Advantages of Laser Cutting

Previously I wrote about CNC Machinery and wrote about some of the different machinery available, one I didn’t mention was CNC Laser Cutting, this is another Computer Numerical Controlled process that uses laser technology to cut materials. Laser Cutting is used in production lines and is not designed for domestic purposes; they must be used in a controlled environment by a professional trained individual.

A computer directs a high powered laser on to the desired material, telling it where and when to cut, this gives precision results that would simply not be possible by hand and blade. When the laser comes in to contact with the material it either vaporises, melts or burns away the cut out area, some machines use a jet of gas to blow away excess material. The end result is a high quality finished edge that is straight and perfect. Laser cutting London machinery is used to cut piping and structural materials as well as flat sheet materials.

The style of these two lasers is actually identical but the application process is different. Nd is designed for use when low repetition but high energy is required and Nd-YAG is designed for use during engraving and boring when extremely high power is needed

All three types are capable of welding as well as cutting.

Original Source: CNC Machining London

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