Registering a company & making a profit, formation agents become mentors

company formation

The process of registering a company in the UK is full of potential, there are innumerable options when it comes to doing business in the country. With a range of different types of company, from the sole-trader to the much more complicated offshore company — it can be difficult to know where to start.

By far the most popular is the UK limited company, which is known as one of the most versatile business types in the world. However, many entrepreneurs need guidance both initially during formation and also afterwards as their business progresses.

This is where formation agents like Company Formation MadeSimple are empowering entrepreneurs, by offering a range of different pre and post-formation services that can help a business grow.

Such services make registering a company and making a profit more possible in the following ways:

Flexible Packages — The formation packages made available to new businesses are extremely flexible, extremely advanced business products. Some include registered offices and mail forwarding for example. This means businesses can set up with all they need to grow right from the start.

Business Banking  — Getting a business bank account is often a hassle. Some formation agents provide assistance for companies to alleviate this post-formation. Formation agents are well placed to develop relationships with banks and provide fast-track services to their customers.

Accountancy Consultation — As an extension of a formation agent’s relationships with banks, some businesses can get a free accountancy consultation and have their tax affairs reviewed by a professional accountant.

When you want to make a profit as a business, you want to make sure you’re the most informed that you can be. Post-formation help is key to that, and it’s something that many company formation agents neglect to focus their attention on.

Getting guidance can help a business not only be set up correctly, but also allow it to function in a smooth manner that frees up the owners from the day-to-day admin of running a company and focus on the core values of their business.

The advice and guidance provided by formation agents like Company Formation MadeSimple Group is a prime example of how formation agents are making much more effort to take entrepreneurs through their business journey with all the help and mentorship they might need.

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