Why Sweep Your Chimney?

Need for chimney sweeping comes from the ash and soot that gets collected in the chimneys, the restricted flow of air through chimneys which is caused by high pressure of gas and large amount of burning coals. Chimney sweep is the ultimate solution to get rid of or avoid chimney fires. Gas in the chimney might inhale through the holes and broken blocks that would lead to the danger of house fire.

For chimney cleaning professionals can be hired to get the best results. Occasional chimney sweeps can make them work better and pollutants are less hazardous. Chimney cleaning should be done twice a year and more often if you are using it frequently. Chimney sweeps should be done in an appropriate way that is from top to bottom which helps to get the flue out properly. To avoid dangerous gases to get spread in the air that might cause illness and diseases. It would affect badly on health and can cause several health related issues.

To get hot, clean-burning fire you should ensure that chimney repairs are done effectively which means making sure that creosote formed because of the unburden wood has been totally removed or reduced.

Chimney repairs and chimney cleaning using modern machinery can give best results. It is more reliable than the traditional methods. It will give better output in lesser time. Chimney repairs should be done on time that is before the weather suitable for it goes away. It should be done preferably before monsoon starts, to avoid the water leaking problems. Lack of maintenance and ignored chimney cleaning would cause many problems in the future. Chimney repairs activities such as chimney rebuilding, chimney relining and installing manufactured chimney systems are recommended by the professionals.

What can be done to avoid these problems?

  • Check whether the chimney is properly working and there are no gaps or blockage.
  • Schedule your chimney repairs every year to avoid problems such as house fire.
  • Make sure chimney cleaning is done more often.
  • Ensure that wood is burning properly to prevent your chimney from creosote oil.
  • Install Carbon monoxide detectors on each floor.
  • Get your chimney cleaning and repairs done by the professionals to gain safe and clean fire for years.

When did you last have the flue swept? Has it been tested for smoke integrity to ensure that no cracks or faults have developed? Are dangerous gases able to escape?

If you have a gas-flame effect fire or an occasional solid-fuel fire, you should have your chimney swept once a year. If it’s in daily use, you should have it swept twice a year,’ says Jim Gannon, of The Fireplace Shop in Hammer smith, West London

Source: http://www.wowyar.com


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