What Catered Ski Chalet Obergurgl Offers — Family-friendly Skiing in Austria

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Catered ski chalet Obergurgl holiday is the most popular type of ski holiday in Austria and many people visit this region because of its climate and varied skiing experience it presents. In addition, the scenic Obergurgl is the best place to fuel your holiday dreams because of its convenient chalet ski rental services as well as specialized ski and winter sports schools especially if you are traveling with your children.

It may be taxing to find the best accommodation for a family, but catered ski chalet in Obergurgl will satisfy your needs. There are a several must-sees in the course of your vacation in Obergurgl, Austria. You can also spent time at 3,080 meters above sea level bars and enjoy your favorite drink. There are also snow fields where you can ski and enjoy great time like no other. The Catered ski chalet in Obergurgl also comes with top amenities and resort infrastructures that add to a memorable winter holiday in the Alps.

Besides being able to spend quality time in the Obergurgl slopes, there is a lot to expect if you choose catered ski chalet Austria. A luxury ski chalet will add a lot to your skiing adventure as compared to a hotel or motel in Austria. There are many catered ski chalet companies that offer amazing menus to their guests and clients in Obergurgl, but you have to find the best. These meals are prepared by experienced and trained chefs. Most of the available chalet ski will cater for all dietary needs as there is everything for vegetarians and those who love gluten free meals.

Catered ski chalet Obergurgl also promises amazing personalized services. There is always a chalet host or hostess willing to serve you and make your holiday amazing as possible. They are fun to be with and will guide you through the slopes and beaches. They also make great caretakers and will arrange everything for you. Booking a catered chalet ski in Obergurgl will not cost you a fortune. Most of the available chalet ski are budget-friendly and will not drain your account.

Catered chalet ski Obergurgl also offer a great chance to make new friends. Many people visit Austria during the ski seasons and you may share the same chalet with new and amazing people from different walks of life. Staying in a catered chalet ski Obergurgl does not mean you only have to ski. There are other widespread activities that you can enjoy and entertain yourself. You can take a husky ride through the forest, shop, watch an ice hockey game or enjoy snow shoe hiking or curl up by the bonfire with a glass of wine or hot chocolate. If you want to take a break from daily routines, try new experience with the best catered chalet ski in Obergurgl.

Places to stay in Obergurgl —

1. Luxury — The Chalet at 11° East is a rarity in Austria; a luxurious British-owned and British-run private chalet sleeping up to 10 people. Its ski-in/ski-out location in Obergurgl right by the children’s ski school makes it ideal for families.

Hotel Bergwelt is a small luxury hotel run immaculately by the Falkner family. It’s renowned for both its cuisine and wine cellar and has indoor and outdoor pools and a modern spa over three floors.

2. Mid-range — Hotel Edelweiss & Gurgl, Hotel Olympia are mid range perfect ski accommodation in Obergurgul.

3. Budget — Chalet Christophorus is one of the few catered chalets in Obergurgl. House Gstrein is a family-run guest house in a peaceful position by the cross-country track at the foot of Hochgurgl and on the outskirts of Obergurgl.

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Perfect Ski Times in Obergurgl

Perfect Ski Times in Obergurgl

Have you heard the news? Up to 50cm of new snow has fallen on the Alps, plunging many resorts back into the depths of winter. Though many ski resorts in Austria have now closed for the season and will be unable to benefit from the new snow, high-altitude resorts like Obergurgl are benefiting from the cold front. This is the sweet-spot for off-piste skiers and those looking for loads of fresh powder.

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Further good news in the weather forecast reveals the cold front has moved through and spring skiing conditions are ahead. Thanks to high pressure and increasing temperatures, the spring-like conditions will be near perfect this week. Sunshine and clear skies are expected mid-week (Tuesday and Wednesday) and will continue until the weekend. From Friday on, cool winds will approach from the north which will mix with the spring warmth. From the weekend, cooler temperatures and unsettled weather are expected.

Perfect Ski Times in Obergurgl

With 105 out of 110 runs open, fresh powder and blue skies in the forecast, now is the time to take advantage of the perfect ski conditions at the Chalet at 11˚ East!

