What is a Company Credit Check?

company credit check

Individuals being credit checked is the norm. When we apply for a bank account, a mortgage — even a mobile phone contract, we have to go through a credit check. But what is a company credit check? In this blog post we’re going to answer that question and demonstrate why company credit checks are here to help you.

As the name would suggest, a company credit check is similar to an individual credit check in that it will help you discover credit worthiness by providing you with a credit rating, but of course the difference here is that it’s for a business rather than a person.

Credit Rating?

This is a score (between 1–100) that signals the likelihood of a company being able to pay back a loan. For example, if a company were to score 71–100 it would be classed as having ‘Very Good Credit Worthiness’, whilst if it were to score 0–29 it would have the note ‘Caution — Credit at your discretion’.

Why you should use Company Credit Checks

If you run a business it is good practice to do your research on any other businesses .. for complete article please Continue reading →

It can be also reached at https://www.companysearchesmadesimple.com for information on company credit check.

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