Top 5 Benefits of Fiber Internet for Your Business

Fibre Internet is at present getting more populous, the usage is high but the cost is less. Thus, this favors both the consumer and the provider. The service contracts are easier and lighter than earlier internet connectivity. The combination of fiber paired up with VOIP telephony is the best combo for official purposes. this fiber internet is very much useful for heavy data storing firms as the cloud for apps provide greater space for the company to back up the enormous quantity of their data.

Based on the following advantages the fiber internet is of great use:

  1. Speed

They provide a faster internet than copper connections the range may also be increased from 5 MBPS to 100 MBPS. The internet in such connection does not slow down at all. Every time when the internet slows down, the cost of the employee’s loss is getting higher. This loss is around one week’s work per year of productivity is lost. As the waiting period of the employee may affect the growth of the company very badly, in turn, inhibits the growth of the employee and the company drastically.

  1. Cloud Access

Round 82% of the organizations use cloud where the CRM tools were used to enhance the ongoing process. The disadvantage is accessing information in SaaS is a little delayed process. But the customers do not face any delay in their processing or consumption order. The services in business are more and more turning towards the cloud, this is turning fiber internet to face many critical issues.

  1. Significant reliability

The strength of the fiber optics is more when compared to the copper. Thus, they are not susceptible to weather changes like copper cabling has shown many damaged wires, stalling of data transmission, etc.

The unreliable internet connection may lead to still business many times, this may turn the productivity upside down wherein the phone calls and application accessibility is also inhibited. In return, the communication and connection between the two firms might be numb leading to business loss.

  1. Signal Strength:

The Ethernet or DSL internet connection using copper wires may insist the workers move away due to the delayed signal. Irrespective of the distance the signal reach in the fiber optics is excellent, fibre optic cabling in London. The cloud facilitates signaling and improves the workspace for the employee. The telecommunication room is no more necessary to impact the broadband connection.

  1. Bandwidth

The fiber internet is a “hit the cap” option which ensures proper cable internet bandwidth. The fiber optic internet never decreases in speed though there might be minor fluctuation. The major favoring areas are

  • SIP trunking via a telephone connection
  • Web Conferencing via internet
  • High definition videos are streamed
  • Sharing important files
  • Cloud Applications

Upgrading of the fiber optic connectivity is possible, there can be no low bandwidth where speed, delay, video quality showing pixels are avoided.

Thus, the use of fiber internet is fruitful to grow the business to the next level without any delay from network cabling London or structured cabling side.

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Cabling Requirements When Upgrading Your Office

Office Relocation IT Moves and Changes

The world of business is ever changing and it’s likely that, due to factors such as growth, your business will need to upgrade its office or look for new premises. Upgrading your premises can be an essential move, but our reliance on IT often presents a daunting and complicated scenario. The sheer amount of cabling required to ensure your IT capabilities are working to their maximum is mind boggling. Therefore, it’s crucial that you understand your cabling requirements when upgrading your office.

Data cabling for Office Relocation

Cabling remains a vital requirement for any business that wants to remain productive and reduce downtime, so it’s important that it’s prioritised when relocating. For a successful relocation, make sure you consider the following:

  • Understand the New Location: A new set of premises need to be carefully evaluated in order to understand the infrastructure capabilities. Surveying the physical layout should be your first move as this will allow you to plan where your cabling, power supplies, networks and telecommunications can be installed.
  • Plan a Budget: Drawing up a budget that understands all your current cabling needs and integrates all the relevant resources should allow you to get a better of understanding of what’s involved in the relocation.
  • Consider Future Expansion: It’s highly likely that your business will need to expand to aid future growth and take advantage of new technology. Therefore, you should always make sure your new premises allow you to expand in terms of both space and the ability to integrate additional cabling.

