Impacts Of Donald Trump – US President Election 2016

Donald Trump

What’s In Store For USA In Case Donald Trump Wins?

The buzz is happening all around globe post Donald Trump won the required delegates to be the Republican Candidate for US President Election Scheduled for Nov 2016. I followed the primaries as well as his many speeches and was trying to evaluate what will be the life in World of United States of America in case he wins the election.

It is really surprising that he received such an overwhelming vote share in most of the primaries. I must appreciate and admit that Donald Trump really a clever player of people management and implemented the same swiftly as sure shot strategy and that i DIVIDE, DIVIDE and DIVIDE without realizing the socio economic impact on United States of America.

I would like to point out some of his comments in short about different region, religion and countries:

  1. Will throw illegal immigrants which runs in millions immediately after assuming office.
  2. Will not allow a specific religion from entering into USA.
  3. Will solve North Korea problem in min.
  4. Threatening remark about China, Pakistan.
  5. Opening embarrassed Royal family of Saudi Arabia that they are there because of USA protection.
  6. Sarcastically behaved with Journalist and throwing people from his election rally raising voice against his ideology.
  7. Will bring back IT job in USA.

And Many More…! & Potential Business And Social Impact

  1. Most surprising he is a tycoon in hospitality sector and do not understand that his favorite sector will get impacted the most.
  2. He should also understand that most of the unskilled and semi skilled community helping USA prosper comes from those illegal immigrant communities.
  3. He should not forget that many companies and scientist are from Muslim religion and contributing in developing innovative products or responsible to run big business in private as well as public sector. What he is going to do with them.
  4. He should not forget that USA debt level is the highest and most of the countries falls under his watch list is the major buyer of Government Bonds to keep USA running. At the same time, I must highlight that China is having Trade Surplus with USA and it is because of China fast adoption of technology; be it domestic or international! Also Silicon Valley is full of Chinese technocrats helping organization to build quality product and generating Billion of $ for USA.
  5. By throwing the atom bomb of words; he already helped USA major allies to make a perception that Donald Trump is a loose cannon and will get very careful in case of any indication of Win.
  6. Regarding brining back IT job, I think he never visited Silicon Valley or hired wrong election advisor. He should ask his advisor that which country resources are the biggest contributor in making the likes of Google, Cisco, EMC, Accenture, IBM, Facebook, Microsoft which in turn generated multibillion $ tax earning for USA government or what is the total tax receipt USA collect from International IT resources as well as the investment done by International IT companies in USA.

As Conclusion

I would like to highlight that even the indication of his Win by Oct 2016 will witness heavy selling in Wall Street and major financial crisis will be gifted to him if he manages to win. I believe that his posture to communication will change post Election win but if he stick to his game plan of implementing his agenda which I spelled out will lead to complete breakdown in business sector, be it any. On the socio side USA will be isolated and will give China and Russia an opportunity to take the center stage on the world forums. I also believe that he won the primaries but final sprint will be very difficult as he should be assured of one thing and that is single digit vote he will get from the community he made his intentions clear. Sorry Donald Trump, you might be Billionaire but you should learn how to be humble from rest of the Billionaires living in your country.

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