Why Chimney Lining Is Important? Find The Top Three Reasons.

A flue lining in chimney is a specially designed clay, ceramic, or metal conduit, which is installed by an experienced Chimney Lining Company, with the sole intention to absorb combustible products and subsequently re-direct them to outer atmosphere. With sound chimney lining, you not just protect the chimney walls, but also yourself from the occurrence of disasters. Moreover, the purpose of chimney lining is also to provide complete protection to chimney walls from the probability of heat and corrosion, both of which can damage the chimney to wider extent.

As the part of chimney lining installation procedures, most of companies provide Flue Lining and flue re-lining services too. In fact, the fire codes in today’s time have gone out for the mandate to install flue lining.

What is the Purpose of Installing Chimney Lining?

Chimney lining solves three basic and most practical purposes in general. These are:


The first important purpose of chimney lining is that it protects the entire house from erratic transfer of heat to the combustibles. The transfer of heat occurs at an alarmingly rapid rate such that structures standing adjacent to it might cause serious trouble to its structures and all of it leads to destruction.


With effective chimney lining, the shelf life of chimney increases. It increases to many years, and flue gases will not cause any structural damage anywhere. It is significant to note that flue gases are acidic in nature, and these can easily erode the walls of chimneys. In most cases, these gases will quickly corrode the mortar joints rapidly form the inner side of the chimney. The result is that there is increased and high rate of transfer of heat to surrounding combustibles. There is increased threat of carbon monoxide leakage in neighboring areas and hazardous health issues occur.


With appropriate Chimney Lining Company, you have the advantage of running your appliances on optimum efficiency. The state of the art wood stoves and gas or oil furnaces need appropriate sized flue for performing appropriately. If there is no liner, or if the size of chimney liners is not of appropriate size, there is strong possibility of building up of creosote, and this is quite a hazardous thing to happen.

If you are serious about installing a full proof and effective chimney lining, obviously, you need to look around for the professional chimney lining company. The company should be adept at handling flue lining, and flue re-lining too. Remember, with the professional chimney lining London, the advantage will substantiate on your side, and you are going to enjoy a cool, comfortable and above all safe living with your adorable family.

Unlined chimneys are nothing more than structures of destruction. These can obliterate not just the human life, but also entire home. In many places, installing the chimney without effective chimney lining is considered nothing less than a criminal activity.

It is the opportune time for you to get your chimney inspected well, to make it sure, whether it needs an internal lining, or flue re-lining.

Originally published at lerablog.org on May 31, 2016.


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