Director Search Giving Clues On The Mysteries Of Who Is Running Your Competitors

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The process of finding out the inner workings of a company might sound a little bit daunting. However there are techniques that make the process extremely simple. By undertaking director searches you can find a much more detailed report on who is running a business than you might be able to get on their business website.

Company search
This is not only because competitors are shy about giving away their information — it’s also because the information is a matter of public record and can be found through Companies House. This can be a bit of a bother, but undertaking a director search with company search providers makes the process much easier.

You are able to get reports, track company changes and find the latest information on a range of things. Director search specifically allows you to find out the following insights:

  • Other Directorships — Maybe you know the director of a company, but what a director search can reveal is the other companies that this person is involved in. It’s not uncommon to serve as a director on more than one company. Is the director of that marketing agency also a director of a paid search specialist? Well, no wonder they’re nailing paid search — these are the kinds of insights you can get from director search.
  • Address — Sometimes making contact with a competitor is difficult, but with a director search you get a mailing address which can serve as a point of contact. There are other things to consider including total current directorships, which is shown in the report, and dates of birth.
  • Group Structure — With a director search you are able to see the group structure of a company. This is a good way to find out how a company, particularly a larger one, is structured — and judge just how effective it is. If you can see the group structure you’re much more able to see the ownership details for a group of companies — and find out what ones the director owns shares in.

There is a lot of information at the top level of a company, and director search makes it easily accessible. You can even add a company tracker to receive notifications on any new changes on your.

Company Director Check

When you’re looking for clues to solve a little mystery on your competitors a search of Companies House data, and specifically director search reports, can yield extremely valuable insights.

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