Perfect Luxury Ski Resorts For Every Holidays In Europe?

It’s March now, the subsequent end of the winter months and the beginning of spring. Winter is essentially over and down with now, and those that have had their fill of downhill jams and merry winter sport fun have returned home to wait out until the end of 2016 to save up and do it all over again. If you or anyone you know are currently impatiently waiting for the next time those three glorious months of winter are back, then continue reading and get ready to take notes.

adventurous skierAs an experienced skier, how many of the resorts you’ve stayed at would you deem “luxury”? For some of you, perhaps that might be one or two depending on how much you saved up that year, but for those who have not yet made the leap to first class, now would be the perfect time for you to give it a try and see how good things can be.

ski resort funA ski resort that knows how to create a balance between the fun you can have outside with the amount of fun you can have inside is definitely one that you should consider very strongly. Imagine coming back from a fun day out in the snow and being greeted by a fully stocked bar and a roaring fireplace to get warm next to while watching movies, playing video games, or even just reading books — It’s the best of both worlds.

Like flower buds in spring, new waves of luxury ski resorts have sprouted in and around Austria and Switzerland, but unfortunately people are missing out on them due to their obscurity. While they may not be the biggest of establishments (some of which fit in only 10 people at a time), you’ll be surprised to see that these hidden little gems are actually greatly better to be at than larger more public lodges.

luxury ski resorts for perfect ski holidaysKeep all this in mind the next time you’re selecting your next snow day ski spree location, and you’ll definitely find that making the leap to luxury ski resorts is the best decision you ever made.

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10 Things to Pack for Off-Piste Skiers

10 Things to Pack for Off-Piste Skiers

If you’re an avid off-piste skier, you never know when the opportunity to ski untracked snow will come up. If you’re prepared, you can be spontaneous, and with Obergurgl’s snow sure reputation, you can bet on the benefit of planning ahead.

It isn’t easy knowing what to take up the mountain so the Chalet at 11˚ East has you covered. Read on for our top 10 things to pack for off-piste skiers.

1. Helmet

Gone are the days when helmets were only used by children and beginner skiers; a helmet is absolutely essential for all skiers. If you don’t already have one make sure you rent one before you go up the mountain.

2. Sunscreen

Regardless of what the weather looks like, always wear sunscreen before you hit the slopes. We recommend bringing a pocket size SPF30–50 with you as well so you can reapply on the hill.

3. Waterbottle or Camelbak

Staying hydrated is very important when you’re expelling so much energy. Always pack a source of water as you won’t always be able to predict how much time you have on the mountain until you’re next rest stop.

4. Snacks

Just like you need to stay hydrated, you also need to stay energised! The best snacks are those that can withstand the cold so try trail mix, mountain bars and peanut butter wraps for the best results.

5. Tranceiver

A transceiver gives you the best chance of survival, should you be unlucky enough to be buried in an avalanche. You need to remember to replace the batteries at the beginning of the season and always turn it on before you go off-piste. To learn how to use it we recommend taking a course on avalanche safety such as the courses offered with the Otravox Safety Academy (click here to see our post on course dates in Obergurgl).

6. Shovel

This is another piece of equipment you’ll need if you get caught in an avalanche and need to dig someone out. Choose a model that is light and collapsible with a long handle. If you can store a probe in the handle, even better.

7. Probe

This is a long collapsible pole used to located anyone buried in the snow, a vital piece of equipment in the event of an avalanche. The best models are made or durable materials like aluminium or carbon and are at least 200–320cm long.

8. First Aid Kit

You never know when this will come in handy for simple things like cuts and blisters or when you may need to use its contents for a fellow skier. We recommend the Life systems Mountain Leader First Aid Kit, it contains 64 items ranging from painkillers to tape and scissors.

9. Thermal Blanket

For emergencies, these are worth keeping in your backpack — it could save you from getting hypothermia. These metallic blankets with reflective cover are windproof, waterproof and provide incredible insulation. They are also so compact that they won’t take up too much space in your backpack.

10. Compass

Having a compass on hand in highly recommended since in the event of an emergency your phone may lose power.

