How to Prevent a Chimney Fire in Your Home

Having a fireplace at your house is one of the best luxuries to let your winter pass by in the most comfortable way. It lets you mellow-out and enjoy the winter in the best possible way. With the arrival of the cold autumn and winter, these fireplaces would become the heart of every household. But these chimneys are as dangerous as merry and cosy they make us, if not cleaned and maintained properly. A chimney fire constitutes about 3% of all the house fires and could be prevented if maintained according to its usage. Besides paying attention to the kind of wood being used and the way the fireplace is lit, chimney sweeps are another way to prevent chimney fires.

Regular or periodical Chimney sweeps are the only way to prevent chimney fires. As per the recommendations every household shall at least have two chimney cleaning process every year though one should ideally look for the signs of chimney fires such as “Puffy” or “honey combed” creosote, Cracked or collapsed flue tiles, Discoloured and/or distorted rain cap, Cracks in exterior masonry, Evidence of smoke escaping through mortar joints of masonry or tile liners. Chimney services such as chimney repairs and chimney sweeps shall be considered as a cardinal practice so as to avoid violent and disastrous chimney fires. The chimney repairs helps in restoring the cracked or collapsed flue tiles whereas chimney sweeps helps in the removing the settled creosote on the inner wall of the chimney. Creosote is highly combustible in nature and are the main cause of chimney fires.Chimney sweeps not only prevents fire but also has other advantages. Here we have listed three benefits of chimney sweeps:-


Enhanced efficiency

Chimney sweeps ensures that all the settled creosote or any other form of dirt stays away from the inner walls of your chimney. Hence chimney sweeps makes your chimney efficient as clean chimneys can easily filter the smoke out of your house


Enhanced safety

Frequent use of your chimneys lead to settlement of unwanted creosote on the inner walls of the chimney which could be very dangerous if you fail to clean your chimneys regularly. The chimney sweeps ensure the safety of your chimneys. It further clogs the air duct that could prevent the release of carbon monoxide. The consequences of this could be life-threatening.


Enhanced life

Chimney sweeps are not only good for your life but it also enhances the working life of your chimneys. Regular chimney sweeps and maintenance ensures that situation of your chimneys stays intact and gets repaired before it worsens. Also a professional chimney sweeper can easily identify any problem with the chimney before it starts showing clear signs of damage. Hence enhancing the working life of your chimney.

Chimneys or the fireplace are the cosiest and most comfortable part of the house and they form the heart of your house every winter. Hence it is our duty towards our loved ones to keep them safe by maintain the fireplace.



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