How Important is Chimney Sweep History?

A chimney sweep is a worker responsible for clearing ash, unwanted dust particles and soot from the chimneys. This was carried out by the guild of master chimney sweep and a chimney must be cleaned from the soot in a proper manner to avoid unnecessary fire accidents.

The chimney sweep has been around hundreds of years and still in this modern period it is considered as one of the important and necessary profession. Even our history clearly states that the chimneys have to be brush cleaned to stay away from the risks involved. Long back at the age of 17th century chimney sweep training is provided to younger age boys who are employed by the master sweep.

Those small boys are responsible to climb and scrabble up the chimneys with the guild of their master chimney sweep. Chimney sweep UK in the older days consists of the same process to clean up the chimneys from ash and soot. The task for these buys is to brush clean the inner surface of chimneys with small hand-held brushes. In addition to that metal scrapers are also used to clean up the harder tar deposits due to the firing of woods and long fire smokes.

The fins chimney sweep boys were usually apprentices and bound to trade as young even at the age of seven years old. The boys were usually orphans or parish children’s and even few of others were sold into the trade by their families. Most of all time, the master will be paid the fee to clothe and to offer chimney sweep training to the child to trade.

However, the conditions for the boys were harsh and also it was a dangerous job to climb and clean chimneys without any protection and safety measures. At last in the year 1864, Lord Shaftesbury bought in the “Act for the regulation of chimney sweepers” which established the penalty for the offenders and landlords outlawed the use of climbing boys.

In early of the 18th century, different types of chimney sweep methods were developed which reduced the risks involved in the process of chimney cleaning. After that period, different types and modern equipment’s were introduced in a regular manner and the chimney sweep training are provided with perfect safety measures.

In the 1960s, electricity and gas have gradually replaced the use of coal and fireplace as the main heating source for all homes. But still the use of fireplaces gained its importance due to the price of fossil fuels rose dramatically in the 1970s.

In the recent days, the fireplaces are getting used in a regular manner rather han just used for decoration which representing the comeback of the professional chimney sweeps. Today, the chimney sweep profession is well respected which helps to offer the home owners to maintain safe operation of fireplaces, chimneys, wood stoves, heating systems of all kind. Stay safe with your fireplaces as the professional chimney sweeps are there to take care of your safety.

Originally published at on March 8, 2018.


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