These tips are brought to you by the Chalet at 11˚ East; stay safe and happy skiing!

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7 Tips for Comfortable Ski Boots

One of the biggest complaints that can be heard around the mountain is the cry of skiers, old and young, wearing ill-fitting ski boots. If they are too tight they can ruin your day with ankle pain and discomfort. If they are too loose and you can say goodbye to all control of your turns on the slopes.
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The solution to this problem is to buy your own ski boots and make sure they are properly fitted. Here are our 7 tips on how to make sure you get the right pair.

1. Find the right shop and seek out their boot specialist

Specialist boot-fitters have years of experience and can make the difference between getting the right pair or the wrong pair of ski boots. Generally ski shops will have a least one boot specialist; however, you are advised to call in advance and book an appointment. We recommend doing your homework on the various shops to buy from and experts on hand.
A good shop will also stock a wide range of brands and can create custom boots with orthotics. Avoid end of season sales and buying online based on your size!

2. Wear the right clothing

The wrong socks can make your boots seem too small or too big. Buy a pair of knee high socks that are made for skiing and take these with you for your boot fitting before you buy.

3. Talk about your skiing ability

Your ability level, where you ski, the type of snow, the types of runs you like to ski and past injuries are all major determining factors in which boots you should be wearing. Be prepared to discuss this honestly with your boot specialist.

4. Avoid choosing by brand

Abandon your preconceived notions about certain brands and allow the boot-fitting specialist to guide you. Your skiing ability, the shape of your foot, injury history and needs will determine which brands and models will work for your foot.

5. Orthotics

Orthotics or a custom food-bed will stabilise your feet and reduce the shape of the inside from changing. They can be expensive but generally they are worth it for comfort and durabiltity.

6. Patience

Finding the right boots is not something you want to rush — you may have to search in a few shops before you find the right pair. We recommend leaving plenty of time for this process. Do not leave it to the last minute before you embark on your ski holiday as ill-fitting boots can ruin a holiday!

7. Let your boots wear in

Like any shoes, it will take a few days of wearing your new ski boots for them to feel comfortable. Don’t panic if they feel too tight at first, this is normal. You can reduce the discomfort on the mountain by wearing your boots around the house for a few days before you use them on the slopes. If you have worn the boots for 4–5 days and they are still feeling uncomfortable, do not hesitate to take them back for adjustments.

We hope you enjoyed these tips brought to you by the Chalet at 11˚ East.

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Upcoming Events in Obergurgl

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Upcoming Events in Obergurgl

The ski season is in full swing in Obergurgl which means there are plenty of events and activities to participate in all over the mountain. From après ski to folk music and ski shows, there is something for guests of all ages. Read on for a list of upcoming events to check out if you’re staying at the Chalet at 11˚ East.

Après Ski with Live Music at the Nederhütte


Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, après ski starts at 4pm at the Nederhütte. Enjoy a thirst quenching beverage and traditional après ski cuisine while you listen to live music. The outdoor umbrella bar offers a fun atmosphere at 2,104 meters above sea level with beautiful views of Obergurgl-Hochgurgl below.

luxury ski resorts for perfect ski holidays

Night Skiing and Ski Show


Every Tuesday night until April, the Obergurgl Ski School presents “Winter Playground” in the centre of Obergurgl’s ski area. Ski and snowboard acrobatics along with fireworks are presented under the night sky at 9pm.

Luxury ski

You can also enjoy night skiing on Festkogl, an 8km ski run that stays open from 6:30 until 10pm (last uphill ride).



If you have ever wanted to experience a cold, wintery evening in a hut with fondue, this is your chance! Every Wednesday, Hüttenabend (or Hut Night) takes place. The experience begins with an uphill ride from the Hohe Mut Gondola at 6:30pm where you will be transported to an atmospheric evening filled with fondue, drinks and live music.

You must book in advance by calling the number below.
+ 43 (0) 5256 6396 32

Folk Music Evening


Enjoy traditional music from various groups from Tirol at the Village Hall. The evening begins at 9pm and entrance is free. This is a great night out for the whole family!

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