IT Moves and Changes

Equipment and employee changes can have a drastic impact on the layout of your office. Couple this with the need for expansion and it’s clear to see that reorganising an office and its cabling is a tall task. IT Moves and changes As a result, the following relocation factors need to be considered:

  • Moving Office Furniture: IT cabling London can run under, over and across your office furniture, so it presents a major obstacle when it comes changing your office around. The main sticking point is the downtime incurred from employees unable to work at their computers, so the simplest solution is to move the furniture around out of hours.
  • Additional Power Supplies and Data Solutions: With an increase of new equipment comes the need for an upgrade in power supplies and data cabling London solutions. However, these utilities also require new cabling or a reworking of existing cabling, so it’s essential that consideration is given to achieving this successfully.
  • Reorganise and Classify Your Cabling: Over time, office cabling can become severely jumbled as new equipment is integrated and older cabling is left behind. A full office upgrade provides a fantastic opportunity to organise your cabling into something more coherent, so take the time to colour code your cables and simplify their traceability.

Relocating or upgrading your office is never an easy task and it’s especially difficult when it comes to reorganising your cabling. However, with careful consideration, planning and expert support you can ensure that these tasks are completed successfully and with minimal downtime.

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Top 10 Network Cabling Tips for Offices

Network Cablings a combination of network cables and associated hardware, used to connect one network device to other network devices or to connect a number of computers to share printers, scanners etc.

There are various types of Network Cabling, such as coaxial cables, fibre optic cabling and twisted pair cables. They are used depending on the network’s physical layer, topology and size. Out of these types, fibre optic cabling stands out to be the most effective solution for modern Data Cabling requirements. Network cabling is of paramount importance to drive the effective business in today’s digital era.

Structured data cabling is the foundation of any business network, the pathway to transmit data, video, and voice information. If you want to have structured cabling installation done in your office to maintain the network performance efficiently, take a look at the following tips:

Choose the Layout- Depending upon the number of devices to connect, choose the Network Cabling layout. You need to consider the future expansion before finalizing it.

Choose the correct variant- There are three types of fibre optic cable commonly used: single mode, multimode and plastic optical fibre (POF).All of them varies in size and diameter and transmission properties. One must choose the cost-effective variant for better prospects.

Identification- It can be cumbersome to keep track of cables running through walls and across several rooms if they are not properly marked.

Have a detailed record for every cable to make your Network Cabling organised.

Colour Codes- By categorising groups of cables of the same type, it will be quicker and simpler to troubleshoot connectivity problems. Using different colours for cables with certain purposes means cables can be rapidly identified and checked if a network issue arises.

Labelling– Ensure the origin and end of the cables by labelling them correctly. There are numerous cables which might seem like a mess during a problem time.

Choose the correct Length– To maintain the Network Cabling effectively, choose the correct length. The unnecessary longer cables would reduce the performance significantly and affect the aesthetics.

Assure safety– As there are active transmission signals in your Network Cabling, keep yourself safe from them. Do incorporate cable ties for winding them together, cover open ends by caps, have basic safety training done by the employees.

Get professional help– If you find any abnormalities with the Network Cabling, get help from the professional services. Don’t attempt fixing them by your own. It might not be safe and affect the performance of cabling.

Choose high end Routers– Routers connect your office network to the internet and each device will get unique IP address. Choosing high quality routers add to the data integrity and security.

Well begun is half done– Start early planning of the Network Cabling London installation? Its beneficial to finish the installation well in advance so the potential issues with data integrity and security would be solved before starting the actual work.

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Guide for Choosing the Right Data Cabling

While starting a new business, upgrading the network or relocating to a new place, it’s important to choose the right network cabling. Running with a perfect data cabling for your business helps you to increase the productivity and efficiency of your business in a perfect way. But a wrong voice and network cabling can end up being very costly for your business. It has a chance to interfere with your ability to communicate with your clients and business persons using data or voice.

Choosing the best- structured data cabling for your business requires you to consider some of the important aspects which are listed below.

Choose according to your needs

Initially, you need to determine the speed and bandwidth of the network which suite perfectly to support your business operations. You can determine it by the following metrics

  • Workstations that are currently connected to your network.
  • The volume of data that your network needs to be handled.
  • Cable traveling distance.
  • Most importantly, your budget limitations.

