Virtual Offices & Mobile Devices — is This The Next Step for a Business?

Virtual Office

Virtual offices have made it incredibly easy to work from locations outside of the physical office space. Most people using a virtual office will work from home, or perhaps some kind of shared space. However there are a lot of different types of problems if you have a business that requires you to be on the go — can you work as effectively on a plane or train as you can at home?


When you choose a virtual office package, there are plenty of options in terms of handling calls and post — but what about the practical applications of being completely mobile? You could take a laptop on a train or a plane, but what about using mobile devices like tablets and phones?

In this post we will determine how the modern era of mobile devices can be a great way to be even more mobile in a virtual office.

First Off — Is Mobile Really Ready For Work?

Like we said in the beginning of this post, you can easily bring a laptop to most places and use it for work. But, they are not as mobile as we once felt. The convenience of a high end smartphone or tablet really rivals the basic business laptops in terms of accessibility.

The era of smartphones has meant that there are a lot of ways a business can make use of such devices for work purposes. Reasons that mobile is now ready for work include:

  • Power — The processing capabilities, not to mention the battery life of mobile devices makes them ideal for work — with many manufacturers focussing on powerful performance. Roger Cheng, executive editor for CNET, wrote in…. Continue reading →

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