What is a Company Formation Agent?

If you’re thinking about about starting your own business and have begun researching your options, one term you’ve probably seen mentioned a few times is ‘company formation agent’. But what does this mean? Let’s take a look.

Company Formation Agent

In the UK there are a number of different business structures available to would-be entrepreneurs, with the two main ones being sold traders and limited companies (with there being a number of different limited company types). A company formation is specifically related to the latter of these structures and describes the process of starting a company.

As can probably now guess, a company formation agent is a person or company – such as us here at Company Formation MadeSimple – who can assist you in forming your new company.

UK companies cannot be formed without the say-so of Companies House. Now Companies House is not a company formation agent, instead they are the UK’s registrar of companies. All companies must be formed through the, regardless of whether they’re formed with a company formation agent or through Companies house directly.

This begs the question, if you can form directly with Companies House – why use a company formation agent at all?

Companies House offer a basic online company formation service with no extras whatsoever.

On the other hand a company formation agent, such as us, can form the company and include extras such as a:

Use of a registered office address which helps protect residential addresses from the public register

  • Use of a directors’ service address which again helps protect residential addresses from the public register
  • Confirmation statement (an annual filing obligation for all companies) preparation and filing
  • Maintenance of the ‘people with significant control register’ – another obligation for all limited companies

Start your business adventure with Company Formation MadeSimple – The Simplest Company Formation Service. We’ve helped over 500,000 people turn their idea into a reality, are you next?


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