There are also available of several applications to monitor your network usage and the requirement of your bandwidth. Always add extra bandwidth than your current needs. You can adapt your network when your business grows with those extra bandwidths.


With the growing demand, the cost of fiber optics reduces gradually. But the copper wire network cabling was more considered because of less expensive. You can make your option by comparing both with the performance and cost which suits well according to your business needs and budget.


The manufacturers of copper and fiber cables are making products with higher capacity and flexibility as the bandwidth demands continue to rise. Fiber optics data cabling are considered the most and the copper cable also delivers higher speed with the demand. Choose wisely according to the needs of your business.


More than just a distance consideration, measuring the length of network cable is more important. It is considered as most important because some of the cable materials are designed to deliver greater distance data transmit than others. In this condition, fiber optics can travel a longer distance with less loss.


It’s more important to go with quality of the cable data cabling for your business. You can find a dramatic difference between the pricing of different network cables. Most of all the bargain-priced cables will not deliver the efficiency and output than the higher quality cables which are priced a little bit higher. High-quality cable by top and well-known manufactures ensures you to get high-quality cables that deliver higher performance and reliability.


Copper cables are not immune to electromagnetic interfaces but the fiber optic cables do. You should also consider about the environment in which your cable runs. When the copper cable runs close to electromagnetic devices, it may also lead to bandwidth and other network issues. A proper jacketed copper cable can also perform well almost as durable as fiber cable. In addition to that, data cabling process should be incredibly perfect to protect your network from these issues.

Proper installation

Structured cabling installation should be made by the professionals to deliver high quality of work done. The efficiency and effectiveness of the cables can last long when the data cabling is made as perfect it can be. The right data cabling can also require less maintenance as they are installed in a proper manner.

Make your perfect decision and choose the right data cabling Watford which suits well for your business needs and also according to your budget.

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Data Cabling — Hiding your AV Equipment

IT Cabling — Residential Audio Visual Installations

“To See or Not to See”

Is it a Mirror? Is it a TV? Is it Both?

On every Residential AV Installation you have the decision to make of how much equipment do I have and where to have your equipment.

Equipment such as Sky Boxes, DVD Players, Speakers ,Amplifiers, Music Servers, Movie Servers, and a whole lot more.

The standard method is a Television in each room with a Sky box and DVD linked directly to the television. On a stand this looks fine but with handing a flat screen TV do you still have an unsightly furniture piece under it and take away the effect of the flat screen. If there is to be no furniture where does all the equipment go? Also what if you have more than 3 televisions and Sky will only give you 3 boxes?

Then to speakers, do you have visible round speakers in your ceiling messing with your lighting design, do you have speakers on your wall, do you like the sight of them visible or not?

Some clever solutions we utilise to hide your AV equipment with great effect.

Picture Frame Televisions


Mirror TV installation — Is it a Television, a mirror, a family picture frame, an Aquarium? The choice is yours

Stealth Speakers


These speakers install flush with your walls.They are then painted with the wall so they disappear

Central Control System

Put all your Sky boxes, DVD players, Music and Movie servers all in a central location and cable to each location. All your equipment fully hidden, useable by all locations and fully functional

Then onto control. Do you have a separate control for everything you own or do you combine, can you control your house from one place or must you have separate control for each area.

See more about Home Audio Visual Installation and Home Automation from NM cabling Solutions.

NM Cabling Solutions London

NM Cabling offer Free Audio Visual Consultations on all Residential AV installations whether it be additional works, new builds or refurbishment. Consultations will cover equipment, systems, data cabling, and future proofing your system.



New Data Cabling for London Duck Tours Office

NM Cabling Installs Office Cabling System for Duck Tours


A new structured cabling installation for the classic London Duck Tours

The new structured cabling system will include providing data cabling across several floors to include a Cat6 structured cabling and fibre optic cabling to link their existing IT cabling network to their new offices.

London Duck Tours operate from their booking store and offices outside Waterloo Station. Their distinctive yellow amphibious vehicles are a frequent spectacle on the London Streets and River Thames.

