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Smoke Illusions

Smoke Illusions

Smoke Illusions are an e-cigarette retailer based in Rochdale. They import high-grade products from the US, selling them wholesale and direct to customers. They came to us for an e-commerce site that could introduce their products, take orders and provide a customer accounts area. As the company write a blog and are active on Twitter and Facebook it was also important for the site to highlight these and boost their reach.

We researched the top search terms for e-cigarettes, ensuring that the site’s pages will have the right keywords and descriptions to drive relevant traffic to Smoke Illusions’ products.

We then created a responsive website that displays clearly on any device. The site makes it easy for customers to scroll through products and make purchases on a smartphone or tablet.

As the products are age-restricted we created a landing page. Visitors are required to submit their date of birth before entering the site — if they are 18 or over.

Once in, popular brands’ logos run along the top of each page. These are clickable calls-to-action which bring up the storefront for each firm’s products. These logos appear even before the navigation bar so that customers can get what they want quickly.

The look of the site is clean and simple so that visitors are always drawn to the product pages. On the homepage a carousel banner showcases the products. A set of illustrated calls-to-action below highlight the firm’s bestsellers. Prices and ‘add to cart’ buttons encourage quick conversion.

As a growing industry it is also important that Smoke Illusions provides information to introduce new customers to their e-cigarettes. A ‘why 5m0ke?’ page tells prospects about the firm and the companies who make their products.

The e-commerce storefront pages present clear grids of products. They offer all the features online customers are familiar with. The results can be ordered by price, popularity, rating and newness. A line of brand names across the top refines the products when a name is clicked on. Each item is illustrated, and both the product images and ‘add to cart’ buttons take buyers to any applicable options for the item before adding it to their basket.

We also provided a log in area so that customers can view their order progress and history. We made sure to include contact details, newsletter signup and social media links to the header topping each page. This means Smoke Illusions always offer quick conversion and engagement options for visitors.

All that was left was to provide pages to detail Smoke Illusions’ wholesale business and list their contact details and company information.

Smoke Illusions’ new website is an attractive, sales-focused showcase for their products. It is optimized to draw relevant traffic from the top search terms for e-cigarettes and accessories. On arrival, visitors are offered clear and quick opportunities to buy and contact the firm for wholesale orders. The site is supplemented by Smoke Illusions’ social media activity, which all helps to draw traffic to the site and promote their brand.

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