What is a Mail Forwarding Service and how can it help small businesses?

A mail forwarding services is a service whereby someone chooses to not have mail sent to their residential or business address, but to another address instead. Then, when mail arrives at this ‘other’ address – it’s then forwarded on to an address of their choosing. It sounds a bit odd, but it’s really not. Here’s why this service is helpful to small businesses:

 Hide the fact it’s a home-based business

Whilst being a business that’s run from a residential address is absolutely fine for some companies – for others it may not be so appropriate. For example, ‘craft’ services such as cake making or carpentry benefit from the ‘home-made’ label, whilst if you’re an accountant – it’s probably not suitable. This is where a mail forwarding service can prove useful. It allows business owners to hide the fact that they’re a home-based operation.

Protects the address

Another reason why someone may not want to give out their home address is one of privacy. If an address is public knowledge, there’s nothing from stopping customers turning up whenever they see fit. A mail forwarding protects against this.

Adds prestige

Any good mail forwarding service operates from a prestigious address or area, allowing its users to give the impression that they based in a thriving business hub. This is particularly helpful to new operations where making a good first impression is absolutely critical to the success of their business.

Are you interested in using a UK mail forwarding service? Virtual Office MadeSimple provide mail forwarding and telephone answering services designed specifically for small business owners. See here for more information: Virtual Office MadeSimple


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