Registered Office – Giving Privacy To Small Businesses

purchasing a Registered Office service,

Purchasing a Registered Office service from an agency or supplier is a fantastic way to ensure that your limited company can give the necessary privacy that you may need.

Many small businesses have overheads to be thinking about and won’t be able to afford a physical place to base their registered office.

As a result of this, SME’s may end up having to use their own private residential address as their registered office. This ensures that your private details are placed on the public register. But by purchasing a Registered Office service this will no longer be a concern.

A Registered Office service offers so many fantastic benefits in terms of giving you the anonymity and privacy that you might need at an early stage in your business. You also do not need to actually be running your own business from this address either.

The type of ways that you can benefit include the following:

  • Forwarding of government and statutory mail
  • Your residential address will go off the public register.
  • Once this is on the public register it will always be on the public register
  • Creates an ideal first impression
  • Junk mail is thrown out out so you won’t receive it

 A Registered Office is also ideal if you are based overseas and are looking to form a company in the UK. You can only form a company in the UK if your registered office is based in the UK.

A Registered Office service truly offers invaluable benefits for startups and micro businesses.

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