What is Structured Cabling?

Companies are increasingly looking to technology to differentiate from their competitors. Communication with customers, whether by email, social media, or traditional voice channels offers a real opportunity to boost competitive advantage.

As such, companies are investing in Structured Cabling to ensure that their networks can stand up to the demands of their user base and deliver a great customer experience.

Data cabling is the infrastructure that connects computers and other nodes throughout your company and it is therefore a key, but sometimes overlooked, part of your IT landscape.

As companies gradually turn to software and internet hosted applications, the speed and quality of your internal networks can have a serious impact on the productivity and performance of your workforce. A structured Cabling network can carry high bandwidth which will be able to support new applications and will not become quickly out-dated.

We live in a world where we are increasingly connected and reliant on our technology, and in some situations Wi-Fi, or mobile connectivity simply does not offer the required level of speed or resiliency. With continued rapid changes in technology, it is important that you examine your structured cabling solutions.

Structured Cabling can replace various wiring systems with a single, unified system that can transmit data in any format, from voice to video. Many forms of device can be connected whether it be PC, telephone or fax, it is sufficient to use the appropriate adapter.

Investment in your network infrastructure will ensure the best performance, with minimal downtime over the longest period of time.

Data Cabling Case Studies

No two cabling projects are the same, as each will have its own technicalities and nuances. While much of the technology that underpins data cabling has become standardised and commoditised, it is important to find an overall solution that is tailored to meet your needs.

Structured Cabling systems allow you to make moves and changes in a matter of minutes. Whether it is a simple change of desks or an entire office reorganization involving moving floors, simply plug-in and get back to work with minimum disruption. The intrinsic flexibility of structured cabling systems can save time and money.

NM Cabling has experience implementing structured cabling projects across a wide range of areas, ranging from corporate solutions to Luxury yachts. Our Structured Cabling case studies can help you to understand the importance of cabling as part of the overall IT solution, and highlight some of the opportunities that may be available to you.

The right cabling solution, designed and installed for your requirements will keep you one step ahead of your competitors by ensuring that your network is greater than the sum of its parts.

For more information or for a Free Structured Cabling audit speak to an expert. You can also Contact NM Cabling for a free cabling review or survey 01923 888588.

Source: http://www.nmcabling.co.uk/2015/03/structured-cabling/


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