Cabling work will take place over a compressed timeframe to minimize disruption for the company and other occupants of the building


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How IT Cabling in London Changing the Face of Networking

The advent of technology has changed the world to its best. It easy these days to gather information and transfer it from one source or person to another. Network cabling is the in-thing today and with new information at disposal, many people are aware that cables are used to link computers and networks altogether. Network cables come in many varieties and serve different functions too and you have to choose the best cables to build an efficient network cabling structure. If you find it challenging, you can look for IT cabling London services.

Data cables used in IT cabling London are the only and most effective means which information can be transferred between several computers. Software and hardware devices are also used in networking. Routers, hubs, bridges and network interface Cards (NICs) are also imperative in IT cabling London. Wireless LAN, optical fibers and Ethernet network cables are common hardware used for interlinking computers and other related devices.IT Cabling London

Data cabling or networking makes it easy to design, maintain and organize procedures in a company. Structured cabling is affordable and flexible and can be reinstalled in case of frequent relocation. Through proper IT cabling, it is easy to improve and speed up transfer of information. This reduces the cost of data transfer that a company could incur, saves times and improves general productivity of a company.

Network cables vary in designs and fibre optic cable is one of the widely used models. This network cable model is effective in IT cabling London especially when you are covering a large area. It can also be used to reach long distances than coaxial cable, unshielded twisted pair or the Ethernet cable. Fiber optic cable is widely used as it was designed to have numerous layers of protective coating. It is also an ideal cable to use as it can transfer data faster and accurately overcoming any electrical interferences. If you are buying wires for IT cabling London for the first time, the aforementioned are few things you have to look at as you choose your fiber optic cable.  Networking can be quite challenging if you are doing it for the first time as an individual or company. However, if you seek the best data cabling services in London, you will not only save time but also improve the status of your office or company.

The IT cabling London services provider that you choose should be able to offer affordable installation services and free quotation among other services. The data cabling company of choice should also offer services on 24 hour basis and guarantee professionalism.  Today’s business market is quite competitive and every company or business should embrace networking.  For this reason, find an IT cabling London service provider who will be able to offer extensive and budget-friendly data cabling solutions to satisfaction.


The Benefits of IT Cabling Systems On Work


Talking about technology especially mass technology, the one that are used massively by people from all around the globe, we feels like coming to the world of infinity. The nee of more stable and resilient internet network is undeniably rising in our daily live.

The wireless internet connection is good and very popular so far but it is proven to be very dependent on weather and other technical issue. People are demanding for more stable and strong internet network. The answer for this problem is the network cabling. IT cabling London is the answer for the need of stable and reliable worry free network in the UK.

The fibre optic cabling used in the new revolutionary networking system is very reliable and free of disturbance. The data cabling is plant deep underground make it free of disturbance from weather and other technical problem. The data cabling is uniquely fast as it is able to deliver a very speedy connection to bring you a real time experience in connecting with your family, friends, colleagues and clients. It is a must have for modern busy people. It will support your study, your work and of course your social relationships.

The cabling London is growing very fast nowadays and thanks to the fiber optic that makes everything so easy and worries free. There are many IT cabling London that can help you start to join this movement and be read for the next.

The IT cabling London company will help you do the installation and get your self connected to the service that is used by so many people in London. The installation is not really complicated as it is like an investment by doing a one time digging and installing and then all is done for the rest of your life. It is that simple. In London, the cabling system is really advance that make it possible for anyone to be able to get the opportunity and their right to connect with other people by using this service.

The IT cabling company will also give you an options of the speed and volume of data you want to get as there are so many options and all is designed to meet your different needs.

IT cabling is not only used in London but it is a trend anywhere in the world. It is known that the cable connection is always safer, faster and worry free. As the cabling infrastructure always becomes homework for the technician, the IT cabling is a difference. The cabling system is so integrated and very easy to maintain. The provider will do a regular maintenance to make sure that there is no problem with the infrastructure and the connection is as smooth as the electricity.

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