Chimney Sweep London – Do They Still Exist?

wood stoves

Of course! How else could people get married otherwise?

It’s not even about tradition. The number of chimney sweeps out there in London and Essex is actually on the rise.

 Chimney Sweep London

The brushes might look the same but the profession has changed considerably over the years. Sweeps are required to do a lot more now — which is why they are in such high demand.

Enter the wood burning stove. The trend for these, helped by rising fuel costs and none-too-brilliant summers in recent years, has meant that chimney sweeps are needed all the more. Most obviously they sweep the chimneys and keep everything clean for a long winter’s burning. But on top of this many chimney sweeps now find themselves becoming experts in fitting, testing and maintaining stoves and appliances.

Chimney sweep in London

A chimney sweep London will also need to know how to line or re-line a chimney — as most wood burners and other appliances require a very efficient channel to take up the smoke and gasses.

Alongside the brushes, if you hire a chimney sweep Essex you will find they have a range of hi tech gear with them. Hi pressure machines for removing creosote from the chimney. Industrial vacuums to make sure the soot from the flue is safely bagged and not covering your living room. Motorized CCTV cameras to inspect the chimney and make sure there are no problems.

Clean Sweep

If you want to make sure there are no problems with your own chimney then it’s recommended that you get it swept once a year. This not only keeps the flue at the right level of cleanliness but also allows for regular inspections to make sure no other problems occur in the chimney. Both physical damage from the weather, wildlife and determination and damage from chemicals, creosote and tar in the smoke can cause integrity problems for chimneys.

If you are in any doubt just Google chimney sweep Essex and look for an accredited sweep. They will be able to give you some friendly and professional advice about your chimney, flue lining or fitting an appliance.

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