E2E Infotel Analysis Private Limited “TrackTrafic” – Reduce Application Management Cost & Improves Smartphone Revenue


Past two years of comprehensive market research to market validation; the dedicated team of “E2E” identified the gap and subsequently designed pendulum “TrackTrafic” with some of the feature set

  1. Device Sales Tracker for Smartphone Player’s.
  2. Embedded Application Revenue Recognition management.
  3. Malware attached Application Installation Tracker.
  4. System and App level application and subsequent use.
  5. Pirated Device Identification.
  6. Cloned IMEI Identifier.
  7. Capabilities to pinpoint devices through eagle eye process implementation.
  8. Application Player can track their GP or APK level download at near to zero cost.
  9. Application Players can have 80 plus different kind of report related to behavioral usage pattern of user as well as Application.
  10. Application Deletion and Disable state management system to check the actual user verses installed user.
  11. Identification of pop and bot initiated installation.
  12. Plug & Play ad SDK mechanism to monetize Application.
  13. Content management system to manage own inventory.
  14. Click to publish performance campaign on pure Non- Incent or Incent traffic based on one’s choice or business need.
  15. Campaign centric Click vs. conversion vs. used vs. repeat usages vs. un-installation rate vs. DAU vs.MAU vs. RAU.
  16. Revenue Assurance for Digital platform companies at bare minimum cost.
  17. Attached alternative revenue connected commerce.
  18. Dynamic Advertisement platform.
  19. Hierarchical Administrations, Partner, Client, Escalation, Support Management Dashboard.
  20. Many more.

In case you are tired of paying for resources as well as number of clicks and integration processes, do connect with us and we will give a free demo to you. We offer more than 590 KPI and it’s up to ones choice what to select or delete. Integrate once and be relaxed about the performance.

Great Effort team as we are winning the contract in and out.

Contact at- devendra@e2einfotelanalysis.com

Call at- +91-9818682660

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