What can a Professional Chimney sweep do?

chimney sweeping services

The roll of the professional chimney sweep has changed today from that of a Victorian Chimney cleaner to a Chimney engineer who can service and design complex Biomass systems.

Below is the definition of the work a Professional chimney sweep may undertake :

About the requirements and regulations for the appliance, connecting flue pipe, ventilation and chimney

The integrity of the chimney and the correct installation of the appliance, ventilation, connecting flue pipe and chimney.

The appliance, connecting flue pipe and chimney to reduce the risk of chimney fire and poisoning from C0 and to ensure a trouble free operation.

The solid fuel appliance to achieve and maintain the best possible combustion as to remain as environmentally friendly as possible

The efficiency, heat loss and emissions of the appliance and in addition the moisture content of Biomass fuels to secure an environmentally-friendly and safe operation

About possible thermal building improvements as well as various improvement techniques for chimneys appliances and heating systems

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