Moving Offices and Improving Your Technical Infrastructure

When considering office relocation, companies have an excellent opportunity to upgrade their technical infrastructure at little additional cost. They are already going to be outfitting a new office with the equivalent of their old technical infrastructure, so there is no reason they can’t use this as a chance to pay a little more and end up with much greater technical capabilities.

By effectively bundling your office relocation with the upgrade of your IT data cabling technical infrastructure, you will have less downtime, and your employees will feel like the move was more worthwhile.

Here are a few things you should consider when moving office.

Room for Growth: Depending on whether you are relocating, upgrading, or merging offices, it is (hopefully) likely that you will be continuing to grow over the next few years. Knowing this, you want to leave room to grow in your technical infrastructure, so you don’t run up against any hard boundaries in the expansion of your company.

Having Sufficient Bandwidth for WiFi: Every year, we all use more data as we become more dependent on technology. So if you can plan ahead and predict how much data you are going to use, and then make sure you have a wide margin for error, you will be prepared for anything. It would be both frustrating and embarrassing to have your business held back because you couldn’t get enough WiFi.

Embed Flexibility in the Design: The top companies in the world are all able to quickly adapt to the changing economic landscape and make fast adjustments to their business strategy and organization. By setting up your technical infrastructure to allow for flexible working spaces and reorganization, you can enable your company to make changes much more quickly.

Plan Around Your AV Equipment: The audio-visual equipment your company uses should be as friction-less as possible. If it takes too much work to set up a TV screen, video conference, smart board, projector, or anything else, your employees won’t use it and you will have wasted your money.

Build a Great Environment: You want your employees to be excited about coming to work every day. The best way to do this is to design your office so it is as low stress as possible and allows them to work effectively with little friction. It also never hurts if they are proud of the space they are in.

Office Relocation Investment

The good news is most of these innovations are based around planning an office move rather than extra expense. You can get a positive return on your office relocation investment by making sure you have thought this entire out.

If executed properly, your office relocation should yield higher employee retention, increased productivity, and a space you are proud to tour clients around. Technical infrastructure is the foundation underpins your business, and you will be amazed at the difference it can make in your day-to-day use of your office space.


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