads, extreme temperatures, difficult-to-lubricate metals, inaccessible points of lubrication, etc. will result in hot hearings, wear on gear teeth, sticking valves, seized screws, difficult maintenance work and time-consuming repairs. and gear oils in circulating and splash Multi purpose lubrication system and gearboxes.

How to Use a Wood Burning Stove

A wood stove is a comfortably cost place in our homes, thanks to the lit-up area or a fireplace.

But having a wood burning place or a wood burning stove is not sufficient, using it is a crucial task, and it becomes a headache if not optimized properly. If you have never done it before, here is a guide for you on how to use a Wood Burning Stove for the first time or we can say for the beginners. The necessary things to recollect are that you just need a hot and quick fireplace where you can spend a quality time with your family as well as guests. There are many types of fireplaces you can own at homes but a classic wood burning over or a wood burning stove has its unique and classy ambience as well as smell. Its utmost necessary that you just never leave a hearth unattended, let’s see how can you use a wood burning stove at your home…

Follow the instructions

Yes, you need to read the user manual by your wood burning stove’s manufacturer. They almost cover all the necessary and precautionary instructions on how to start as well as maintain your wood burning stove. Follow the step by step guide on how to put all the pieces together and most important thing to remember, place your wood burning stove in a safe place preferably in your living area, where kids won’t play with fire and future risks are avoided, plus it gives an advantage of a classy look to your living room when guest are invited for a dinner.

Right Fuel

It is important thing that should not be neglected, using a right quality and quantity of wood is important to avoid wastage and fire. Green wood might waste the fuel because 50% of the wood is s occupied by water and burning water is against chemistry laws, you won’t find it helpful, plus it will cause a lot of smoke in your chimney as well as in your living room, and believe us, you won’t want that. One thing you can do with green wood is take it and dry it yourself, it is the most cheap way to handle green and damp logs of wood at your home, we recommend you give at least a summer to dry these logs by themselves in hot air and clean sunlight. Another thing you can do is to find a supplier that gives home delivery for dried and clean fuel for your wood stove.

Clean Air

Basic chemistry and physics laws are taught in our schools, fire needs proper breathing and it should be controlled when we require it to be, open all the controls on your wood burning stove and make way for air, clean and fresh air from your living room will save you time and money, use proper instructions and guide to control fire if it goes out of your hands.

Start the fire by putting old newspapers inside the stove.

Take proper care

You leave your loved ones near fireplace, it’s important to take care while you do this, installation of proper fire extinguishing fire equipment within reachable area of your fireplace is a good way to keep you safe from uninvited fire.



When Should You Get Your Chimneys Inspected?

Cleaning the chimney at our homes can be a vital task, it’s nearly neglected all the times, but it’s a necessity.

Chimney cleansing can be a special task we regularly treat ourselves with, but question remains is it safe to do it ourselves?

The answer is NO!

You need a knowledgeable Chimney Sweep to perform this task and currently, we have a perfect reason for that. Chimney Sweep performs the duties like removing coal ash, blockages and different wastage coming back from the chimney tube and firepit itself. This cleansing task will guarantee a safer operation of your heating appliance.

It takes a trifle quantity of creosote coating to begin out a chimney fire, and believe us, you don’t want that! Creosote is a very ignitable substance that produces a coating among your chimney or liner as a wasteful product of burning wood. The size of this coating is also higher if you keep burning wood in associate passing wrong manner or having a burner or stove that’s unfit for work. Different woods manufacture different sizes of creosote layers among chimneys. To be honest, creosote reduces the efficiency of any chimney.

We suggest Chimney inspections have to be compelled to be controlled once a year

To ensure that your chimney is functioning clearly as you wish to be, we tend to recommend that owners have to be compelled to organize a chimney examination once a year.

Many homeowners we’ve seen pay attention and take an adequate care of their chimneys however this article is targeted on people who need to pay attention of their heating appliance, for the protection of your well-being, we advise you to scrub your hearth daily and therefore to create certain that no waste matter can stay within the chimney exit and alternative pipes and it won’t take fire.

If you utilize your stoves or fireplaces at only sometimes, still its recommended to induce them checked once throughout a year to verify safety throughout these inspections, any defects are reaching to be checked for if they need maintenance but not clean-up. If you choose for practiced Chimney Sweep, they’re going to place you on their annual clean-up schedules and advice you but there’s maintenance is required.

There are times once you decide to spare a good time for your home which we have gotten to inform you what time is best to induce your chimneys inspected. If you haven’t provided lots of time or haven’t verified your chimney for over a year, it’s a good time to determine your Chimney Sweep at once.

If you’re having any performance issues regarding your chimney or fireplace or maybe your other heating utilities, or if you have got recently enraptured to a fireplace, you want to schedule an appointment with a good chimney sweep kent. Don’t keep waiting if you’re acceptable above points, waiting may result into further Chimney repairs and sadly to property losses. Get your chimney inspected as soon as attainable. Get your Chimney inspected albeit you have got changed some of the system to envision whether or not or not all the other parts are acceptable for this new modification and it check that that it won’t produce any nuisance in future.

If you have got not used your fireplace say like throughout a protracted term; bugs and pests have designed their beautiful nests that will clog your ducts or chimney chamber. Long-term use may result into wear and tear that fully desires attention and over a few years the decay of the system will eventually would like attention and need be, Chimney Repairs. The longer you neglect the maintenance, the lots of pricey the repairs would be. At the tip of the day, safety and valuation must be compelled to match on.

How generally do you need to be compelled to brush your Chimneys?

This depends on lots of constraints and how frequent you utilize your fireplace or stove. but it’s regularly steered to induce your chimney inspected once throughout a year as mentioned above. Thus, albeit you don’t use your chimney lots, birds, bugs ad flies like insects can be victimize your chimney and block its performance.