Mail Forwarding Address Gives Suburban Companies Urban Credentials

Work from vertually anywhere

What can a mail forwarding address give a business? Well, for many small businesses it is the ability to appear as if you are operating in a location that you are not. Your location is your calling card, if you want a movie studio to make your film you’d probably approach the one in Hollywood over the one in Holyrood. It’s just the way it is.

It’s interesting but it’s expected. Contributor of Forbes William Craig put it nicely – “We have the matter of image. Like it or not, a company located in a no-name rural town might be passed over in favor of one in a thriving metropolitan area”.

mail forwarding address give the wayMail forwarding addresses eliminate the “matter of image”, and they work like so:

  1. Sign up for a provider, you get to use an address or a telephone number – or both – in a location of your choosing.
  2. Give out the details to your clients and customers as you would your normal address.
  3. They send mail or call the number as they would if you had a physical office space in that location. Mail and calls are then forwarded on.

The irony of course is that although location really does matter to a business, it doesn’t matter any longer once using a mail forwarding address. It’s about image more than anything, as William Craig elaborates “we’re all beholden, to a certain extent, to superficiality. Prestigious or exciting locations will always speak to that”.

mail forwarding services promote your business

The ability to give a business in one location the benefits of being in another location is quite novel, but is made possible by efficient mail handling and advanced telephony technology.

mail forwarding address give the way for small business

This is in essence business automation. Technologists keep looking to anticipate the automation of the business world, mail forwarding is a precursor for business automation as a whole and it is an interesting way that the economy is becoming increasingly virtualised.

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