Why Do You Clean Your Chimney Before Winter?

The winter season is around the corner and every homeowner should be ready to welcome this cold season. Ensuring your chimney is in the best condition is one great way of welcoming the winter season. Winter is one season when many people start using their chimneys again. To welcome Christmas and Santa Claus to your home with bliss, you have to ensure your chimney is properly inspected and cleaned. You can do it yourself or have a certified and qualified chimney sweep give your fireplace a new look.

If you know you live in areas where there are high possibilities of experiencing harsh winters, you have to prepare in advance. It may sound easy to clean and inspect a chimney, but it is always not the case. If you are ready to enjoy your favorite beverage by a warm fire, keep your fireplace in the best condition. You will also save more on repair cost and spend what you have saved on keeping your family and loved ones happy. If you are well-versed with chimney cleaning procedure, there is a lot to do and keep it in the best status.

Chimney Cleaning Before Winter- Everything You Need To Know

As you prepare for the winter season, you have to make safety your first and core concern. At all times, you should ensure you have working smoke alarms as well as carbon monoxide detectors. These are helpful devices that will ensure you are aware of any unexpected fires or smoke in your fireplace. However, ensure you don’t place these safety devices within 15 feet of fireplaces or furnaces especially when they are turned on. If they are not working properly, replace them yourself or have a chimney sweep replace them.

You also need to schedule for chimney cleaning and inspection. Sweeping your chimney will ensure there is no damage and the fireplace is in the best condition. Keep in mind that creosote is highly flammable and can cause hazardous fires. Annual chimney sweep is essential as you will get a chance to clear soot deposits on the chimney. If you find it taxing to clean your chimney, it is advisable to go for the best chimney services in the market. There is always a reputed chimney repairs and cleaning company for hire.

As you prepare for winter, owning a working fire extinguisher is a core precaution in every home. Fire outbreak is quite common and you should be prepared always. Also, ensure you enlighten everyone in the house how to properly use a fire extinguisher. You also need to find and plug hidden leaks. Most of the cold winter air gets into homes through openings where pipes, vents or electrical conduits pass through the floor, ceilings or walls. Use caulk to effectively seal any small gaps in the chimney.

This is not all. To be set for the winter season, you also have to protect pipes from freezing and bursting as well as add insulation. As you seek the best chimney sweep services out there, don’t forget to get abundant seasoned firewood for burning and other essential emergency kits. If you know your chimney is not ready for winter, contact certified chimney sweep professionals in the market. Chimney sweeps services are a click away, and come at budget-friendly rates. Why suffer during the winter season, when you should have great moments with your loved ones? Find a chimney sweep today.

Source: http://www.turnonyourbrand.net


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